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    Our Mission:  To provide original products we discover we need by riding, that are better engineered and made with top quality components.

HorseApple Ranch Enterprises products are guaranteed to fit and perform as specified in the product literature, as long as you own them.  Electrical products are warranted for one full year from the date of purchase.  On pipe cores: Every effort is made to ensure your pipes are made from good quality stock pipes (they have to pass our high standards for us to buy them from customers). However, the pipes are built from (lightly) used cores, so the condition of the chrome may vary. 

We are continually working to improve our products - we welcome feedback and suggestions to help us in this passion.  Expect to see our products evolve into improved versions, thanks largely to your help.  We try to keep the website updated with info on these improvements, but if we don't quite keep up please understand the customer orders, support, and the R&D work comes first, followed by these pages, so at times a product might be a step ahead of announcements here.



For glasspacks, check the R&R Tips page for details on removing, shipping, and reinstalling your pipes.  Or send email to  ( - remove the "NO-SPAM") describing your order.  I'll respond ASAP, we'll get your order going.  Or call 720-851-8455.  Shipments are prepaid before shipping,  via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, (use my address  or C.O.D.   We accept personal checks or money orders, made out to Horseapple Ranch - but be advised the USPS has lost checks entrusted to them.   Call to place credit card orders, as all orders are handmade, volume doesn't support online ordering via an SSL server - email is not secure for CC use.

We accept half down, and the balance when we're about to ship.

Return & Refund Policy:

Uninstalled stock products may be returned up to two weeks after receipt for a refund of the invoice total less a 15% charge for handling, provided it is returned in the original packaging and is undamaged.  If you need this option please call for a return authorization.  Products that have been installed can not be sold as new so they are not returnable. Orders for products custom built to your specification are not refundable.  

Customer Service:

Contact Mark Tobias at the phone and email address given in the footer of this page.


Transactions are in US Dollars.



All shipments are via Fedex ground unless other arrangements are made.  If you need it faster, fast delivery is available, at our cost.  We no longer use UPS due to lost shipments, damage, and breach of contract on extra value insurance.  We do not use the USPO for anything of significant value, especially pipes or checks.

Core Exchanges: Returning Your Pipe Cores     policy announced 8-27-01

We need your cores quickly if you want us to buy them.  Frankly, we prefer to buy new takeoffs as their condition is more reliable and what our customers want.  So - if you plan to return your cores for us to buy, plan to do so within 14 days of when your new pipes were shipped to you, as printed on the shipping label.  Then we will buy them provided the chrome headers are in excellent condition, and the pipes are otherwise undamaged.  That means, no dents, rust, or obvious scratches in the chrome (visible from 6 feet), no discoloring of the chrome where it's visible when on the bike (slight discoloring under the foot pegs, under the curved chrome cover is OK), no big dents in the can or obvious damage to the stainless part of the header tubes.  It's OK if you cut the "piggys" and drilled the baffles.  We will inspect your pipes and contact you by phone or email with the results, and arrange for your payment. 

PLEASE DO NOT SHIP PACKAGES HERE BY THE U.S. POST OFFICE.  The Franktown CO Post Office does not deliver packages here though by their own rules they are supposed to.  Frank Parker and his Franktown crew misdeliver and SMASH the mail frequently, and they have also lost several packages, INCLUDING CHECKS, while dishonoring their responsibility for them.  If ever there was a post office that "goes postal",  Franktown is it.  I know many neighbors who are upset at their bad attitude. I have written letters, asking they be closed and their function folded into Elizabeth, or Parker, or Castle Rock.  Their staff DESERVES to be unemployed. But until and unless that happens - USPS shipments to me will slow down your package turnaround, if your package makes it here at all.   Our deliveries are almost always via Fedex, a responsible delivery company.  Whenever I use the USPS, say for small pkgs via Priority Mail, they always go through Elizabeth or Parker, NEVER Franktown.  Thanks for not using the USPS in our transactions.

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 Prices and product specifications are subject to change without notice

Glasspack mods are for off road use only.  Always wear helmet, eye and ear protection while riding.  Wear leather gloves while handling exhaust parts.