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My Valkyrie

 Spookshow's ride with 36"

Dan's bike with 40" Howitzers

Jim's scoot with 36"

Brad's standard with 36" Howitzers


Buy Mild2WILD glasspacks at the same time and I'll lower the cost and install the stacks free!


Here's more, archival pics and notes:

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Here's a couple shots of my bike, plus Dragbars & Woody's stacks.

Why might you want stacks?  Well you can see they dress up a neglected part of the bike and look just KILLER.  But besides that, they also lower the exhaust note, turn up the volume a tad, move the apparent source back (wifey likes that), and also attenuates droning at sustained highway speeds.  It just sounds better than glasspacks with stock tips.

Blades & Bones, front, back

Same Blades on SteveT's Interstate

A couple shots of Arlyn's Interstate

Duane's Interstate

Deerslayer with
40" Howitzers

Here's a shot of my latest stacks on Deerslayer.  These are "Bugles"  aka turnouts, but these are 5-inch.  The 4-inch look the same, just an inch smaller.  (I can't sell 5-inch uninstalled because they require more parts and welding.)

So how do you get a pair of these MAHVELOUS stacks?   You can call me at 720-851-8455 with one of the credit cards indicated below.  Or you can figure up your total and use , a really cool online electronic money transfer site that lets you send money for free to anyone with an email address ( use ).   I also need to know what kind of tip you want, and which way you want the opening turned if they are Blades or Bugles.

 If you would like to get Packs & Stacks, check out the Glasspacks page, give me a call or email with any questions & we'll get your order going.


Stack only Prices (see pipes page for pkg discounts)

Triple chrome   36"  Blades (45 miter cut), pair, ready to install


Triple chrome  36"  Howitzers (opening 90 to sides) , pair, ready to install


Triple chrome  36"  Bugles (Mandrel bend), pair, ready to install


37-48"  Blades


37-48"  Howitzers


37-48"  Bugles


Pack & Ship stacks Fedex grnd


Faster shipping: 3-day, 2-day, overnight

call for price

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Glasspack mods are for off road use only.  Always wear helmet, eye and ear protection while riding.  Wear leather gloves while handling exhaust parts.