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I DO NOT SELL THE PARTS DESCRIBED.  I do tell you where I got them.  EXCEPTION - I do sell my custom exhaust mods. 

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                    Frogg Togg Gators



      Doncha just love sitting on your scoot, snug as a bug in your Toggs when it's pouring like a waterfall?  Lookin at your poor buds, in their Sauna Suits sweatin like pigs, while YOU can leave the Toggs on rain or shine and stay dry as toast?

      Then ya get home and find half the inner legs melted on your pipes.   DOH!

      Frogg Toggs are really well designed and made all purpose rain gear, made out of this high tech plastic with micro pores that let vapor out but not water droplets in.  Work really well for keeping you dry, and you can even leave them on since they won't steep you in a sauna.  But being general purpose, they are specifically, NOT motorcycle rain gear.  Meaning they will melt on your pipes.

      Guntersville Breathables Inc. (makers of Frogg Toggs) recommends you sew ironing board cover material on the lower legs.  But I don't know my thumb from a thimble.  What to do?  I went to a tailor, who said she could do it in a week for $18 if I provide the materials.  A week later she had barely started, when she discovered she needed to get the bottom of the sewing machine INSIDE the pants leg, and her machines were table mounted.  Yeah I KNOW this isn't rocket science, but I think I would have noticed that if I were a sewing expert.  While contemplating what the heck I was going to do now, a lady from Utah waiting for her daughter's fitting said she could do it, if she were back in Utah at her design company.  I said, "the job is yours".

      OK, so who is this wonderful sewing savior?  She's Dixie Jones, and she can be reached at

        Blue Creek Design
        PO Box 1736
        Howell,  UT  84316

      or 435-471-2329

      BTW, she did another real cool sewing project for me too, which I'll bring with to Zanesville.


      She said "whatever you think it's worth" so I gave her $40.  Tipping works for me.


      None for me.



    • none for me


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