NOTICE:  These are tech pages explaining how I did these mods to my bike.  In almost every case -
I DO NOT SELL THE PARTS DESCRIBED.  I do tell you where I got them.  EXCEPTION - I do sell my custom exhaust mods. 


Stock Exhaust Baffles




      Just a good look at the guts of the stock exhaust with high-res pics.  If you're planning to drill your baffles, or want to know what happens inside the cans, these pics are for you.  As always, click on the thumbnail to see a big pic.


      This baffle was removed from a brand-new, unused exhaust system, so it's nice and clean.  The dents on the edge of the facing flange (and the others) are where I cut the spot welds to remove the assembly in one piece.  Exhaust flows from left to right.  Of course the "piggies", to the right, were cut off with the outlet end of the can.   Notice the exhaust paths are kept seperated from each other, so this is a true 6-6 exhaust system.  There are three expansion chambers with exhaust passing between them through the tubes.



      Inlet end of the baffle.  The header pipes feed into this end, 1 for each pie-shaped segment.  The exhaust surrounds the tube and enters it through the little holes in the sides.  Note the plug in the end of the tube.  This is what you drill if you use a 20" long by (up to) 3/4" dia. drill bit and drill the front baffles.  Note also the plug is lightly tacked in place by spot welds - if you think you will poke a hole in this with a piece of sharpened rebar, you will just as likely bust the welds and knock the plug out, forever to rattle and drive you crazy until you send the pipes to me for glasspacks!



      After the exhaust expands in the first chamber, passes through the first tube, and expands in the second chamber, it enters the end of this tube at the left, comes out the bigger holes, expands in this last chamber, and re-enters the sides of this tube through the small holes.  The gas then passes through the mini-glasspack and exits through the (removed) "piggy".  Note there is a baffle between the big and little holes in the middle of this tube, which is what you drill with a 5" by (up to) 3/4" drill bit, after having cut off the "piggies" with a hacksaw.


      This is another shot I had laying around from another baffle, that shows dimension with a ruler.


All technical mods described here are merely reports of what I've done.  You may attempt to replicate them at your own discretion and risk if you choose.  Horseapple Ranch, LLC and Mark Tobias will in no way be responsible for the results of your attempting to perform these mods on any motorcycle, regardless of the outcome.

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