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I DO NOT SELL THE PARTS DESCRIBED.  I do tell you where I got them.  EXCEPTION - I do sell my custom exhaust mods. 

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Install a Shiny New Clock for Under $15



      Whenever I'm depressed the best therapy for me is to put some new chrome on Black Beauty.  But what if I'm low on dough?  Can't be staying depressed.  That's when this mod comes in handy.  Save it for when you HAVE to do a mod on the cheap.


      Under $15.                   


      An hour.                      


    • Klockit stock number 15265-15268, the chrome colored clock "inserts" that fit in 1 3/8" opening, 1-800-KLOCKIT.  The clock in the picture is 15265.
    • 1 1/4" 12-pnt 1/2" drive thinwall socket.  Keep it thin or you'll have to cut a notch in it to clear the triple clamp.  Pick one with minimal inscribing if you can.
    • 6X45mm hex head bolt.
    • fender washer to fit bolt & inside the socket with some slop.


    • 10mm socket wrench and long extension.
    • Bench grinder if you didn't get a thinwall socket.


      Remove the front tank bolt.  Assemble the 45 X 6mm bolt through the fender washer and the socket from the open end.  Screw into the tank bolt hole, aligning the writing on the socket to the rear and left, tighten with one of the 12 points straight ahead.  If you have clearance problems, grind the socket with the bench grinder.  Snap the clock into the socket.  Lift the clock out with a pocketknife when you wash the bike.

      For extra credit:  Install a tiny 1/3 watt light inside the handlebar and wire it to your switched instrument lights circuit (see Instrument Lights mod) like this :     

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