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        Introduced in the 1997 model year, based on American Honda's proven 22 year flagship Gold Wing; made in Marysville Ohio by American workers and covered with "Made in USA" markings, the 1520 CC Honda Valkyrie puts out about a hundred ponies on the wheel dyno from it's Porsche style boxer-6 engine with six carbs; is widely regarded by experienced bikers who have sampled her charms as the finest all-around motorcycle ever conceived, and is named after the battle maidens of Nordic mythology who escorted the fallen warriors to Valhalla, literally your Ride to Heaven.          

The Fat Lady has sung!


Speaking of Fat Lady songs, how about Die Walkure: "Ride of the Valkyries" from Richard Wagner's famous tetralogy of music dramas "Der Ring des Nibelungen".  That's the one the played during the helicopter attack in "Apocalypse Now".

Easy Rider defined the sixties.  One of the most important movies of our time.  And an OUTSTANDING sound track.  Click on the icons...



"I Wasn't Born to Follow" - The Byrds
"The Pusher" - SteppenWolf
"Born to be Wild" - SteppenWolf
"Don't Bogart That Joint" - Fraternity of Man
"The Weight" - The Band (Bob Dylan)
"If You Want to be a Bird" - The Holy Modal Rounders
"If Six Was Nine" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Let's Turkey Trot" - Little Eva
"Kyrie Eleison" - The Electric Prunes
"Flash, Bam, Pow" - The Electric Flag an American Music Band
"It's Alright Ma, (I'm Only Bleeding.)" - Roger McGuinn
"Ballad of Easy Rider" - Roger McGuinn

Then there's Jim Bronson's (aka Michael Parks) Long Lonesome Highway, theme song from 1969's short lived Then Came Bronson:.


No songlist would be complete without The Motorcycle Song.

Now some art to appreciate: Fantasy paintings evoking Valkyries by Boris Vallejo
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