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I DO NOT SELL THE PARTS DESCRIBED.  I do tell you where I got them.  EXCEPTION - I do sell my custom exhaust mods. 

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    2003 Mark Tobias all rights reserved.   revised July 27, '05

    I am about to trust you with my laboratory researched and developed TOP SECRET Markarita recipe.  This recipe was developed by top level imbibe research over several years, and has reached such a state of perfection it can only be divulged in total confidence to those connoisseurs known to possess the strength of character to NOT succumb to alcoholism, or be tempted to drink away their children's college funds, after tasting it.
    This is the FINEST margarita ever invented, and as such had to be renamed to set it apart.

    The Markarita is addictive.  It's also more pricey than a cheap margarita. 

    Cost - we/ve found Hornitos for $33 / 1.75L.   Triple Sec about $16 / 1.75L Margarita mix, around $6 / 1.75L.  Limes, $0.50 ea, off season.  Sugar, ice, margarita salt,  negligable.   Total cost, about $5.93 / blender, or $6 with the negigable stuff, or $1.50 per Markarita.

    You've been WARNED.

    Follow specifications EXACTLY. 


    The Horny Markarita.

    1-Qt. blender

    6 oz Sauza Hornitos Tequila (MANDATORY)
    4 oz Hiram Walker Triple-Sec
    2 t sugar (MANDATORY)
    1 large fully peeled lime (MANDATORY - get all the white off)
    10 oz Jose Cuervo Margarita mix (other mixes can be substituted) revised down
    15 oz ice (approx, that is, ice to the top) revised up
    Large saguaro cactus margarita glasses from Juarez  (OK use what ya got but a great presentation befits the Markarita)
    Green Sauza margarita salt (OK white if ya can't find the green stuff)
    Wedged lime

    Pour the salt in a circle to fit glass rims, in a dish.  Take a lime wedge,
    split it and wet the glass edge.  Immediately press the glass into the salt
    circle.  Repeat for each friend.

    Pour 6 oz Sauza Hornitos in blender
    Add 4 oz Triple Sec
    Add peeled lime.
    Add sugar.
    Cover and Liquify for 12 seconds.
    Add 10 oz margarita mix
    Add ice (to top line)
    Cover and liquify for 20 seconds (until ice is completely slushed).
    Pour immediately and garnish with the lime wedge.

    Accessorize with Homemade salsa (another time)  and tortilla chips

    Enjoy with chips salsa and friends.



    The Patron Markarita.

    Same as above - but substitute Silver Patron Tequila for the Hornitos and Grand Marnier for the Triple Sec.  This one is for millionaires.  Absolutely marvelous but very spendy.  Silver patron sells for about $49 / 0.75L.  Grand Marnier, $48 / L.  That raises the cost to $18.78 or approx $19 / blendor or $4.75 / markarita

    2003 Mark Tobias

All technical mods described here are merely reports of what I've done.  You may attempt to replicate them at your own discretion and risk if you choose.  Horseapple Ranch, LLC and Mark Tobias will in no way be responsible for the results of your attempting to perform these mods on any motorcycle, regardless of the outcome.

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