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Improving Indicator Light Visibility


      Can't be sure why this one got missed - gotta think the folks pushing the pencils ain't twisting the throttles.  Ever try to SEE if the three indicator lights on the headlight are on, in bright sunlight?  Can't be done.  This mod doesn't help you see the neutral or high beam indicator much better in the daytime, but it sure helps with the yellow turn signal, which is the one we really care about.


      You'll like this.  FREE.  Except for 2 beers.


      An hour if you take a couple beer breaks.


      A can of Coors and a bottle of Corona with a lime.


    • small Stanley screwdriver
    • tin snips
    • Phillips screwdriver



    Click on thumbnails to enlarge.
    Take a look at this photo.  This is the three light loom that holds the indicator lights inside the headlight housing.  Notice the rubber mating surface that defines the angle of the socket is on an angle.  Notice also the socket is made of black rubber - so is the inside.  Doesn't reflect light so well.  Guess which way Honda specified the socket is to be installed?

    That's right.   They specified the position to install these sockets is with the light socket turned straight down, about the angle illustrated in this pic.


    Hmmm.  What would happen if we rotated the sockets 180, so they aligned with the rider's viewing angle, about like this pic.  And just for grins, if we lined that black rubber tunnel with something shiny, like a snippet of a Coors can, or a piece of aluminum foil?   We oughta wind up with a more visible light.

    Yup.  It works.  At least for the yellow one. 

    OK, so to do this, you unscrew the two Phillips screws holding the headlight bezel on.  Take the small Stanley and carefully pry off the little plastic chrome rings around the indicator light lenses.  Pull the rubber light sockets out, notice which color wires go where.   Drink the can of Coors (Pure Rocky Mountain spring water).  Cut a little piece of aluminum, roll it shiny side in, line the little rubber tunnels, stick the rubber flanges of the sockets back through their same holes but turned 180, and put the little chrome rings back on.  Put the headlight bezel back in place, go park in the bright sunlight and have the Corona while you admire that you can see your flasher now.  Don't forget the lime.


    P.S. Got a product in the works to help with shutting off those dad - burned turn signals.  But this will help in the meantime, and the price is right!

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