I Need Cores

Core exchange season is coming so it's time for me to start building my stock of cores. I'm looking for LOW MILEAGE cores. I pay top dollar for cores and require them to be top quality: up to $500 for NEW take-offs, FOB Franktown (amounts include shipping). I am looking for pipes with under 5000 miles on them - age is obvious to me from the color of the cans and stainless headers. Over 5000 - depends on condition. I look for more gray and less copper color on the muffler cans and stainless header tubes, to indicate their miles. Also, no pitting, rust, dents, scrapes, color etc. on the header tubes. I need several sets of LOW MILEAGE takeoffs. I pay for the pipes after I inspect them. If you have LOW MILEAGE stock pipes for sale with NO DAMAGE TO THE CHROME HEADERS I need to talk to you. 720-851-8455

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