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Link Sites Jim Beard's Motorcycle Links page.  The ultimate Valkyrie Link site.  If it ain't here, it just ain't! South Jersey Steve's "Terminal Valkocity" links page.  Holy Smokes he's gotta lotta links!

Club Sites EC Riders - Elbert County Riders - New in 2004 local club, eclectic mix of cruisers,  mostly Harleys.  Regular BBQ's and local rides.  Also support veterans and other good charities.  Good group. Iron Butt Association - organized long distance riding certifications, news and articles.  I completed my Saddlesore 1000 July '03, IBA #13201. F6Rider webzine, also the host for Valkyrie Rider's Cruiser Club, the largest virtual Valkyrie club on the Internet.  Privately owned to control board quality (free membership): no flaming/politics etc. tolerated here, just good info on the Valkyrie.  More posts/info here than the other boards combined. Over 20,000 members. Valhalla Six Guns, Texas Chapter of the VOAI. Luis Cajiga's Puerto Rico Flat Six Motorcycle Riders Assn., PR chapter of the VOAI. Riding Valks in the Oregon area.  Founded by Jon Proctor in 3/98, the VOAI has survived his malfeasance and was reorganized.  Flames not censored here, but you're supposed to keep it on the members-only board.  Post traffic has decreased substantially as of fourth quarter '99.   Jim Searles "Husky" email list - Dallas Area Motorcycle Network - Lots of good info, HUGE vendor list, stop by and check it out! The American Motorcyclist Association - quote from their home page: "The AMA is a 235,000-member organization with an unparalleled 75-year history of pursuing, protecting and promoting the interests of the world's largest and most dedicated group of motorcycle enthusiasts." C.C. Riders - Denver area biker's club - all kinds of cruisers welcome, co-ed riders, rides almost every weekend, club meeting 2nd Mondays at 7:00 at Fay Meyers' conference room.

Personal Pages Motorcycle adventures with Daniel Meyer. Chet Walters' personal site - a good resource for well written tech tips,  and pics of his Valkyrie with mods.  This is a keeper! Bongo's Valkyrie page. Bob's Valkyrie page.  Lots of info & links.


Vendors Jerry "Motorman" Paladino's site on his motor police training techniques.  Really good info, I got his DVD and instantly doubled my proficiency.  Highly recommended. Discount online parts for VTX's, Valkyries, and GL1800's.  I've bought a number of products here. Ultimate Seats out of Toronto.  I bought one of these and was REAL impressed with the workmanship and their quick service. Chatterbox, GPS, Chrome... Basic Bob's Scooter Art catalog.  Met Bob at the Cripple Creek Veteran's Ride, bought one of his pieces.  Interesting character.  Cool stuff, check it out.  Chet Walters' Rattlebars Mfg. site -  Chet's catalog of accessories, manufactured and available nowhere else.   Chet is one of the Good Guys.  Book mark this one!  Jim McMillen's Crossroads Motorcycle Accessories Outlet - some of the best prices you'll find anywhere, and these folks are as nice as the day is long.  This is the kind of honest business us customers need to patronize.  Buy something from Jim!  New Mexico based online catalog, these guys have some of the best prices you'll find, and if they don't have it, they'll get it for you.  Quick deliveries, a joy to deal with.  More recently I've heard reports that service is slipping, perhaps they are closing shop. Great leathers; I have a Hard Core Highwayman, super thick, great protection.  Nicely done online catalog. J.C. Whitney sells lots of motorcycle stuff at great prices - if you can't find it anywhere, you likely can here. "One of America's Largest Dealerships", located on West Alameda in Denver.  Oops that store burned down under suspicious circumstances according to the news, now they are in a much bigger facility on Arapahoe just East of I-25 in the old Hugh M Woods location.

Other Bikes and Babes - NOT nude. The official Burning Man site.  Motorcycle Consumer News


Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 172 website.  They own the rights to, and sell products with Lee Teter's stunning painting "Reflections".   Remember your fallen brothers and support the VVA's work by buying a clock or a poster.