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I DO NOT SELL THE PARTS DESCRIBED.  I do tell you where I got them.  EXCEPTION - I do sell my custom exhaust mods. 

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I Love My OEM Horn!



      You didn't think I loved it as a HORN, did you?   No, it's about the most wussy horn I've heard, I'd rather be run over than beep that POS.

      But it makes a GREAT phone buzzer in a noisy shop!  In fact when I didn't have the muffs on & the machines running, the phone rang and I JUMPED out of my shorts.  Woulda been OK if I'd been alone, but the visiting nuns were a bit flushed.  I used to miss lots of calls especially when running the chop saw or die grinder with compressor.  Now I NEVER miss an opportunity to cuss out phone solicitors!


      About $45 including the phone relay from a hearing handicapped shop.


      1 hour.


    • Phone relay from your local hearing handicapped shop.  This one is Call-Alert model CA-100 from Ameriphone Inc., (714)897-0808, controls 300 watts, about $40
    • 16 volt transformer from Ace hardware, about $5
    • wire nuts
    • 1/8" fiberboard or similar to mount it on.
    • wood screws
    • crescent wrench
    • male 110v plug


    • drill and 9/16" wood bit
    • screwdriver


      Drill appropriate holes in fiberboard to mount transformer & horn.  Attach fiberboard to wall, post, wherever.  Wire output of transformer to horn terminals - polarity doesn't matter.  Attach input wires of transformer to 110v. plug.  Connect phone relay per included instructions to wall connection, phone, and 110v plug of transfomer.  For extra credit, use 3-way plug adapter to connect colored floodlights to relay, and position floodlights to shine on your noisiest work stations.

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