NOTICE:  These are tech pages explaining how I did these mods to my bike.  In almost every case -
I DO NOT SELL THE PARTS DESCRIBED.  I do tell you where I got them.  EXCEPTION - I do sell my custom exhaust mods. 

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NOTICE - this is not a catalog.  These are tech pages explaining how I did these mods to my bike.  These are mods you might want to do to your bike too.  If you want them you will have to buy the parts from a retailer.  Notice I say where I got them.


The first three links are to Honda shop manual pages, for the '98 Standard.  The info is the same for other years, except there are some minor changes for the Interstate (like some wire colors).  You should BUY a manual if you're going to work on your bike - this is a temporary stopgap to help you fix your bike while you're waiting for the manual you ordered from the dealer, to arrive.  If Honda tells me they want this removed, it will be gone.

General Information
Schematic - improved, new 800dpi scan
Schematic in Excel format from Larry Vincent
Link to F6rider's Valkyrie parts microfiche

Wastin away again in  Markaritaville

Tech Articles

Electric Fuel Shutoff
Pros & Cons of The Darkside
Wire Your Own Electric Jacket or Liner
Install VTX Signal Lights as Run, Turn, and Stop
Metal Polishing
Train/Fire Truck Horn
Premium Air System
Compufire 1325watt Alternator
Fork Bag with Fender Clearance
On-Board Battery Charger
Jammin with Blaupunkt
Night Lights
KuryAkyn Dually Peg Extenders
Frogg Togg Gators
Tripping the Lights, Fantastic!
Using Your OEM Horn
Interstate Trunk Lights - Turn Signals!
Installing Stacks on an Interstate
Installing Stacks
Retrofitting TromBone Latches to Stacks
Stock Exhaust Baffle Pics
Radar Detector Mount
Improving Indicator Lights Visibility
Making a GPS Mount
Burping Brünhilda


Archive Articles

Installing a Discrete Drinkholder
Lift Your Valk With a Floor Jack
Install a Good Looking Clock for Under $15
Fixing Unreadable Instruments at Dusk
Upgrading Headlight Circuit to High-Power
Disc Lock Reminder For a Buck!!!
LeatherLyke Shock Protector Brace
LeatherLyke Reinforcement Modification
Modifying Your Stock Seat Affordably
Best Installs of Kisan Products
Windshield Tipping


Links to Chet's How-To Articles
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Chroming Your Reservoirs
Relays 101
Blinker Buzzer
Flash Your Lights when Blowing the Horn
Installing Spot Lights
Installing Four-Way Flashers
Shimming the Carbs
Wiring Rear Running Lights
Installing a Vista Cruise
Feet Heeters


All technical mods described here are merely reports of what I've done.  You may attempt to replicate them at your own discretion and risk if you choose.  Horseapple Ranch, LLC and Mark Tobias will in no way be responsible for the results of your attempting to perform these mods on any motorcycle, regardless of the outcome.

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