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Exhaust  System

Linked below are pages of posts copied from various boards in order beginning March 2000.  Now Winter 2010, I haven't added to these posts for quite a while.  I figured 4 pages was enough.  But 2008 I was asked for more recent posts so I added the ones I'd saved since the last update.  Sorry to observe, that we all EXPECT to be happy, so only a small percentage of people share their buying experiences.  These are the same folks you know so well from their online contributions.  Some riders posted more than once: I pasted in all the posts I saw and saved.  Thanks to the folks who posted and of course to everybody who is helping support my addiction (valkaholism)!

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Glasspack mods are for off road use only.  Always wear helmet, eye and ear protection while riding.  Wear leather gloves while handling exhaust parts.