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Posted by Tom on Tue - Mar 7 - 04:39am:

Got My exhaust back from Mark Tobias today put it on I have 20'000 miles on my 98 Std. WoW what a difference wish I had done this much sooner.  This is exactly the way this bike  should sound.   54 going on 20

Tom 711



Mark Tobias' Pipes (love them!!)

Posted by Rick Whitlock on Thu - Mar 16 - 5:02pm:

I have a'98 tourer and have looked and listened to every Valk pipe there is for 2 years.  I would not put any of them on my bike. They turn blue, change the look of the bike, most make less power even when rejetted. Then I found Mark T's glasspacks WOW!!!  This is what I have been looking for for two years. It took me about 5 minutes to order up. Retain all of your stock chrome, no blue headers, no rejetting, more power, the awesome low rumble of a true automotive glass pack all inside your stock system.  This is one awesome set-up! It gets even better...Do you want more noise but not all the time? Maybe on those days out riding with your Harley buddies. They fit in your hard bags. No tools, 5 seconds each side. Then you have straight pipes. It gets even better yet!! Saw the bones off to tune the sound to your own taste. I bought two sets of bones one full length (very loud) and one tuned between the rumble of the packs and the scream of the straights. I'm not sure what else to say other than I love those pipes.

About Mark T. He has done everything he has said he would, when he said he would.  His workmanship is awesome. Now just go get the glasspack and let your fat lady sing.




Mark T Glasspack Mod

Posted by T Powell on Sat - Mar 18 - 4:22pm:

Just Got my pipes back from Mark Tobias for glasspack Mod/with Tbones. Love that glasspack rumble--Fat Lady really sings now.. Great job Mark-Thanks.




Re: Mark T Glasspaks

Posted by Crazy Rick Atl. Ga. on Tue - Mar 21 - 7:02pm:

In Reply to: Glasspaks posted by eljay on Mon - Mar 20 - 8:22pm:

I have over 2500 miles on Mark T glasspacks in about 3 weeks. I can't stay off of her she sounds so good.  It is the only way to go, don't trust her with anyone else!!! Send him you'r pipes, he will work his magic on them in no time. He does what he says when he says he's going to do it. He is at




Re: Mark Tobias Exhaust

Posted by Crazy Rick on Thu - Mar 23 - 6:03pm:

In Reply to: Re: Mark Tobias Exhaust posted by Rabbi Cameron on Wed - Mar 22 - 5:56pm:

Have several thousand miles on mine. LOVE them. Mark T is the best thing to happen to my Valk.




Supervalk meets Mark T's Pipes

Posted by Rabbi Cameron on Mon - Mar 27 - 12:58am:

The Lady got her a new voice. Mark T. sent the Bones and his pipes, and they sing. If anyone is looking for pipes, these are great. Running with just glasspacks, nice low growl, about as loud as removing the back baffles. Put in the bones, twist the throttle, and hang on. Watch everyones face as the engine roars to life.

The best of both worlds. Highly recommended, Mark is a great guy to do business with (no affliation, etc.)

The guys in Prison are gonna love these pipes!!!!!

Blessings Rabbi




And they sound great...

Posted by 8ball on Tue - Mar 28 - 12:29am:

In Reply to: Re: Also......... posted by Mase on Mon - Mar 27 - 3:13pm:

There were a couple of Valks at the Atlanta Cycle World Int'l M/C show 2 weeks ago...sorry I don't remember the owners names, my brain was still shiverring from a cold 130 mile trip to get there when the intros were done.

But they sounded great, workmanship appeared outstanding also. If you're not
comfortable making your own glass pack mod, I'd definitely recommend Mark T's for your glass pack needs.

If I'm not mistaken, and correct me if I'm wrong, they don't require rejetting of the carbs either. Definitely got me to thinking. Call Mark, he'll fire one up and let you hear it over the phone.





MarkT Mild2Wild comment

Posted by Greg Atkins on Thu - Mar 30 - 11:06pm:

Well, to be honest I haven't got my pipes back . .BUT ..
For the people that haven't sent in their pipes for conversion . .do it. He stands by his word on the turn times for the pipes (and in my case busted butt because I was whining about the nice weather and no Valk :P )

He responds to every email and every question you ask the same day, if not within a couple of hours (does this guy ever work??? LOL!)

When I slap my pipes on, I'll tell you how they sound. I know by his reputation that the craftsmanship will be excellent. I just want everyone to know that the customer service he provides is outstanding.

Ride safe and wear cool looking leather,





Re: MarkT Mild2Wild comment

Posted by Rabbi Cameron on Fri - Mar 31 - 07:40am:

In Reply to: MarkT Mild2Wild comment posted by Greg Atkins on Thu - Mar 30 - 11:06pm:

When you put then on, slip in the Bones and go for a ride, do a full thtottle take off and be prepared to roar. These are great pipes, and Mark does a great job, just like you said.

Blessings Rabbi




Re: Exhaust tips

Posted by Tom on Sat - Apr 1 - 04:17am:

In Reply to: Exhaust tips posted by Durell on Fri - Mar 31 - 6:47pm:

Hey Mark I am real happy with my glasspacks. The other day I went to pick up my bike after the trigger wheel install and the Honda tech said he had heard a lot of different exhausts on Valks but this was the best sounding Valk he had heard.

Thanks Tom




Mild2Wild pipes on!


Posted by Greg Atkins on Sun - Apr 2 - 6:27pm:

Got my pipes on (over torqued a couple of bolts and they broke off...but that is another story my Honda dealer is hearing)

I put the trombones all the way in for the wildest sound I can get. I don't know how many people gave me a thumbs up going down the freeway today riding home from the group ride I had. I got on the throttle and let that baby bark, and does she bark like a scalded dog.

Anybody thinking about buying aftermarket pipes should have this done. It is cheaper, awesome sound, and you use your own chrome (which is the best). And the Valkyrie fans love it!

Outstanding job, excellent customer service . . flat out . .GREAT! It definitely has a little more HP to it.

(MarkT . .you can post this on your website or whatver)

Thanks to AVMan (Nice Boss Hogg) and all the guys/gals on my first group ride. Great people --- everybody




Supervalk gets new pipes.

Posted by Rabbi Cameron on Wed - Apr 5 - 09:42am:

Finally decided enough was enough, installed the Mark T Glass pack pipes on the Lady. Boy does she sing now. Had to stop by the Harley shop to get a few parts, when I left, they could not stop slobbering.

Added the Cobra Slash cut tips, improve the sound even more, and the bones slip out real easily.

If your looking for pipes, Mark T does a great job.

Blessings Rabbi




Mild2Wild pipes installed....

Posted by Mellow on Fri - Apr 7 - 05:20am:

These pipes are great, I went from having stock pipes (maybe rode 30 miles) to Cobra 6 into 6.

Just put on MarkTs pipes and they are Great!..

Sound:  The low MELLOW sound without the trombones is perfect for leaving home at 5am and not waking the neighbors but much louder than the piggy-mod and/or drilled baffles, better quality sound too....

Put the trombones in and yeeeehaaa... sounds like a NASCAR race ...

They are not as loud as the Cobras but I KNOW I won't miss that, the sound has a nicer quality to it and one of my Harley friends already commented that he thought they sounded better..

Performance:  The front end of the bike feels lighter and I haven't got on it yet so I think a wheelie is in my future...

Fit/Finish:  Mark does a superb job and the pipes just bolted right on without any problems, the  Cobras were not as easy...I followed his suggestions and viola.... Mild2Wild...

If you are in the Dallas area and you want to hear them.... give me a should..

Thanks Mark you do an excellent job and your customer service is without a doubt refreshingly responsive...





Mark T's glasspacks are jam up

Posted by Mark B #2517 on Sat - Apr 8 - 7:38pm:

Didn't get to ride much due to all the rain in NE Louisiana but when I did,MAN,they are outstanding. Didn't get to try the bones yet but look out when I get back from offshore!!!!!!!




mark t's installed

Posted by scott in colorado on Tue - Apr 11 - 11:03pm:

Just installed Mark T's exhaust. My kids say The interstate now sounds like a motorcycle. They love the new rumble...Also put on the Light-up chrome backrest plate. WOW! You can see my bike much better from the back..It looks very nice and is not much more than a chrome plate and those Dominoe style add on LED's. The Giant V also happens to match my Store name and custom plate.."Vidiot"




Re: SuperTrapps ?

Posted by Wedge on Wed - Apr 12 - 3:27pm:

In Reply to: SuperTrapps ? posted by Larry Matthess on Wed - Apr 12 - 1:05pm:

Super Trapps make best power about ten horse power increase, mark T give you about 4 to 5 horse power increase, both sound like a hot rod porsche, Mark T's will not turn blue they are $300.00 cheaper and in my opionion the trapps don't fit the valk they are way to small and short.

Hope this helps




Re: SuperTrapps ?

Posted by Bagger on Thu - Apr 13 - 3:43pm:

In Reply to: SuperTrapps ? posted by Larry Matthess on Wed - Apr 12 - 1:05pm:

Larry...I have seen the Trapps on the Valk and IMO they don't fit the bike correctly.  They appear too short for the machine. They sound OK, but the price is steep and then you either store your stocker pipes or sell them for a couple hundred US. I have MarkT's packs on my Tourer with West Coast 18" slash cut tips that extend a couple inches beyond the stock bags. I think they look more proportional for the big Valk and Mark's packs sound terrific. Sorta like a Porsche Boxster at full throttle. No re-jetting or bluing either and a few more ponies. The WC tips increase the volume and give a more resonant tone, too. Just my opinion.




Mark T's Pipe Conversion & Trombones

Posted by TJ on Sat - Apr 15 - 6:27pm:

Just got my pipes back from Mark T with the glass pack conversion and Trombones.  Only thing I can say is they're everything I've read about here. Another very satisfied customer!!!




Re: Exhaust notes wanted

From: Rabbi Cameron #1509
Date: 4/12/00
Time: 7:36:31 AM
Remote Name:


Did the Bafflectomy, cut the piggies, all those mod, nice but still not there.

Glasspacks sound good, deep rumble, improve performance. But I wanted more.

Mark T's provided the answer. Glass packs with a removable pipe to make straight pipes. 2-8 hp increase, will not blue. Added Cobra slash cuts and she really purrs (or roars, you choose) great. Mark offers great service, and is honest and reliable.





Re: Exhaust notes wanted

From: scott
Date: 4/12/00
Time: 9:33:32 AM
Remote Name:


i went with Mark T's Mod.. Drove down to see him and he did a fine job. The optional trombone makes the bike roar. I just use the standard glasspack most of the time. And best of all I kept my original blueing)




Re: Pipes

Posted by RJ # 173 on Fri - Apr 21 - 03:13am:

In Reply to: Pipes posted by Lawrence P on Thu - Apr 20 - 8:50pm:

Lawrence P, been there done that and went with the MarkT glass paks after all the dinking around I did. Could of saved myself a lot of $$$$ going glass first.. First off, neither set of pipes is double walled so you get a lot of bluing. All of mine I seemed to lose power, had to rejet, raise slides, polished intakes and all that BS. Never did run right, and I used to be a pretty good wrench. Went to glass paks, put everything back to factory settings and she screams now. So the moral of the story is, go with what you want.





Posted by ROBERT DOWN UNDER on Fri - Apr 28 - 03:10am:

Today i installed the trombones from Mark Tobias. They arrived in perfect shape and well prepared. The installation was a bit fiddly but I am glad I dropped my old pipes off as it gave me the opportunity to see all the maintenance that i had been neglecting. After cleaning the underside of the bike thoroughly I installed the new pipes. I started up the engine and wwwhhhaaaammmm. I was hit with the throbbing sound of a powerful enging. I rode into town and all smiles all the way. Yes there is more power and now the traffic can hear me coming. The best investment I have made so far. If you want the Valk to sound like it should then Mark T's trombones are the   answer.
Ride wisely and safely,
Robert VRCC # 192




I beleive Mark T's is about...

Posted by 8ball #1761 on Mon - May 1 - 4:50pm:

In Reply to: Glass Pack Mufflers posted by Chuck on Mon - May 1 - 3:41pm:

as bolt on as you could get.  for more info <> I think that's his sight, and I beleive mark will sell out of existing stocks, or convert     your pipes...
Anyway, the 2 conversions of his I've seen, were 1st class.

Check 'em out!






Posted by Rabbi Cameron on Tue - May 2 - 10:13am:

In Reply to: RAGNAR CUT MODIFICATION posted by KEN BAILEY 1933 on Tue - May 2 - 09:22am:

HAd the mods done on the Supervalk before going to Mark T Pipes. Popping the front baffle caps (or drilling) did not cause any problems. We went on the remove the rear baffles(Baffelectomy) and she still ran fine. Plugs looked good when changed at 8000 miles. Also have K&N with no prefilter.

Having said that, The Supervalk runs much better with the Mark T's. For the first time, my Supervalk was able to pass Warrens Std. Only difference is the Mark T's.





Mark T's glasspacks

Posted by Dwight Ladd on Wed - May 3 - 4:54pm:

For anyone who wants to change their exhaust without blueing or shimming      carburators. I just received a set of Mark T's glasspacks for my 99 I/S. Love them!  They can hear you coming, but it is not real obnoxious. Deep throaty sound.




Re: I beleive Mark T's is about...

 Posted by Dwight Ladd on Wed - May 3 - 4:48pm:

In Reply to: I beleive Mark T's is about... posted by 8ball #1761 on Mon - May 1 - 4:50pm:

I just got a set of Mark T's glasspacks. Sent him my exhaust system and got them back modified with his glasspacks in a few weeks. Sounds great. Not too loud but they can hear you coming.




Re: Mark T's glasspacks

Posted by Bagger on Thu - May 4 - 5:17pm:

In Reply to: Re: Mark T's glasspacks posted by AlbqJim on Wed - May 3 - 5:25pm:

Mark does terrific work and is a great fella to deal with. He does not "install" any ship your exhaust sans chrome shrouding and he does his magic. Keeps costs down and insurance claims at a minimum (IMO). You can hook up any tips you please... stocker, triples, Cobras, etc. Anything your li'l ol' heart desires, as long as it fits the stock OD. I used both stocker and triple tips for a while, then changed to West Coast 18" slash-cut truck stacks (with some modification). They hang out about 3 inches from the stocker Tourer bags and make the sound a little deeper and lower. You can use the Trombones MarkT has with any of these (I believe) to scare the crap outa the    cats in the neighborhood, too. Hook 'em up!




Mark Tobias Exhaust

Posted by BRYCE on Thu - May 4 - 10:11pm:

In Reply to: exhaust tone posted by Slick in NJ on Thu - May 4 - 5:51pm:

Check out Mark Tobias glass pack mod.I just received mine last week and I love them.Without the trombones it sounds sweet,with the bones in you can go harley huntin,top fule sound.I have a 99 I/S and can still hear the sterio just fine even with the bones in,unless your getting on it.Definatly the way to go..Good luck..




Re: custom pipes

Posted by AlbqJim on Mon - May 8 - 7:06pm:

In Reply to: custom pipes posted by Ken on Mon - May 8 - 6:57pm:

There is really only one choice.  Everything else will cost twice as much or lose HP.   Mark T's Mild to Wild




Ditto for Mark T`s pipes

Posted by Bryce on Mon - May 8 - 8:43pm:

In Reply to: Re: custom pipes posted by AlbqJim on Mon - May 8 - 7:06pm:






Posted by ROBERT DOWN UNDER on Tue - May 9 - 05:07am:

In Reply to: custom pipes posted by Ken on Mon - May 8 - 6:57pm:

I RIDE A 97 Valk Tourer and have installed Mark Tobias trombones. What a    difference!!!!! You get the sound you want and extra power to boot. Lots of talk about my new pipes over here. Also it is a pleasure to deal with Mark who lives up to his promises.

Ride safely and wisely,
Robert VRCC # 192




Re: Stock pipes hollowed out?

Posted by Wedge on Wed - May 10 - 7:24pm:

In Reply to: Stock pipes hollowed out? posted by spdnrcrx on Wed - May 10 - 6:23pm:

U will not gain Horsepower with cobras u will actually loose about 3 to 5 hp,Had them on mine and ran good but who wants to lose 3 to 5 hp for 600.00 bucks,If u call cobra they will even tell ya u lose a little horsepower,i recommend Mark T glasspacks cost $485.00,or u can go with 2 bros racing slashcut exhaust fir 1000.00 both of these systems increase power WEDGE




Been there, done that - go with MarkT pipes...

Posted by Mellow on Thu - May 11 - 04:24am:

In Reply to: 6 into 6 cobra pipes posted by Bandit on Wed - May 10 - 10:20pm:

I immediately took the stock pipes off and put on the Cobras, I did not re-jet or put on any carb shims...

I agree they look/sound great... until, you start to see the blueing... until you ride someone's bike that has stock pipes on it...until you have to clean inside the spaces between each pipe (yeah I know, but I did try to clean them a couple of times)...

So, if you want looks, stick with the stock headers and send them to Mark T..   the sound is a nice low rumble and if you want them louder, stick the trombones on, they are just a hair quieter than the Cobras but it's a different sound.. I like it..

Where are you located? have you heard/seen the Mark T pipes yet?





Re: question about MarkT's

Posted by Mase on Sat - May 20 - 08:40am:

In Reply to: question about MarkT's posted by Dan #1111 on Sat - May 20 - 08:01am:

Dan #1111,  I have both sets of pipes. The Cobras are louder but more of a metallic sound with the baffles in. They seem to crackle. The GlassPacks have a low rumble at idle but then up through the rpm's it sounds a like a Nascar. You can alos go for the Bones that turn the Glasspacks into straight pipes. It has a mechanism on a piece of 2" pipe that holds it in the glasspack so that you can take them in and out. Those are good and loud. If you call Mark at his 800 number he will go out and rev it up for you or you can see if there is someone in your area that has them.





Mark T glasspacks

Posted by Wedge on Sun - May 21 - 12:46am:

hi valksters,Well I took off the cobra 6 into 6 and put on mark T glasspacks with out a lift not a real easy job on the left side,Any way i think the cobras sound better but thats it. With the glasspacks I def notice a power increase and got 4 mpg back also, I didnt expect this,I wacked off the back of the trombone and welded them to the end of the glass pack,sorry i like them loud,GO LOUD AND RIDE PROUD,anyway if anyone is thinking of Mark T setup I think u will be happy,For the first time i can clean every pary of my exhaust,the cobras were pretty dirty were i couldnt reach them,The other    thing i noticed was when i first started bike it was idleing very low like 400 so i adjusted it and now shes good,Not sure wht rpm dropped so much with just exhaust change,neither system has very much backpreasure anyway my .02 cents worth




Verdict is in for Mark T! (long)

Posted by Bax on Thu - May 25 - 05:31am:

Got my pipes back from Mark T, installed them in no time flat and went for my first ride last night. Mark da man! I never had so many heads turn as I did last night since the first day I brought the Valk home in March of '97 (back when Valks were rare and no one had ever heard of them). For those who have never heard the pipes, the .wav files on Mark's site don't do them any justice. I wasn't convinced until I heard and rode Mosa's bike (thanks Mosa!). Without the trombones, the bike has a very deep rumble - like a small block chevy with glasspacks. With the trombones (trimmed 4") the volume picks up and the pitch increases so it sounds more like a NASCAR. The beauty part is at an idle, the volume is only slightly more which means I can idle out of my neighborhood in the mornings and not wake the kids like the Harley   behind us. Out on the street, once you twist the go handle, the sound gets insane and you think you're gonna hit hyperspace before the next light. Mark T and his trombones are good stuff!





Posted by RonL on Thu - Jun 1 - 1:05pm:

In Reply to: Hog Ultra KICKED MY ASS posted by Dave Priebe on Thu - Jun 1 -    12:45am:

Re-jet and Dyno is your only option. I was running the Cobra 6/6 pipes and had the same problem - switched over to MarkT's glass pack Trombone conversion and got the power back. Last week I ran off against my friends identical Valk, except he had the Cobra's...I cleaned his clock.




No loss here

Posted by RonL on Fri - Jun 9 - 08:32am:

In Reply to: Mark T's Mild2Wild Question posted by jimmyd on Thu - Jun 8 - 06:45am:

I converted to MarkT's Trombones and got substantial performance increase   over the Cobra 6/6 Drag Pipes that I was running.  For my audio tastes, cutting 3 1/2 inches off the 'bones gave me the best tonal quality between "snarl" and "mellow".  If you have any questions, contact Mark via E-mail or phone...he's an exceptionally straight-shooter and won't give you any bull s---t.





Posted by RJ # 173 on Fri - Jun 23 - 6:16pm:

In Reply to: SWITCH FROM COBRA 6 TO 6 PIPES TO MARK T PIPES posted by Teddy Bear on Thu - Jun 22 - 11:09pm:

Teddy Bear, the 6 into 6 have a sharp rap to them. The MarkT paks have more of a muffled growl.

I've had SuperTrapps, Cobra 6 into 6, Two Bros 6 into 6, a set of Jardine 6 into 2 and now MarkT's ORIGINAL paks, not the Trombones.

With everything except the SuperTrapps and the Glass Pak mod by Mark I seemed to lose top end. Gas mileage who keeps track of that, not me......

I've had Mark's pipes on now for over 65,000 miles and I'll never ever go to anything else unless it is back to stock, and that is damn doubtful......




Listen to mark T hes on the right page,yes I have

Posted by Wedge on Fri - Jun 30 - 7:36pm:

In Reply to: Re: power increase w/stock exuast? posted by Rick #520 on Fri - Jun 30 - 4:01pm:

His pipes and luv them,welded trombones in,I like them loud,More power and 4 more mpg over 6 into 6,bike wouldnt go over 115 with 6 into 6 and in fear my wife may see this lets just say she goes well past that now,also if i punch it in 1st gear shell roat the tire very torquey have Mark T pipes -- kn filter -- trigger and going to the Dyno in a week RUBBER DOWN WEDGE




Re: loud pipes

Posted by Jim Hinds on Wed - Jul 5 - 02:24am:

In Reply to: loud pipes posted by rufcut on Mon - Jul 3 - 4:38pm:

Just got Mark T'S Pipes about a week ago. I had never heard or seen them before ordering.  These things are great! Love them with the bones in and out. Nice to have a choice. They do get LOUD if that's what you want or you can go for the lower volume rumble.




Mark T Packs are awesome

Posted by crazy rick on Mon - Jul 10 - 8:41pm:

In Reply to: exhausts posted by R1 on Mon - Jul 10 - 5:25pm:

Had mine for 5000 miles. It well be the best thing you will do for her. You can go from mild to wild with no tools in 60 seconds or less, no blue headers, no rejetting. "Just bolt on and ride"




Re: exhausts

Posted by RJ # 173 on Mon - Jul 10 - 6:02pm:

In Reply to: exhausts posted by R1 on Mon - Jul 10 - 5:25pm:

R1, you asked if anyone had Jardines.... YES, I had them, I also had Cobra 6 into 6, a set of SuperTrapps, Two Bros 6 into 6.

I now run a set of glass paks in the original stock pipes. These are MarkT's mod and are the ones PRIOR to the T-Bones.

You ask why I had all of those. I was trying to make the Fat Lady haul a$$. It did for awhile but it still never run quite right. I kept tweaking it here and there and everytime I changed one thing it screwed up two other things.

One day I decided I bought this bike to ride, NOT to screw around and work on all the time.  So, that was when the paks came into play. Now I ride, and don't bother with the Fat Lady unless it is to wash and clean or change the oil. Go to glass paks, enjoy the sound and enjoy the Fat Girl at her best.




Re: comments on TB or Cobra 6 into 6

Posted by Lee on Fri - Jul 14 - 10:52am:

In Reply to: comments on TB or Cobra 6 into 6 posted by Hammerhead on Fri - Jul 14 - 04:26am:

You might want to do a search for Cobra on the technical board here. I've read about everything I could find here on replacement pipes while trying to decide what to do with mine.  Some people love the 6 into 6 pipes, but overall there are a LOT more people who love their glasspacks from Mark T. A number of people have removed 6 into 6 pipes and gone back to stock or bought the glasspacks because they weren't able to get the power up to stock levels with the 6 into 6. On the other hand, I've yet to hear of anyone removing the glasspacks. All the owners seem to love them. I haven't bought any yet, because I don't have a lot of money to buy various pipes so I want to hear them first, and I haven't run into anyone in Seattle with the glasspacks yet.




The real OPINION

Posted by Carl#3741 on Fri - Jul 14 - 3:34pm:

In Reply to: Re: comments on TB or Cobra 6 into 6 posted by Lee on Fri - Jul 14 - 1:46pm:

You Know what they say about OPINIONS.

I went through the same problems, bought some 2bro's 6 into 6 but they didn't fit the zone I was looking for, but they did do the trick while my stock pipes were out in Colorado with Mark T. They are the best sound you can get. Don't mess around, do it right ONCE.




Re: Which exhaust ? Glasspacks

Posted by Crazy Rick on Fri - Jul 14 - 5:08pm:

In Reply to: Which exhaust do you recommend? posted by Ted in Connecticut on Fri - Jul 14 - 1:07pm:

I looked for two years for a system that would not blue the headers or rob me of any horsepower. None met my standards until I found out about Mark-T Glasspacks.  ( AWESOME is not good enough for the sound of the fat lady with packs. No rejetting, no blue head pipes, no loss of power.

I must sound like I work for Mark, but I don't. I do love the work he does.

Check it out!!




Re:Glasspacks not to loud

Posted by Crazy Rick on Sun - Jul 16 - 09:22am:

In Reply to: Re: Which exhaust ? Glasspacks posted by Gary on Fri - Jul 14 - 7:56pm:

Hey, the glasspacks are a little louder than stock but not to loud. Most of the sound is behind you so even with the bones IN (very loud) I can still ride all day. Your friends will want to ride in front of ya. JUST DO IT !! It is the best thing I ever did for the valk. The bones will fit in youR bags so when ya need to heard, slidem in 30 seconds, no tools, and rumble!




Re: More HP

Posted by Rabbi Cameron on Thu - Jul 20 - 1:39pm:

In Reply to: More HP posted by Stan on Wed - Jul 19 - 11:02pm:

Not trying to start an argument, but hondatek is right, lose the 6into6, or rejet (and lose gas mileage).

I would heartily recommend sending your stock pipes to Mark T at His pipe mod is the best. You'll get the 6-8 ponies you lost back plus 2-8 more. Add a trigger wheel and you should be around 100 hp and be able to make the speed you want.

Blessings Rabbi




Re: 6 into 6 drag pipes

From: Glenn W
Date: 6/23/00
Time: 4:52:48 AM
Remote Name:


Unless you want to tinker with the jetting, the 6-6 pipes will probably disapoint you. Most folks who try them report a power loss, mostly at the top end. A more free flowing air filter like the K&N helps some. Mark T's pipe are getting great reviews. The sound is adjustable and it keeps the stock look. Check out his sight at .




Re: 6 into 6 drag pipes

From: Primetime
Date: 6/22/00
Time: 1:32:24 AM
Remote Name:


Henry if you think the aftermarket pipes are ugly, why don't you get Mark-t's glasspaks. I think he even has an exchange so you can put them on and then send yours in to him. The glasspacks sound good and they will not turn blue at the header. I don't have his email address or website handy but if you need it send me an email and I will get it for you.





Re: 6 into 6 drag pipes

From: Russ #800 / # 25
Date: 6/23/00
Time: 3:14:03 AM
Remote Name:


I second that suggestion. Mark T's paks are on mine and I love them.

Link is




Mark T.'s Packs N' Bones

Posted by Crazy Rick on Sun - Jul 30 - 10:44am:

In Reply to: Took plunge w/ Mark T.'s Packs N' Bones posted by Kruzer on Sat - Jul 29 - 10:25am:

You're going to love those bones. I have two sets of bones. One full length for the days you need to be heard. This is very loud, but has a higher pitch. The second set I have cut 4 inches off. This still makes some noise, but puts some of that low rumble back in. No bones sounds the best but is not loud enough sometimes. If you cut your bones, do it one inch at a time and ride it for awhile.

Anyway, the bones will fit in your hard bags, so take them with you. You will never be ashamed to start her up next to your HD bud again. She'll sound as good as she looks.

You did it right man !!! You got boned !!




Re: I'm a Very satisfied trombone player

Posted by Majorman on Sun - Jul 30 - 00:18am:

In Reply to: You Will Be glad With UR Decision RUBBER DOWN posted by Wedge on Sat - Jul 29 - 12:32am:

Received my trombones early friday afternoon two weeks ago. Took about 2 hours to install at a leisurely pace with no complications. Went for a couple of short rides the same evening with and without the bones. My first impressions are that with the trombones in the sound is not oppressively loud. I was afraid that I would not be able to run with them in while in the city, but I don't think that is going to be a problem. The rest of the weekend I rode with the bones out. WHAT a SWEET sound the tourer makes NOW! This may sound strange but my last bike was a '98 Shadow Spirit with stock exhaust, but I think I grew addicted to that V-twin sound. So much so that I was even considering trading the valk ( in spite of superior performance ) for another V-twin. I told you it was going to sound strange. The glass packs has changed all that. Great loping burbling at idle and low authoritative groowwwlll when I pull back on the throttle. And even the deceleration pops sound cool! Can't say enough about what a pleasure it has been doing business with Mark T. He is a class act and deserves all the work he desires.




Re: Tobias glasspack mod (any comments)?

Posted by RDKLL on Thu - Aug 3 - 00:18am:

In Reply to: Re: Tobias glasspack mod (any comments)? posted by Mase on Wed - Aug 2 - 10:32pm:

Ive had mine about 3 months and 6k. I LOVE them , they give the Valk the sound of attitude.  The 'bones gives the bike a duel personality. Like the name implies, Mild2Wild




Re: Tobias=MarkT is at

Posted by Crazy Rick on Wed - Aug 2 - 9:25pm:

In Reply to: Tobias glasspack mod (any comments)? posted by New to valk on Wed - Aug 2 - 7:31pm:

Hey, I've had mine for about 6 months-LOVE THEM !!! MarkT is the man with the plan.




Mark T's bones

Posted by Sugarbear on Sun - Aug 6 - 00:26am:

In Reply to: Use the twobros 6-2 system-Much Better+Quiet posted by hondatek on Sat - Aug 5 - 10:03pm:

No problem mounting to an I/S but also too loud and slight backfiring. Ran for 1 month and 1500 miles until my Mark T glasspacks came in, now everything is right in the world. Mark T's mods are the way to go.




Mark T & Cobra 6 into 6's (long)

Posted by NineBall on Tue - Aug 8 - 7:41pm:

First, this is not a Cobra bashing, just my experience. A couple of months ago I rode to Hot Springs, Ark, with some new friends,members of the Vahalla-Six-Guns of Texas, who were running Mark T's; I had Cobra's on. The Dynoman was there, and we decided to show the V-Star riders there what real Motorcycles could do. Mellow & Mase, my new Valk buds, Dyno'ed within 1HP of each other at about 96HP. My Cobra equipped Valk came in at a whopping 88. Can you imagine the grief I suffered having to listen to the bovine excrement spewing forth from those two! Came home and sent my stock pipes to Mark, didn't get them back in time for Montrose, but right after. I have had them on for a couple of weeks now, and haven't stopped smilling yet! Seat of the pants dyno feels like a +10! Much more roll-on, quicker thru every gear, and top end back where it should be.(disclaimers) Saying "much  more" roll-on does not do it justice. It really is awesome! Do not have a new dyno chart to prove what I already know, but as soon as I do, I will post both for your comparison. Mark Tobias builds every set himself, and with the integrity that I knew he would. I didn't think that I could enjoy my Valk more than I did, but with the Mark T's, it is more fun than ever! Thanks, Mellow & Mase. And of course, Mark Tobias, for a great product.




Re: Another Exhaust question.

Posted by Mase on Thu - Aug 17 - 4:44pm:

In Reply to: Another Exhaust question. posted by New York on Thu - Aug 17 - 4:32pm:

New York,

I have had three set ups. First I Cut the piggies off and drilled the baffles. The sound was ok at the time but I wanted more. Then I made the best move and I went to MarkT glasspacks. The sound it just right and you will get an improvement in hp and torque. Then I found a set of Cabra 6-6 that I got for cheap. I pulled the baffles before I even put them on. LOUD!!! With  the MarkT glasspacks my Valk dyno'd at 96.2 hp and the Valk with the Cobras dyno'd 88 hp.





MarkT glasspacks are what you need

Posted by Crazy Rick on Fri - Aug 18 - 7:17pm:

In Reply to: OK, lets get it started, in your opinon, who... posted by Osceola on Thu - Aug 17 - 10:52pm:

Hey, love the color of your ride!!  I waited 2 yrs. for pipes because most of them turn the headers blue and loose a little power.   MarkT pipes are stock pipes with glasspacks in them. The bike looks stock but sounds like a V8. Deep rumble, not overly loud. If you want loud, slide in the bones and rip. you will love this pipes. See them at You can call Mark and he will fire his bike up for ya. He is a great guy & will do what he says he will do. No blueing, no jetting, more power, great price.

   just do it !!




Let's talk 'bout Mark T.! (long)

Posted by Kruzer on Thu - Aug 31 - 6:08pm:

You know there are a bunch of reviews and testimonials about Mark T.'s Glasspacks N' Bones on the boards here. I have seen some passing mention of Mark but not too much. Screw the pipes, I want to talk for a minute about the Man, the Myth, the Businessman...  About six ago I made the decision to get aftermarket pipes for my Fat Lady. With all the talk here about I went there and was intrigued. He talked about customer service being way up on his list, etc. Many people talk about stuff like that but not many follow thru in practise. I fired off an email and sent a check. Bout two weeks later things started taking a nose dive at work, SO had ever increasing "honeydo" lists at home, went out on the bike and "where in the H@!! are those pipes anyway?!" I was ready to cancel my order because Mark wasn't following MY schedule. Lucky for me Mark is very adept at dealing with jerks like me. He actually tried to take the blame for problem. He talked for awhile and said it was my call. By now I had hung my head and asked him to continue order. I apologized on phone and do so again here. In short I was VERY impressed with doing business with Mark!  He means it when he talks about honesty and customer service. That alone could win my business again...

BTW his Packs N' Bones?? Awsome! The reviews here don't do'm justice. Beautiful fit n' finish.  Wonderful (adjustable) sound. Good power. No rejetting, and so on......





Mark's da Man!

Posted by Bax on Fri - Sep 1 - 08:44am:

In Reply to: Let's talk 'bout Mark T.! (long) posted by Kruzer on Thu - Aug 31 - 6:08pm:

Mark and his packs-n-bones are the best things to happen to Valkyrie exhaust....period!




Re: exhaust question? deeper sounds

Posted by Torch#1972 on Fri - Sep 22 - 07:46am:

In Reply to: exhaust question? deeper sounds posted by bigskyrider on Thu - Sep 21 - 9:25pm:

I have MarkTs trombones,get 2 for the price of one.With the bones you can adjust the sounds to your liking...




Drill or Prepare to Pay

Posted by Kruzer on Fri - Sep 22 - 08:19am:

In Reply to: exhaust question? deeper sounds posted by bigskyrider on Thu - Sep 21 -  9:25pm:

I know of only two options for pipes. Drill for free or pay $450-LOTS of money. If you want to keep your OEM pipes stock, that means you must buy new ones to replace. Honda wants bout $1500. Used stock pipes $200-350 and then modify. Mark T (I own these and LOVE them) for bout $500. Cobra or TBR will set you back $600+. The Valk has a lot of pipes (read chrome) coming out of that awsome sounding engine. That translates into alot of money. If you buy ANY replacement it'll cost several hundred dollars.  Keep stock until ready to change. After that I would suggest drilling first. Least change. Yuo can drill/cut one thing at a time until you get right sound. Easy to do and invisible when riding.  It still looks stock. I still needed(?) more sound and went to Mark T glasspacks. Very good value IMO.





Re: Exhaust Question.

Posted by Mase on Tue - Oct 10 - 08:01am:

In Reply to: Exhaust Question. posted by Ned on Mon - Oct 9 - 10:58pm:


Save yourself the headache and call Mark Tobias. I found out that there is much more work than you can amagine to do this mod. The packs (Cherry Bombs) need to have a lot of work done to them let alone finding the right collector or having one made. Mark has all of this stuff and can get you pipes in a hurry so that you have little to no down time. I highly recommend.





Hey Ragnar, you're famous guy...

Posted by Caribbean "V" on Fri - Oct 13 - 2:04pm:

In Reply to: Exhaust Mods posted by Knute on Thu - Oct 12 - 12:43am:


as you may already know I wrote the instructions and played a lot with my exhaust. Ragnar helped me a lot, that's why I named the "Ragnar Cut". I can tell you that cutting the "piggies", drilling the rear baffles and making the "Ragnar Cut" will give you a deeper, throatier sound but if you keep the OEM tips, the sound is droning that you may dislike at cruising speed. That problem is completely resolved replacing the tips with either Slash cut, slash down or turn outs. If you are concern about the loudness, slash down are quiter while turn outs and slash cuts directs the sound to the sides of the bike, thus you hear it louder, but the droning sound is eliminated. I can tell you you'll be pleased with the sound with only $50.00 to $80.00 that will cost the new tips. 

In the other hand, if you have the money, I recommend go with Mark T's glasspacks. Those puppies sound deeper and meaning to the character of the bike. The Trombone option produces a louder (I mean it) sound that is VERY similar to the one produced by TBR 6 into 6. The advantage is that you may cut the bones to adjust the sound. After several experimentation, I found that perfect combination is to cut 4" of each trombone. It produced a sound that is loud and deep enough to make a BIG grin in your face. Of course, I prefer for longer rides the "no bone" sound, but you have the alternative to impress the Harley guys with the Bones' on. Is like havinf the best of both worlds, plus will not get any blueing and will gain some ponnies, no re-jetting. Believe me, if budget is the issue, go up to the "Ragnar Cut". Otherwise, Mark T's glasspacks are the way to go.

   If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.





MarkT's bones..... right price, good looks

Posted by Chet@Rattlebars on Mon - Oct 30 - 10:01pm:

In Reply to: mark T's, EOM posted by rob on Sun - Oct 29 - 9:04pm:

MarkT's bones are priced right, look great forever, and besides that, they are "sleepers."  Look stock, add power and great sound. My buddy Frank has a set and he just loves them to death.



Re: Exhaust system

Posted by RJ # 173 - SoGH on Sat - Nov 4 - 6:15pm:

In Reply to: Exhaust system posted by flyguy on Sat - Nov 4 - 5:45pm:

flyguy a man by the name of Mark Tobias in Colorado does an tremendous job on converting stock pipes to glass packs.

I have a set of the originals, before the Trombone style. I have close to 90,000 miles on them and they still sound and look awesome.

link is

6 into 6 and 6 into 2 almost always need rejetting to recover lost power, plus they turn blue at the headers.

Butt dyno says you gain power with the glass paks.....




Re: Exhaust system

Posted by Jeff L. on Sun - Nov 5 - 03:20am:

In Reply to: Exhaust system posted by flyguy on Sat - Nov 4 - 5:45pm:

Mark T's Glasspacks are great in every aspect:

1. They don't turn blue or gold.
2. They sound geat.
3. They don't require ANY carb work.
4. They ADD horsepower(6 into 6 don't)
5. They sound is adjustable.
6. They cost less than any of the other pipes on the market that I know of.

I LOVE mine, and have nothing bad to say about them whatsoever.




No blue pipes with MarkT glasspacks

Posted by CR on Tue - Nov 7 - 08:27am:

In Reply to: Exhaust Bluing posted by Steve M on Tue - Nov 7 - 01:54am:

Hey, If you have not looked into the glasspack mod that Mark does, check it out at There should be a link here somewhere.

Anyway, I love them, everybody loves them. No rejetting, just bolt on your own pipes when Marks done and ride.  Get the BONES option and tune the sound from mild to wild in 30 sec. with no tools-AWESOME. Your bike  will look stock but sound like a small block chevy. You can still change tips or install extra long truck pipes for your own look. They are the best of all worlds IMHO. Hey, did I mention MORE POWER !!

Anyway, I hope this helps you out.


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