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I DO NOT SELL THE PARTS DESCRIBED.  I do tell you where I got them.  EXCEPTION - I do sell my custom exhaust mods. 

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      KuryAkyn Dually Peg Extenders




      Didja get yourself a pair of Dually Iso-Pegs just because they look so cool, and match your Iso-Boards, and Iso-Brakepad, and Iso-Passenger Boards.  MAN this is cool, I've got a THEME goin.

      Then ya get ON your bike and feel like your feet are falling off.  MAN, I've gotta DO something.  What if I stand on the pegs doin 70 and my foot slips off.  I can feel the pain just thinking about it.

      KuryAkyn has an extender kit, half looks like this:

But they don't mean it for the Dually pegs, only for these itty-bitty suckers:

Well I like my Dually pegs, but they gotta be wider.  Turns out, this extender kit will work for the Dually pegs, except the bolt is too small.  I went to the Trading Post, actually a very complete Ace Hardware, and their largest 5/16" X 18 SS (they don't have chrome) allen drive bolt was 4.5" long - too short.  I could probably find the right bolt if I looked on the internet, but I had this one that came with it, and the tools to make it fit.  So this is what I did.

See the bolt is too short with the extender, only one thread will engage:

AHA!  The rubber grommets are removable, all I have to do is fire up the drill press:

OK, so now I have a plan.  Let's do the housekeeping, then get on with it:



      $29.95 for the extender kit.


      1 hour.



    • 15/32" drill bit
    • Drill press or 1/2" handheld drill
    • mill bastard file
    • 5/16" X 18 die (optional)
    • bench vise
    • 1/4" hex (Allen) wrench
    • silicon lubricant
    • 4 1/2" angle grinder with cutoff wheel, or hacksaw


      Chuck the 15/32" bit in the drill press, remove the two outermost rubber pads on the footpeg & align the footpeg with the bit in the vise, taking care not to mar the chrome (my vise has rubber jaws).  Drill the first step out of the end of the footpeg.

Now the bolt will be recessed inside the footpeg.

We need to enlarge the hole in the pad to fit over the hex head end of the bolt.  Grip the pad in the vise with the pad hole aligned with the bit and lube the bit with silicon lube (don't use oil, it's bad for the rubber)  Drill out the hole with the same bit.

Now the bolt is too long.  It needs to be about 4.45" overall.  Clamp it in the vice, screw the die down the threads, cut about 5 threads off the end, chamfer the end of the bolt with the mill bastard file, and screw the die off the end to clean up the threads.

Lube up the grommet again, pass the bolt through the peg with the grommet and extender in place, put some Locktite 242 on the threads, and install the peg with about 20 ftlbs of torque.

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