Then you start it up.  The faces fall.  "Wazzat, an electric motor?"  Maybe they didn't say it, but they probably thought it. 

We've gotta fix that.  It's gotta sound like it looks.  And more power.  What's the point if your pipes rob power?  But you don't want a headache on the slab.  And you sure don't want pipes on your otherwise beautiful machine. 

This calls for Cherry Bombs, like you put on your Chevy hotrod 30 years ago.  Great, deep sound.  But not huge volume.  A promise of the power, the loping of the cam while she idles.  Goose it. 

GRRROOOWWWLLLLblub blub blub. 

WOW, man, that's what she's SUPPOSED to sound like!!

Wait a minute.  At the Sonic Drive In.  Harleys abound.  Talk about PIPES! Man.  Glasspacks ain't enough.   Sometimes only straight pipes will do.

Time for MarkT's Mild2WILD™ TromboneTM Glasspacks! Instantly convertible glasspacks to straight pipes, with the ONLY double-wall aftermarket headers available for the Valkyrie 1.  Swap between your straight pipe sound and glasspacks without tools in seconds.

So now you reach into your bag of tricks and pull out your
TromBones™.  Slip them in the ends of the pipes, no tools, 10 seconds per. Start 'er up.





Let's go Harley hunting!




Mama wants it quiet on the road.  But you wanna ROAR when ya get there.  What to do?

Slip in the Silencers for the trip.
B4 ya get there yank em out for your Grand Arrival and you're
Mellow Rumblin.

To show the Hardleys what a REAL engine sounds like,

slip in the Bonestm and she ROARS!!!

And ALL these sounds without rejetting, and with 6-11 more ponies than stock!!!!!!!!!! 2

                                                              FIVE inch
Dean's M2W pipes with 4"X 38" Howitzers    JJ's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Blades      Tim's M2W pipes with 5" X 38" Blades
                                                                                                                           More 5 inchers below


                                                                                         Sid's M2W pipes with 4"X 40" Howitzers                 Ross's M2W pipes with 4"X 36" Bugles         Rodney's M2W pipes with 4" X 38" Blades


                                                                                            Eric's M2W pipes with 4"X 40" Howitzers          SteveL's M2W pipes with 4"X 34" Blades                    Saiid's 4" X 41" Howitzers


                                                                                             Bob's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Blades               Rick's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Howitzers        Condor's M2W pipes with 4" X 38" Howitzers


                                                                 Mike H's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Howitzers      Mike I's SuperValk with M2W & stock covers


                                                                                                                 Bamajack bought 3 sets of pipes - all M2W with 4" X 36" Blades (miter down)  Here's the first two.


                                  Here's Jim's trike with 4 X 40" Howitzers.


So how do MarkT's Mild2 WILDtm Trombonetm Glasspacks work?

Glasspacks have an inner tube that is perforated, and an outer tube.  A roll of glasspack blanket is packed in between.  The glasspack muffles sound by allowing the exhaust pulses to be absorbed through the perforations by the glass blanket.   TromBonestm work by blocking those holes and passing from some to all of the pulses, unabsorbed out the end of the pipe.  YOU control the sound level by blocking or not the glasspack internal holes. I.O.W., The TromBones tm  effectively allow you to pick the length of your glasspacks as zero or eighteen inches.  And they have no effect on the tune! - See Joe Norris' dyno run with & without Bones.

Mild2WIL Dtm TromBonesTM when inserted change your glasspacks into straight pipes, WITHOUT TOOLS!   The outlet end is of sufficient length to reach almost to the end of the stock tips, and equipped with a locator pin and a steel latch.    There is a matching slot and hole in the glasspack outlet.  This allows you to insert and remove the Trombonetm slides by feel and without tools.   Remember to use adequate gloves if the exhaust is hot. 

Note - these are early pictures, showing the bones position with the stacks or tips off.  The Trombone's latch has since been improved, doesn't look like this now.  See other pictures -
here's one.

The Silencers.     
I was looking for a way to make this puppy quieter for yo' mama.    What if you chop off the back few inches of the stock muffler, where the back baffles are, and fit it into the end of the stacks?  There's already a glasspack in front, all ya have to do is block some of the sound waves without impeding flow. Since all three tubes in the silencer now vent every exhaust pulse, the flow through the Silencer has ONE THIRD the backpressure it had in it's original use.  The exhaust system will REMAIN A PERFORMANCE EXHAUST thanks to the collector at the header end!!!


It works!!!!  And there's no loss of power.  On the dyno, no difference between silencer in or out.  And almost as quiet as stock, yet with still a nice rumbly note!!!!!

Here's some pics of the Silencerstm:


Notice I had 40"  stacks.  I LIKE them.  But then I like big pipes.  Most folks are going for 36" stacks.  Now Deerslayer has 5 X 38" turnouts. See below.

A bit more on Silencerstm compatibility issues  etc:

To get the Silencerstm, you have to order at least 32" Howitzer stacks, or 36" Blade stacks for them to fit.   The Silencerstm are pinned in place with a screw through one of the tip mount holes - I used the tip mount nut on the piggy in the picture above but there's no reason it couldn't be one of the other two on the can if you've whacked off your piggies.   I chuck the rear section of your stock muffler in my lathe and remove the sidewalls.    Sand them smooth,  and test fit them.   The stacks are not truly round, and neither are the stock mufflers.  So I use two custom presses I made to shape them - a press that expands from the inside of the stack and another that compresses the outside of the Silencerstm until they are compatible.    If you have done the Ragnar cut, you've destroyed your Silencerstm - I usually have some cores on hand to make them from.  If you've drilled the baffles - I will need to plug them with the same plugs Honda uses to get the full muffling effect.   The price of the Silencerstm   includes gasketing around the glasspack at the back edge of the internal can, so the silencer doesn't cause exhaust to move forward past the glasspack and out the removed baffle spot weld holes.

Can you get Silencerstm if you already have Packs & Stacks?  Yes, contingent upon successfully sourcing cores to get the Silencerstm from.  Cost will be $60 for my labor, plus the cores, and shipping. 


The tm  

I was asked why didn't I develop a crossover option for the M2Wtm system?  Well why not indeed.  I had some time and several guys were asking for it.   Two Brothers used to have a crossover available on their cannister exhaust, but they are out of production now.  No one else makes a crossover for the Valk. Everyone knows a crossover properly configured on a dual-exhaust system will enhance and smooth torque, and make more power.  I didn't know it also mellows the sound out.  Makes kind of a bigger-room, echo sort of effect.  Like it has more depth.  How cool!


OK so I did it.  I've delivered hundreds of Crossfiretm systems now, and feedback is in.  I received a dyno chart from a customer but it has a discrepancy so I'm not using it.  I can't put a crossover on Deerslayer as I have a big air tank for my compressor system right there.  I did build a crossover onto the custom exhaust I built for "George", my supercharged bobber show bike built by George Jackson. Mike says he picked up 11 ponies with his Crossfiretm system, and about 10 ft-lbs of peak torque, compared to his stock exhaust.  His bike benefitted quite a bit from a better-breathing exhaust - looks like we nailed his bike's weak point pretty well.  Now of course we can't guarantee your bike will respond the same - just too many variables involved.  But a better breathing exhaust with scavenging and a crossover is one of the most cost-effective ways to get more punch out of your Valk.

I've been surprised there has been so much interest considering I put this on my web page after they quit making the Valkyrie - I mentioned it once and holy cow apparently there's a lot of hot rodders out there who want the different sounds of my system as well as good power. 


Here's some pics of the Crossfire system.  It involves significant changes to my original design. What about glasspack replacement? Not an issue - these packs are made to muffle V8 car engines - they don't get hot enough to burn out on our small engines. I ran my original glasspack on the left side, about 60,000 miles after I first installed it - and it sounded the same as the right side which I replaced about 40,000 miles later due to a wreck.   I sold that original used set to a buyer who wanted to save money - I told him all about it, when he got it he didn't say he could hear any difference either.  And after building over 1,500 custom Valkyrie exhaust systems since '98 I have only a handful of times been asked to sell replacement glasspacks - and then to guys who want to buy them up front in case I get hit by a truck.  Hope they don't know something I don't!   In my opinion, those buyers didn't need them either, as they didn't have objective measurements proving more sound (decibal meter) just the feeling it must be louder, like their old hot rods used to get.  Accurate like a butt dyno...


Here's what the whole system looks like.  Notice I used flex tube to make it easy to install.  Also it allows you to have some flexibility in case you need to route around something under your swingarm, like a big horn.  You get a couple inches of deflection.  Be sure to tell me if you need this so I can add a little extra length to the flex tube.

Compatibility - Crossfire fits with Big BF's Quad horns, with a Rivco centerstand, and with all lifts I know of.  Does not fit with a belly tank. In the pic, the crossover tube looks very close to the tire.  It is - 1/4" in this pic.  You can move it farther away if you want. Once the clamps are locked down and both ends thus anchored, the flex tube doesn't flex at all - doesn't move.  The crossover doesn't get terribly hot, as it doesn't have a steady flow through it, but more like back and forth pressure waves. And the tire is moving so fast, trust me it doesn't feel any heat.  Much less than holding your hand over a candle & moving it about. Note the right underview has stock covers and the crossover is moved nearly an inch from the tire.  Once the clamps are secured, the flex tube is immobilized. 


I don't recommend, if you have stock covers,  TromBonestm with CrossFiretm as the Bones will protrude.  Though you wouldn't have that problem with aftermarket tips that are 2" or more longer than the Tourer / Standard stock tips.

Cost of the CrossFiretm option - well I'm trying to keep it down, but it still is adding over a half day to the build time.   So I'm limiting the extra cost to $120.


Now back to the rest of the Mild2WILDtm Trombonetm Silencer  Glasspacks story:

Top quality materials are used in MarkT's Mild2WILD tm Trombonetm  Glasspacks.  I begin with the stock Honda 6-6 exhaust, with all stainless internals and double wall chromed headers (still the ONLY double wall - won't - headers for the Valkyrie1).  Honda is known for the quality of their chrome.  Then after disassembling the muffler can, I weld in a heavy gauge custom header collector.   Now we have changed the configuration from a baffled 6-6 exhaust to a 6-2 performance exhaust, which will provide 5% or more increase in power without rejetting!2 See Michael Hart & friends,
comparative dyno runs - (his page displayed from this domain, with permission) glasspacks come out on top!

But what about the claim that equal length headers produce the most power?  They do, for a narrow rpm band.  Better for racing, if you keep the rpm's in that range.  Do you race your bike?  Staggered-length headers are more "streetable", with the torque optimized across the rpm band, for more low-end torque.  The shortest header is optimized for higher rpm's, while the longer is better for lower rpms. 

How about  "increased tube diameter increases the velocity for max power"?  The last part is true - more velocity in the exhaust stream IS better for torque.  The Honda engineers are among the best in the world - we all benefit from their smarts, and they designed the headers for the Valk.  But you don't get more velocity in a stream by INCREASING the cross section.  That slows it down.  Our pipes utilize the Honda-engineered correct-diameter headers with higher velocity exhaust for more torque.    

An 18" Cherry Bomb is fitted to the collector.    Then the can is reassembled using stainless weld while being held in accurate alignment.  The exhaust system is now ready to have the covers and tips reattached, if we were going to stop with an ordinary glasspack system. 

But now it's time to build the TromBones tm!  They are fitted to be interchangeable left and right.  These tubes are aluminized steel so they stay pretty.  The release lever is easily reachable in the end of the pipe, just lift and pull and Mr. Hyde morphs back into Dr. Jekyll! 


Audio Files

So what do they sound like?  Well, hearing it in person is of course much better than WAV files, but here's a couple to whet your appetite:


Mike Slavis made some really cool .WMV (Windows Media Video) files, playing the pipes before the mod, with glasspacks, and with the Trombones.  You can download the player from microsoft free, here .  Good sound, it's worth it.  Thanks Mike.  Nice job.  Here's the files:

Stock pipes.    Glasspacks.   Packs & Bones.

See also, Brian's MPG video of his FIVE inch stacks, below. If you prefer, give me a call, I'll fire Deerslayer up for you, and you can hear it live over the phone.    Call 720-851-8455.


FIVE inch stacks




Brian Kane sent me a video of his beautiful pearl white standard with five inch Howitzers, and TromBones installed.  Good audio, nicely photographed.  Great job Brian, thanks!


Brian Kane's video of 5" Howitzers with Bones installed, 4.0MB mpg, broadband recommended, opens in new window


Five inch stacks don't get hot.  There's 1/2 - 1 inch of air behind the chrome before the hot parts.  You can use them as hand-warmers, I do. 
And your co-rider won't be melting her boots on them, or toddlers burning their fingers on the pretty chrome. 

HERE's my custom exhaust:  five inch stacks when everybody else is running fours.  Deerslayer with 38" turnouts.  MAN do these attract looks.  Even non-valk riders just walk up and stare.

One guy says,

"Hey, those are bigger than the pipes on my Dodge RAM Hemi!!!"











                         Brian's M2W with 5"X34" Howitzers                                                   Tim's M2W with 5"X 38" Howitzers                                                Doc's 5" X 38" Blades







                                           Stan's M2W with 5" X 34" Blades                              Peter's Valks, back one has M2W w/ 5" X 36" Blades                Andre's Supervalk with 5" Gatling Guns



                           David also bought Gatling Guns & had me install them recessed into 5" Blades.  Here's two views.
                           I don't provide the rotating gun barrels.  If you want them, contact to buy them.
                           I can install them into 5" stacks - just call to make the arrangements - then have Tailgunner send them to me. 


                     And NOW, Check out Tim's Interstate with 5" X 38" 

    Thanks to Tim's lovely wife Andy for posing with their beautiful Interstate, at the end of their visit and pipe install.


Here's another angle.  I like this bike so much I didn't even shrink it to an icon.




I've worked out the details of this install.  These are polished 304 stainless thickwall tubes, added to the Silencers, making them easy to pull out and polish - being stainless, they respond really well to a buffer wheel.  The exhaust comes out inside the 1.5" tubes, to help keep soot off the outsides.  This install is on 5" stacks.  The tubes are fitted in a pyramid configuration for esthetics, are mitered at the same angle as the stack and are in the same plane.  This can also be done with Howitzers, and with 4" stacks.  I think this is the most pleasing look, with 5" Blades, miter out.  If you want your tubes to protrude some, I'm thinking the Organ Pipes beyond the stacks an inch also looks good - both with Blades but especially with Howitzers.  The Organ Pipes are stainless - so they golden with heat.  I don't have any pics of the gold color the Organ Pipes get yet - looking forward to showing that here - looks really great, like jewelry with gold set in silver - like Black Hills Gold! Here's miter cut Organ Pipes extended 1", in 4" Blades:

I made some jigs to help with the build and reduce cost some, as low as $120.  I do know what's involved to get them cut, deburred, polished, aligned and welded nicely centered in the tubes, when you pin the silencer in place.

Here's another, 5X38 flush Blades Organ Pipes I just finished for one of our soldiers, Major Chris just back from Afghanistan - thanks for your service, Chris:



Another option for Organ Pipes:  make them with Howitzer stacks, with the Organ Pipes also cut square, and staggered and protruding - in this case, 2 1/4", 3 1/4", and 4 1/4".  This set is with 5 inch X 30.5 inch Howitzers, made for Mike Terry's bike (Mike has a Valkyrie parts website at ) This is as short as they can be with protruding Organ Pipes, and without Trombones or Crossfire (Shortest length while having Organ Pipes and effective glasspacks is the priority with this set.) 





Here's 3 shots of HrdDrvnMan's bumblebee with 5" X 38" Blades with Organ Pipes delivered Nov '09. 




             Sean's std with 36 X 5" Blades & flush Organ Pipes                     Bill's Interstate w/ 40 X 5" Blades & flush Organ Pipes                Joe's Tourer with 4 X 36" Blades and Organ Pipes protruding 2"



                          Here's 5 X 40" Blades with Organ Pipes out 1 inch - closeup and overall.  Note the hangers
                                           modified to lower the exhaust 0.4" to clear Interstate luggage.

You can see how cool five inch stacks look.  What do they do to the sound?  It's a little louder than the 4" stacks, and the tone is a little deeper.  I am using the same 18" glasspack inside, and solidly locating the stack and keeping the exhaust flow under control by welding on CNC-cut bulkheads on the OEM muffler can.  The stack is also welded onto the can on both ends of the rear hanger cutout.  Since the first glasspack, left side, on Deerslayer never needed replacing after 60,000 miles and 8 years (still sounded same as the right one which was replaced after the deer incident 40,000 miles later), for Deerslayer I chose to solidly weld the glasspack in the can, and remove both the inlet and outlet of the glasspack.  I had decided I wasn't going to need the Bones due to expecting more volume from the larger stacks.   I didn't want the turnouts extending much past the fender - to me they look better turning out alongside the tire.

I reshape the original forward cover to 5 inches on my press, which works fine and retains my green paradigm of recycling parts where possible.

Fit & other issues - Because of the close proximity of the bags on Interstates I have developed a rear hanger adaption which lowers the back end of the exhaust about a half inch.  I have done this by modifying your hangers with a welded-on plate, and the two holes drilled 1/2" lower, then powdercoated black.  I request that if you want 5" stacks on a  Valk with bags close to the pipes (like an Interstate) that you either send in your rear hangers with your pipes, or we can do a core exchange - plan to return your unmodified hangers after I provide you with modified ones. Be sure to tell me if you need the stacks lower for IS bag clearance.  Otherwise, the top surface is 1/2" higher and 1/2" further out than the 4" stacks.   On a Standard or Tourer - or any Valk without the huge bags that hang so low to the exhaust - it bolts right up without the adapter.  I have seen a report that one of the original riders who put 5" stacks on his valk found that he needed to add another hanger "due to the weight".  I found that not to be the case in my design, as this is not the "Easy Glasspack Mod" that Lamont prototyped - that has a weak place right where the muffler can is cut off.  I have seen reports of the stacks flopping around, on "Easy Mods". I use the original muffler can and attached mounts as a frame for the system, rather than cutting it off and discarding it.  So there is no new weak point where the stack slides over the stub of the can as per the "Easy" mod.  Weight - I weighed, using my digital scale, the stack alone at 48" length, and also a 48" X 4" Howitzer stack - same chrome maker.  This stack weighed 2-1/4 lbs more.  At 38" - the length used here - that works out to 1.8 lbs more than a 4" stack.  Less than I expected.

BONUS - There's an inch of air behind the stack at the mid-line and 1/2" on top - they don't get very hot.  Your passenger WILL NOT be melting her boots on it.  And you can put your bare hands on the stacks when it's fully warmed up - great for safety (ever had a toddler lay his hands on the pretty, HOT chrome?)  You can also warm your bare hands directly on the 5" stacks without burning them - I've done it a number of times at gas stops when I had forgotten my electric gloves.

If you want Silencers or TromBones, you'll need to select Howitzers (straight cut) or Blades (miter cut), same as with the 4" stacks.

I suggest, that with the added volume of the 5" stack, Bones may not be needed - the sound is already cool without them. 

I'll make these using your choice of options:  Any length stack, Bladetm, Howitzertm, or Bugletm , glasspacks, with or without Silencers, with or without TromBonestm (except Bugles).  I've put the compatibility issues 2nd  paragraph below.

Obviously, the 5 inch stacks cost more - for me to buy, additional parts to make them work, and additional shop time.  Sorry that's the case, I'd rather come up with options that add business volume rather than more money per sale - but the custom look these Bazookas provide - well it's worth the cost if you like it.





FIVE inch stack applications:

Minimum Stack Lengths for various options - you can always go LONGER:

All of the following use 18" glasspacks (not counting in and outlets).  All lengths directly affected if you want a different length pack.  e.g. , a 12" pack would reduce all of these by 6".  I recommend the 18" glasspack as having the best balance of volume and tone.  Frankly, really short packs have been too loud for all who ordered them. Remember, if you want LOUD, that's what the Trombones deliver. The Crossfiretm option adds 2 inches to these minimum lengths.
FYI for comparison the stock cover and tip on the standard and tourer is 30 1/8".  36" stacks reach to the tip of the fender.


For all of the following, if without silencers, subtract 7" from min length:

    For Bladestm (miter) with Silencers, welded packs w/o Bonestm.  Stack min len 32" (20+7+5)

    For Blades
    tm with Silencers, clamped packs w/o Bonestm.  Stack min len 33 1/2" (1.5+20+7+5)

    For Howitzers
    tm (flat-cut or 90) w/ silencers, welded packs w/o Bonestm .  Stack min  27" (20+7)

    For Howitzers
    tm w/ silencers, clamped packs w/o Bones tm.  Stack min len 28 1/2".(1.5+20+7)

For all of the following, if without silencers, subtract 5" from min length:

    For Bladestm (miter) with Silencers, welded packs with Bonestm.  Stack min len 34"(20+2+7+5)

    For Blades
    tm with Silencers, clamped packs with Bonestm.  Stack min len 35 1/2" (1.5+20+2+7+5)

    For Howitzers
    tm (flat-cut or 90) w/ silencers, welded packs with Bonestm .  Stack min  29"(20+2+7)

    For Howitzers
    tm w/ silencers, clamped packs with Bonestm.  Stack min len 30 1/2" (1.5+20+2+7)





FOUR inch stack applications:

Minimum Stack Lengths for various options - you can always go LONGER:

All of the following use 18" glasspacks (not counting in and outlets).  All lengths directly affected if you want a different length pack.  e.g. , a 12" pack would reduce all of these by 6". I recommend the 18" glasspack as having the best balance of volume and tone.  Frankly, really short packs are too loud for most. The Crossfiretm option adds 2 inches to these minimum lengths.
FYI for comparison the stock cover and tip on the standard and tourer is 30 1/8".  36" stacks reach to the tip of the fender.

Silencers are not compatible with 4" Buglestm (turnout/td) stacks

For Bugles
tm (Turnouts/turndown) w/o Silencers and welded glasspacks, no Bonestm.  Stack min. length 30"(20+10)

For Bugles
tm w/o Silencers and clamped glasspacks, no Bonestm.  Stack min. length 31 1/2"(1.5+20+10)

For all of the following, if without silencers, subtract 7" from min length:

    For Bladestm (miter) with Silencers, welded packs w/o Bonestm.  Stack min len 31" (20+7+4)

    For Blades
    tm with Silencers, clamped packs w/o Bonestm.  Stack min len 32 1/2" (1.5+20+7+4)

    For Howitzers
    tm (flat-cut or 90) w/ silencers, welded packs w/o Bonestm .  Stack min  27" (20+7)

    For Howitzers
    tm w/ silencers, clamped packs w/o Bones tm.  Stack min len 28 1/2".(1.5+20+7)

For all of the following, if without silencers, subtract 5" from min length:

    For Bladestm (miter) with Silencers, welded packs with Bonestm.  Stack min len 33"(20+2+7+4)

    For Blades
    tm with Silencers, clamped packs with Bonestm.  Stack min len 34 1/2" (1.5+20+2+7+4)

    For Howitzers
    tm (flat-cut or 90) w/ silencers, welded packs with Bonestm .  Stack min  29"(20+2+7)

    For Howitzers
    tm w/ silencers, clamped packs with Bonestm.  Stack min len 30 1/2" (1.5+20+2+7)






OK, so how do you get a set of MarkT's Mild2WILD tm TromboneTM Glasspacks? 

If I'm to use your cores to build your pipes, first you need to inspect them - especially if you're not the original owner - and insure the pipes are stock, unmodified. A couple small mods are OK - like cutoff "piggies" or drilled baffles inside. I can fix the latter if you are ordering Silencers. If they had the "ragnar cut" - the exit baffles have been hacked out leaving large holes - then your silencers are ruined and if you want them, there will be a core charge to replace them. I can still do the exhaust mod. If the pipes had stacks slipped over the UNMODIFIED cans inside, I can remove the stacks before I start on the build, assuming the rear brackets were not moved. ANY OTHER MODS - YOUR PIPES ARE UNSUITABLE FOR MY GLASSPACK MOD AND I CAN'T USE THEM. Specifically - any mods to the muffler cans, rear brackets, or attachment of the headers makes them unusable. THIS INCLUDES CUTTING THEM AND REWELDING THEM BACK TOGETHER. Or, if you find such mods, we can discuss if they can be used, with the help of pictures. If I think we can use them, we will probably have to use Time & Materials costing for that part of the build, as it will involve process mods and likely the need to build jigs to handle the contingency. If your header welds at the collector have broken in use, and now they are loose, I can usually fix that; I have jigs for that already. If they pass this inspection for mods - then you call me & get on the schedule, then ship them to me.     I convert your pipes and ship them back to you.  Usually takes a couple days here (depends on how many pipes are in the queue).  Include the pipes and the small cover over the end of the headers.  If you need the box and packing materials, I can send that to you at my cost which is about $49.   During the spring and summer seasons, the queue for glasspack mods rarely gets longer than 2 weeks.   If you want me to mod YOUR pipes, I recommend you get on the queue and keep your pipes until I say I'm almost ready for them, so your downtime is limited to shipping both ways plus a couple days here.  To get on the queue, I need to know what you're ordering, your shipping and contact info, and 50% down - which you can provide by Visa or Mastercard or by check or
(use - remove the "NO-SPAM").

An alternate way to get you a Mild2WILDtm Trombonetm Silencer Glasspack System is to use my core inventory for a core exchange.  This depends on availability of core pipes, which I am sourcing all the time - best to give me a call and check current availability.  These cores were previously installed on another rider's Valk, for how many miles varies, and so the quailty of these cores varies, too.  Though I don't want anything but good to excellent cores for my customers and that's what I strive to buy - I do my best to get you the best I can (see next paragraph).  Still they are used, so like a "pre-owned" car, they are as-is. If I tell you core pipes are available, call in a CC#, or use Paypal, or send me a check for the appropriate amount in the charts below (column "incl. excl. condition cores"), I ship you completed pipes.  You install the pipes and send me your undamaged pipes back within 14 days of the ship date - see Exchange Policy time limit.   I inspect them and call you to say what they are worth for me to buy - with agreement, then I send you a check, or a credit via CC# or paypal.

On your cores - it's important the pipes are undamaged so I can use them for the next guy.  So the standard for me to purchase your cores is, no dents, rust, pitting or obvious scratches in the chrome (visible from 6 feet), no discoloring of the chrome where it's visible when on the bike (slight discoloring under the foot pegs, under the curved chrome cover is OK), no big dents in the can or obvious damage to the stainless part of the header tubes. Note the right side muffler can has a big dent towards the end - Honda put that one there; it's OK.    I can't pay you for pipes that don't pass this inspection so please inspect them yourself first and don't send them if they have chrome damage as described - I can't fix the chrome.   It's OK if you cut off the tailpipes and poked the baffles.

What if you don't want TromBonestm?  You can get just the glasspack mod for $499 + P&S.

The chrome headers damage easily, so I recommend to keep that in mind when you remove them, and wrap the chrome pipes right away with foam blanket before handling them further.  Please be careful not to drop them on the floor when you take them off - I sometimes see a dent on the bottom.  Check out R&R and shipping tips on the R&R page.

I am making header gaskets available for $15 for the set.  It's a good idea to replace them if you want to use my pipes and replace the cores with yours - it's not necessary if we make your glasspacks out of your pipes.


Please leave the curved cover installed so I can fit the covers on final assembly.   Check out the Stacks page.

I know this can all be very confusing, especially as this page has gotten so long and I try to keep it up to date.  Feel free to call and talk about what it is you want to do - and I can figure out the cost.

Be sure to check out the R&R Tips,  the Rider's Say, and Glasspack FAQs pages.  Any questions, I'm usually here to answer your call - but I sometimes can't hear the phone over the machines, so leave a message if I don't pick up - I check it all day long.  720-851-8455.  I also check my email frequently -  Thanks for your interest - I look forward to making your ride












Glasspacks with Stock Covers
Add $95 for Bonestm .  Add $120 for CrossFiretm option.
Silencers not compatible with stock covers.
Stacks and Silencers can be added later but that increases Silencers cost.

plus shipping
using your pipes

plus shipping
including cores*



Glasspacks with Triple Chromed Stacks
Add $95 for Bones tm.  Add $60 for 4" silencers.  Add $130 for 5" silencers.
Add $120 for CrossFire
tm option.

Description: cut, length

Glasspacks  & Stacks 
plus shipping
using your pipes

Glasspacks  & Stacks
plus shipping
including $500 cores*

4" square, 36"



4" 45 Miter, 36"



 4" Mandrel Bend, 36"



4" square, 37-48"



4" 45 Miter, 37-48"



4" Mand. Bend, 37-48"



5" square, 36"



5" 45 Miter, 36"



 5" Mandrel Bend, 36"



 5" square, 37-43"



5" 45 Miter, 37-48"



5" Mand. Bend, 37-48"



Above prices include CNC-cut bulkheads for 5" stacks, forming and precision fitting of covers; welded or clamped glasspack options, gasketing against blowback with silencer installs, and assembly, welding and fitting of exhaust system components. Silencer prices assume we can use your undamaged cores.

*Assumes we can find cores at $500.  They are becoming less available so that affects the cost.  I also try to have some cores on hand at known prices.


With 5" stacks, if you have luggage close to your pipes - like an Interstate - you will need to lower the rear hangers. This is not necessary if your luggage is at least 1/2" above your current stock pipes. eg., Leatherlyke bags have plenty of clearance, as do all the leather bags I know of.  Cost to modify hangers - $60.00 - includes stripping paint, welding on a 12-ga plate with holes that lower the exhaust 0.4", and recoating the hangers with black poly powder coat.  We can do that to your hangers, if you want to send them in, or with our hangers, which will require a core charge of $39 - provided I can still find them used online for that or less. Finding them used is getting harder and if I have to buy them new - they are spendy. It's better to send yours in, if your bike is down during the pipe mod.   You get the core charge back when you return your undamaged hangers.

Ala Cart Prices 
5" stacks & 5" silencers not sold uninstalled because extensive metalwork and more parts are required

Glasspack mod


Pair TromBonestm


Pair Glasspacks, prepped for your Bonestm


Glasspack mod with one set TromBonestm


Triple chrome 4" Stacks 36"  Howitzerstm, pair


Triple chrome 4" Stacks 37-48"  Howitzerstm, pair


Triple chrome 4" Stacks  36"  Bladestm, pair


Triple chrome 4" Stacks  37-48"  Bladestm, pair


Pack & Ship stacks Fedex grnd

13 + freight

make 4" Silencers from your OEM mufflers (plus $90 for cores if needed)


Set Gaskets


dbl box & Ship Fedex grnd, pipes with or without 4" stacks

27 + freight

 box & packing, for you to send your pipes


Rear exhaust hanger cores charge (new) if I can find used, MUCH cheaper (ask) - return yours for credit


Excellent cond. pipe cores, via ebay (and other sources), varies a lot

approx 500

Faster shipping: 3-day, 2-day, overnight

call for price




All content on copyright 1999-2006 Mark Tobias except "Riders Say", "Dyno Day", Vallejo and Shop Manual and Alternator Review pages, and SWF and MP-3 files and their graphic icons, and any content specifically attributed to another author.  
All rights reserved.

Prices and product specifications are subject to change without notice
Orders placed via and cancelled are subject to a 2.2% service charge

Glasspack mods are for off road use only.  Always wear helmet, eye and ear protection while riding.  Wear leather gloves while handling exhaust parts

1 These pipes are built starting from the double-wall stock pipes - other pipes built from the stockers are also double wall.
2 Assumes your bike is tuned per factory specs and running properly with current jetting before the install.

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R&R Tips
Tech Tips
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My Valkyrie

We have developed a CROSSOVER OPTION -  The    

Feedback indicates a HEALTHY BOOST in torque when combined with our glasspacks!  JUMP HERE to read all about it!

         So you've got a great look.  Chromed everything in sight.

 An admiring crowd surrounds your bike as you return from a shorty Rail Yard Ale.  Pullin on the goggles, you close your Vanson while fending off the usual "man, what a mill, how big is it??" 

"Geez, it must sound like a Winston Cup car."  

Developed in 2006: 

FIVE inch stacks, now including TURNOUTS
Click here...

YEP, Your MarkT Mild2WILD™ pipes are truly a CUSTOM and EXCLUSIVE EXHAUST.  Available Exclusively here: 

  • Patented TromBones™ allow you to insert straight pipes to make your dragon ROAR.
  • THREE sounds instantly available.
  • Choice of four or FIVE inch stacks, or
  • You can retain your stock covers and tips to save money and retain stock look.
  • Optional CrossFire™ crossover pipe makes additional torque.
  • The incredibly cool looking ORGAN PIPE option for your Silencers, very custom look, like Black Hills Gold jewelry set on the ends of your custom exhaust!
  • Choice of ALL THREE stack opening styles, Howitzers, Blades and Bugles.
  • ANY length stack you like, from 21.5"-48", see min. lengths for options below.
  • Stock muffler can and mounts retained for more strength and certain fit - not only is the stack not removable from the headers, it is MUCH stronger, with no weak point that can flop around at the forward edge of the can, as provided by the "Easy Glasspack Mod".
  • Vertical alignment is set and verified with a laser - no uneven looking stack heights - and if your cores are bent (dropped the bike?), they are straightened with my custom hydraulic bender until their alignment is close to equal.
  • Opening angle of Blades & Bugles set with custom jig & level accurate to under 1.
  • Five inch stacks don't get hot with an inch of air behind them - safety & no boot melts.
  • Fits Interstate, Tourer, and Standard - even the 5 inch as I lower the top so no conflict with the luggage.
  • All MIG welds, 308 Stainless and mild steel, depending on parts joined.  MIG is the correct technology for exhaust systems, is what Honda uses on the exhaust system, has equal strength to TIG at 70,000 tensile psi, is faster to make especially with thicker welds as it has better heat penetration than TIG.  TIG is more appropriate for cosmetic welds that show, as they can be quite pretty - but is overkill technology on exhaust systems.  None of the M2W mod welds are visible - but I do a nice job making even beads anyway.  Check what Jay Leno's Airgas expert Ken Kazarick, and Bernard have to say about when to use TIG vs. MIG at

Only HERE can you get the glasspack mod made compatible with the stock covers and tips, allowing you to have glasspack performance while saving money and retaining the stock look. Only HERE can you get THREE instantly changeable sounds from the quiet yet rumbly Silencers through the powerful and mellow sounding glasspacks to the ROAR of the TromBones™, all while improving performance & a no rejetting engine tune.  I fit your Silencers (and charge for only the fitting if you have provided good silencer cores ) - which I invented.  I skin and turn the Silencers on a lathe, replace the baffle plugs if you've punched them out (free), fit them to the stacks, and include Silencer firewalls if you've chosen 5" stacks.  The full range of stacks is available - Howitzers™, Blades™, and Bugles™, and they are TRIPLE CHROME plated (aka "show chrome").   All of this, built using the stock non-discoloring double-wall headers, retain the original rear mounts and muffler can, make MORE POWER than stock and WITHOUT rejetting, at very competitive pricing.                            Read on...

QUICK START Summaries & Links for Readers in a Hurry

WELL, this page has gotten a little long & wordy over the 15+ yrs I've been adding to it.  So here's my attempt to make it easier to read.  You can either just read through it, top to bottom - get a cup of coffee and get comfortable.  Or you can look right here for the short description and links to the detailed info below or on other pages.  Just read what you're interested in.  Hit your BACK button to return here and then click on the next item you want to know about.  When you have questions on applications, fit, etc., check my Frequently Asked Questions page - if I've heard the question a couple times I wrote up the answer there.  Use your word search tool of your browser on the FAQs page or here, if I didn't already make a link for your word of interest.  If you want to read feedback from previous buyers, I cut & pasted posts I saw on the VRCC and VOAI boards over the years, here.

Here goes:

Pictures of many bikes with different lengths, opening styles, and diameters, of my installed pipes.

The core of the system: Mild2WILD tm easy-replace glasspack mod Poetic Description.  Base mod 490.

Trombonetm: patented plug - in straight pipes. $60 option with your glasspack order.

  Crossover pipe to balance the exhaust.  Does not interfere with lifts, horns or Rivco center stand.  $120 option.

Truck Stacks:  4", NOW AVAILABLE IN FIVE INCH.  Any length 32+".  3 opening styles.  Price varies.

Minimum Stack length with various options tables

Silencers:   Made from your cores or mine if you've ruined yours.  Requires stacks.  Machined & fitted to your stacks.  $60 for 4" stacks, $130 for 5",  + cores if needed.  

Organ Pipes: $120 Option for the Silencers.  Available protruding or flush, for 5 inch or 4 inch stacks.  These polished stainless thick tubes will turn a light straw gold, so it winds up looking like jewelry - Black Hills Gold! 

What's it sound like?  Audio files   

Removing your pipes    Pack & Ship tips   Installation

Price tables   Ordering Details  Contact Info

Over 1000 happy Valkyrie pipe customers since 1998

Please email me if you find any broken links.  Thanks

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