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I DO NOT SELL THE PARTS DESCRIBED.  I do tell you where I got them.  EXCEPTION - I do sell my custom exhaust mods. 

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Remember your Disk Lock - for a Buck!




      Have you ever almost forgot to remove your disk lock - then WHEW you remembered before you busted your disk? Now you're fraught with angst just knowing that one day you won't remember in time? 

      Fret no more!

      With this simple mod, you CANNOT start your motor without remembering the disk lock!


      pocket change for materials used - under $5 if you don't have the materials on hand.


      ten minutes


    • two inches square of hook and loop material (Velcro) each side
    • two dabs of silicon glue (i.e., Household Goop)


    • scissors
    • appropriate sized bottlecap


      Find a round bottlecap that has an O.D. about the same diameter as the barrel of your disc lock (mine is a Kryptonite lock). Use it to cut out two discs of Velcro hook material. Fold one of the discs in half, and cut out the center about 1/2" diameter. Glue this disc to the face of the ignition lock, around the keyhole. Glue the solid disc to one end of your disc lock. Use the bottlecap to cut out a disc of loop material - leave one side of it longer to use as a handhold.


      Keep the loop tab on the end of the lock. When you install the lock on the disc, put the tab over the keyhole. Now you CANNOT insert the key without being reminded of the disc! And there's no place to store the tab except on the lock!

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