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Re: TBR Exhaust opinion

Posted by SpeedCop on Thu - Nov 16 - 09:21am:

In Reply to: TBR Exhaust opinion posted by Earthdog on Wed - Nov 15 - 10:17pm:

Earthdog wrote in a previous message,
: What is your opinion of the TBR 6 into 6 exhaust?
: Sound? Are the baffels removable? Can you do
: anything to fix the blueing?
: I want a louder deeper tone. I used to have the
: Jardine Rumblers on my Shadow. I want a sound like
: this.
: Thanks for any thoughts.

I've heard the Cobra pipes but not the TBRs. I personally like the glasspack mod better. Deeper & throatier sound. MarkT is reportedly the best in the business for doing the mod and with his deal you retain your stock Honda headers which don't turn colors.

I had glasspacks done locally with help from instructions here on the site and everybody says that's the way this bike SHOULD sound.

I think you should strongly consider MarkT's pipes.




Re: TBR Exhaust opinion

Posted by HUMP on Thu - Nov 16 - 01:29am:

In Reply to: TBR Exhaust opinion posted by Earthdog on Wed - Nov 15 - 10:17pm:

That sound you are looking for may not come from TBR or Cobra. I am not the biggest fan of the sound from either. I looked and listened to other Valks and the winner in my book was a modification. Price was a concern and the idea of tinkering was a plus. Big truck stacks using either glass packs or gutted mufflers is a sound you might be wanting. The rumble is low and pleasant to hear. Idle is that of a V8 and around 3-4K RPM people will move out of your way. Good Luck, it took me almost two years to decide.




Re: TBR Exhaust opinion

Posted by V-MAN on Thu - Nov 16 - 06:26am:

In Reply to: TBR Exhaust opinion posted by Earthdog on Wed - Nov 15 - 10:17pm:


If you want the "deep rumble" sound get a chance and check out both Two Brother 6 into 2 Slashcuts or the Glasspack mod from Mark T. Both sound very good and look very good. I have the TB and the headers do turn golden (all stainless steel) the Mark T's use stock headers so no color change. Check them ALL out and make decision for yourself...... GL




Re: Cobra vs. TBR

Posted by Kruzer on Wed - Nov 22 - 00:29am:

In Reply to: Cobra vs. TBR posted by Brett on Tue - Nov 21 - 9:11pm:

My understanding is that Cobra has baffles that are removeable. TBR are in for the count. Both will probably lose you a couple of horsees unless you rejet the carbs. Both will eventually turn blue and/or gold at the header. Both have wav files at the respective company sites to "hear" them. Better yet, try to find a member that lives close and listen to'm. I nearly went w/ the TBR 6 into 6. I love the look and sound.  Seemed a little loud for all the time riding and also a little pricey.

Me? I went w/ Mark T.'s glasspack n' trombone set. Very pleased! Price is very reasonable for the  mechanically challenged. You will also get the added benefit of adjustable sound. Loud when the mood stikes but "relatively" quiet for all the other times. Stock look is a trade off. Sometimes I wish for that 6X6 look. I'll keep what I've got thx, and would do it again! BTW. Mark T. is AAA#1+ to deal with. That alone is worth a bunch to me.

My advise? Drill back baffles while you're deciding.





Re: Mark-T pipes-congrats

Posted by CR on Sat - Nov 25 - 5:18pm:

In Reply to: Mark-T pipes posted by laborman on Sat - Nov 25 - 4:40pm:

you'll find yourself riding harder than ever cause they sound sooooo gooood.

Daytona is comin soon, bring the bones!!   see ya there.




Mark-T pipes

Posted by laborman on Sat - Nov 25 - 4:40pm:

Just took my pipes off and boxed them up to ship to Mark-T. After hearing the sound from Crazy Rick's Valk (and a few other), I knew I had to have that sound. Looking forward to the power, I can  Harley hunt with the best of em'.




Re: Interstate Exhaust - Cobra/Supertrapp

From: Biker Rabbi
Date: 10/6/00
Time: 9:14:53 AM
Remote Name:


Chet has the Trapps and loves them, because of the length, your gonna have then stopping 1/2 down the bag.  You'll get some heat there. Also look odd, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Trapps are tunable, so it should reduce the noise.

Have you considered the Mark T Glass packs. Sound real good, mellow deep rumble (no inserts), unless you goose it, then sound great. I use mine with the bones (inserts) in (loud), except for long trips, and really like them. Thay also increase perrformance, and when used with a trigger wheel and K&N filter, move the lady along nicely, and on the highway, get almost 40 mpg (unless I'm playing, of course).

Blessings, Rabbi




Re: Interstate Exhaust - Cobra/Supertrapp

From: Russ # 800 / # 25
Date: 10/14/00
Time: 8:51:04 PM
Remote Name:


Trapps will definetly wake the I/S up.  BUT, you got to build a protection shield for the bottom of the bags.   I have a Tourer that I ran Trapps on for several months.  I burnt a hole in one of the saddlebags from the heat.

I now run the glass pak mod with 4" truck stacks turned down.

There used to be a picture of my setup on the picture page. Search 'Bullard' and that is my Green/Cream unit that comes up.




Set your wife up with Mark T.  

Posted by Jim Caldwell on Fri - Dec 1 - 08:54am:

I gave my wife some catalogs and stuff, including the info from Mark T's web site as possible suggestions for my birthday present (you know what I really wanted.)  My wife didn't know glass packs from ice packs. Anyway, she called Mark and Emailed, he completely sweet-talked her.

"He'll think of you every time he starts up."  (Normally we guys save that kind of stuff for when we're really in trouble).   By the time he was through, he had her wanting the pipes more than I did (if that's possible).

Anyway, got my pipes on Nov. 29, played hooky from work on the 30th to install and of course test ride, and WOW! Great sound and more power.

I even thought of my wife when I started up.

This is now a proven technique, USE IT!




Re: Set your wife up with Mark T.

Posted by Torch on Fri - Dec 1 - 11:52am:

In Reply to: Set your wife up with Mark T. posted by Jim Caldwell on Fri - Dec 1 - 08:54am:

Got to admit Mark was the factor when I met him in Montrose with my SO,he convinced my SO that I had to have it to benefit her,You know low noise when shes around and trombones when shes not,what a  schmooser...




Re: Removal of pipes( help)

Posted by laborman on Sun - Dec 10 - 11:16am:

In Reply to: Removal of pipes( help) posted by Lee on Sun - Dec 10 - 10:50am:

Just put my pipes back on Friday after receiving them back from Mark-T. No, you don't need to put the Valk on a can be done on the kickstand. The right side is easy, just line up the bolt holes and put tighten the nuts up. Watch your torque. The left side is harder, but not bad. Take your time and tighten all bolts to specified torque. If you have a "kick shifter", be cafeful when you put it back on. I torqued the main bolt right off and had to get a replacement. Put all chrome on first, then re-install the pipes. You will have to loosen the bolts that hold the rear foot pegs so the two bolts on the pipes are easier to line up.

Enjoy the pipes. I do. They are the best sound I've ever heard.




Re: Removal of pipes( help)

Posted by laborman on Sun - Dec 10 - 12:09am:

In Reply to: Re: Removal of pipes( help) posted by alien on Sun - Dec 10 - 11:42am:

Alien, all you do is drop your stock pipes off the valk, take the chrome heat shields off and the tip, box em' up and ship them to Mark-T in Franktown, Colorado. He'll install glasspacks and send you a set of pipes inserts (called trombones for louder rumble), and ship them back. Way great sound and you get to keep the stock pipes and stock chrome that came on your bike. And, no re-jetting, no nothing. Go to




Re: Removal of pipes( help)

Posted by Master Blaster on Sun - Dec 10 - 11:12am:

In Reply to: Removal of pipes( help) posted by Lee on Sun - Dec 10 - 10:50am:

Lee it can be done on the side stand, but a lift makes it easier when you work on the kickstand side. One note, when taking them off be careful that they dont bang aganst the floor. Its not hard to dent or damage them.I have had mine on and off several times and reused the manifold gaskets every time with no leaks. Be careful when tightning the manifold bolts as they are not hard to twist off. Over all pretty simple to do. Good luck and you will love the glasspacks...TB




If you like noise,

Posted by cv on Wed - Dec 13 - 6:25pm:

In Reply to: Two Brothers pipes posted by David on Wed - Dec 13 - 4:11pm:

blue pipes and don't mind losing a few horsepower-go for it. If you like adjustable noise, chrome pipes, and maybe picking up 1 or 2 HP, go for Mark T's.




Somebody has too

Posted by Lee on Wed - Dec 13 - 8:17pm:

Well just got back from ride to Key West.What can I say,weather was a perfect70 to 80 and no rain.Just put Mark T"S pipes on and had to break them in,as i listed to my best cd and the sound of these new pipes I found a new and great day and know I was blessed once again,so this ride was for all of you,mostley for you snowbunnie"s with cabin fever.




Hey driller(glasspacks)

Posted by Lee on Thu - Dec 14 - 8:06pm:

Mark T"S glasspacks are more than i hopped for.The trombone inner pipe is alot of fun.The sweet rumbel is awesome




Re: Hey driller(glasspacks)

Posted by DRILLER on Thu - Dec 14 - 10:37pm:

In Reply to: Hey driller(glasspacks) posted by Lee on Thu - Dec 14 - 8:06pm:

Hey Lee,  Thanks for the reply. Everyone I have talked to that has them likes them. I'm gonna try to get hooked up after Xmas ASAP. Thanks!





Posted by RED DRAGON on Fri - Dec 15 - 6:21pm:





No difference...

Posted by MarkT on Sat - Dec 16 - 01:10am:

In Reply to: EXAUST MOD. MARK TOBIAS posted by RED DRAGON on Fri - Dec 15 - 6:21pm:

I'm assuming you are asking which makes more power, the glasspacks alone or the glasspacks with the Mild2WILD TromBone inserted. (FYI, the TromBones bypass selective inches of the glasspacks, THROUGH the glasspacks, allowing the rider to effectively select the active length of his glasspacks, thereby tuning the sound from glasspacks to straight pipes, and everything in between.) The TromBones have no effect on backpressure or the exhaust configuration, all they do is prevent or allow the sound waves to be absorbed through the holes in the sidewall of the packs. So theoretically there should be no difference in power between having the bones in or out.

This has been tested and proven by SoonerDynoman who has tested several of my customer's pipes with the bones in & out, and could find no predictable difference in performance. Specifically, some bikes had 1 more pony with them in, and some had 1 more with them out. Insignificant difference.




Re: No difference...

Posted by Mase on Sat - Dec 16 - 11:17am:

In Reply to: No difference... posted by MarkT on Sat - Dec 16 - 01:10am:

That's right. We had ours done by Kerri and there was no difference.




That's correct, Thanks Mark, Again..

Posted by Mellow on Mon - Dec 18 - 08:08am:

In Reply to: No difference... posted by MarkT on Sat - Dec 16 - 01:10am:

Below is the link to my Dyno run, the Blue line is without the trombones and the Red line is with the trombones in...

Thanks,  Joe

                           My Dyno run with and without trombones




Re: New biker needs help

Posted by Jeff L. on Thu - Dec 21 - 03:07am:

In Reply to: New biker needs help posted by Snappy on Wed - Dec 20 - 9:45pm:

You may be interested in Mark T's Mild to Wild Glasspacks. They sound awesome and you won't have blue  headers like all of the other aftermarket pipes around. Many people on here have them and I haven't heard a bad thing about them yet.





Re: as an afterthought...why Mark-Ts?

Posted by JeffL on Thu - Dec 21 - 6:22pm:

In Reply to: as an afterthought...why Mark-Ts? posted by Socrates on Thu - Dec 21 - 2:50pm:

I never considered the TBR pipes whatsoever. Not that they aren't a good product, I just knew I wanted the glasspacks. I had seen and heard them on other Valks, and that was all it took.
Here are some of the benefits I see of choosing the glasspacks.
        1-Won't turn blue like almost all other pipes will.
        2-The sound. I have heard most, if not all of the aftermarket choices. I liked the TBR 6-2, the Supertrapps,
        and MarkTs. The TBR are too pricey for me(and they turn golden), and I don't care for the look of the
        Supertrapp. Just personal preference though.
        3-Exhaust note is adjustable to your personal preference if you purchase the Trombones
        4-MarkT's pipes add horsepower. Many aftermarket pipes don't add any, and some take HP away.

Feel free to ask more ?????s
Also, have you seen this page with frequently asked questions about MarkTs?

                     MarkTs FAQs




Re: JeffL and/or Torch1972-Tell me! Tell me!

Posted by JeffL on Thu - Dec 21 - 6:30pm:

In Reply to: JeffL and/or Torch1972-Tell me! Tell me! posted by Socrates on Thu - Dec 21 - 2:24pm:

No carb work required whatsoever in my case. The trombones just slide in and lock into place inside the glasspack. I have the longer truck stacks, so it is a little more difficult to remove the bones, but I'm sure with a little practice and some welding gloves it will become easier. The sound is awesome in my opinion, if I hadn't just put the bike up for the winter last week, I would call you and let you hear the awesome sound over the phone. But, I know MarkT would do the same for you if you called him.

The only other thing I can suggest is to do the truck stacks. They look awesome, and I think they give the glasspacks a slightly deeper tone as well.





Thanks JeffL, Torch1972, AND Mark-T :)

Posted by Socrates on Fri - Dec 22 - 08:55am:

In Reply to: Re: JeffL and/or Torch1972-Tell me! Tell me! posted by JeffL on Thu - Dec 21 - 6:30pm:

Not only are Mark-Ts great, but so is the man! And I would rather give Mark my money than an insensitive company~Mark cares! I know that. We've sent many emails back and forth. Just wanted to hear kudos from others who have them installed already~I am envious! Because Colorado is a long ways from here this time of year~jeez~if it's 23 degrees here (Alabama) what izit in Colorado, Mark Tobias? haha! Well, it will give me a few months to save up some dollars.... thanks for everyone's replies. Mark...when the snow melts and the sun shines...I'll be gettin' in-touch with you again, my brother!

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas ALL...Vroooom, putta putta! ~Soc




Re: JeffL and/or Torch1972-Tell me! Tell me!

Posted by Torch#1972 on Thu - Dec 21 - 11:54pm:

In Reply to: JeffL and/or Torch1972-Tell me! Tell me! posted by Socrates on Thu - Dec 21 - 2:24pm:

the 2 main reasons that I got MarkTs was #1;pipes wont turn technicolor,#2;I like loud,wife doesnt.This setup has the easiest/quickest method of changing the sound.The only way you can tell that you have the bones in is kneeling down and looking inside the pipes.When I went to Sturgis I left the bones in all the time uncut and had a bunch Of Harley riders telling me it sounds damn good.Also you can cut the bones to your own personal liking.Sounds like a Porsche on steroids,with the bones out has a deeper sound(wife can live with it).So far I didnt have to rejet,have K&N,6 deg trigger wheel and polished the intakes.Bike runs great.




Mark T's Glasspacks are best served cold

Posted by Kruzer on Sun - Dec 31 - 10:53am:

I have found this out since winter has put me back in my fullface helmet. Man o man those packs sound much better w/ no wind noise.

I have started playing a juvenile, but quite fun game w/ these pipes. It works like clockwork. There are several Honda dealers close by that I frequent. Everytime I see an employee that 'doesn't know', outside as I approach, or better yet, as I fire up the Lady to leave; I'll blip the throttle a couple of times. It looks normal to them but they invariably nearly break their necks in a double-take...

Anyway. Thanks again Mark T. That xtra rumble I hear now is great! Still just as pleased as that first day. Maybe more so..





Re: pipes/stacks...

Posted by Bagger on Wed - Jan 17 - 7:50pm:

In Reply to: pipes posted by arpy on Tue - Jan 16 - 7:16pm:

I've had MarkT's glasspacks for a couple of years now. There is no one on the planet that makes a better product than Mark. You can do it yourself, but Mark does the job correctly. I used my stocker main chrome shield and added Air Flow 18" slash cut (4 inch ID with a cut and a hole for expansion) to couple up with Marks packs. Sound is terrific and everyone is pleased with the sound...

That's what I'd do. BAGGER




You'll wind up with glasspacks...

Posted by Paladin on Wed - Jan 17 - 6:34pm:

In Reply to: Modifying the Stock Exhaust posted by Valkcruser on Wed - Jan 17 - 12:59am:

if you're like me. I went through all the steps, rode it awhile with each, always needed more. Finally sent my pipes off to MarkT, he did his magic, WOW that's what I was looking for. Especially the Trombone tunable idea, how cool now I can be rowdy or quiet for mama. Just put on Truck stacks, looks WAY cool and improved the sound even more, didn't think that was possible but now the sound is deeper in tone, a bit more volume, and farther back so mama likes it. Now Mark is doing the stacks too.

Send em off to Mark, you'll save a lot of steps and it's a good time with the snow...

MarkT's glasspacks




Re: Exhaust:

Posted by Ronster on Thu - Jan 18 - 1:27pm:

In Reply to: Exhaust: posted by Narley on Thu - Jan 18 - 1:08pm:

I do not have either of the pipes you are inquiring about but have read zillions of threads on both of these, if you look up above on this tech site you will see a "tool bar" and on the far left side there is a key to click on that says "search", if ya click on that baby and then just type in the word exhaust, you'll have enought to keep ya reading for a week on the subject, me I just last week sent my stock pipes off to Mark Tobias for his glass pack installation, which many others have said its the best mod by far if your looking for the "right" sound, hope this helps




Re: 2bros back to stock

Posted by Mase on Sat - Jan 20 - 09:50am:

In Reply to: 2bros back to stock posted by john galt on Fri - Jan 19 - 7:22pm:

john galt,

First off make sure that you get a few bucks from the guy you are swapping with since the 2bros pipes retail over $700 and the stockers sell for $300. It's hard to say what you should do with the carb settings. If it was rejetted it would depend on how it is set up. Check the plugs to see what the color is. If they are really dark or wet then it is too rich. If they are a tan color it is just right. If you get money in the exchaneg I would go for the MarkT's glasspacks.





What's even better... is when yer ridin with.....

Posted by Mosa on Sat - Jan 20 - 10:17am:

In Reply to: Mark t's pack & bones posted by Spanky on Fri - Jan 19 - 8:44pm:

someone else with the mod too and yer side by side... the harmonics from the two bikes is INCREDIBLE... what a sound....

Let's ride soon Spanky so you can hear it fer yerself...

Mosa #279




Definitely the best mod I've done so far!

Posted by JeffL on Sat - Jan 20 - 03:30am:

In Reply to: Those pipes will make ya smile EOM posted by Lee in Naples on Fri - Jan 19 - 11:30pm:

Check out the truck stacks too!





Posted by Steve M on Mon - Jan 22 - 7:35pm:

I just got my pipes from Mark T and they sound awesome! Mark does neat clean work, is very friendly and helpful too!!! I LOVE my new exhaust!I HIGHLY recommend Mark if your thinking of a new sound for your Valk you can't go wrong! You are the man Mark!




You sound just like me last year....

Posted by Bax on Tue - Jan 23 - 07:50am:

In Reply to: Mark T YOU ARE THE MAN!!! posted by Steve M on Mon - Jan 22 - 7:35pm:

Your post is almost identical to the post I made when I got my pipes back last spring. I still love those pipes and Mark is still da man!




You sound like me 2 years ago....

Posted by Mosa on Tue - Jan 23 - 08:38am:

In Reply to: You sound just like me last year.... posted by Bax on Tue - Jan 23 - 07:50am:

Same here.... Bax heard my pipes and hadda have em... lol...

MarkT Thanks Bro for bringing such happiness into our otherwise ordinary Valk lives (big ol grin)

Mosa #279




Mark T's the way to go!

Posted by Steve M on Sat - Feb 10 - 4:47pm:

In Reply to: Cobra Exhaust 6 into 6 posted by Tom in FL on Sat - Feb 10 - 12:37am:

Go with Mark T's exhaust mod. It sounds GREAT, No re-jetting, gain in HP, and No bluing of the pipes! Mark is a real good guy to deal with too!




Re: Cobra Exhaust 6 into 6

Posted by laborman on Sat - Feb 10 - 8:23pm:

In Reply to: Cobra Exhaust 6 into 6 posted by Tom in FL on Sat - Feb 10 - 12:37am:

Tom, I had my mind made up to get the 6X6 Cobras when I first heard them. Then, I checked around and was told I'd have to re-jet the bike. Well, needless to say that didn't make me smile knowing I'd have to spend another 125 or dollars. Much less, I looked at another Valk with the 6X6 on and guess what, bluing.

I went to Biketoberfest last year and met up with other VRCC members for breakfast. Several had the Mark-T modification. I asked them to crank em up and what a difference. I immediately decided on the Mark-T pipes.

I got home, took my pipes off, boxed them up and shipped them to Mark. They were sent back just under 2 weeks.  When I put them on, what a MAJOR difference. Everything eveyone says about Mark-T pipes are right. They sound fantastic, the bike performs better now, much quicker after you twist the throttle, and I have a permanent smile listening to the pipes growl.

IMHO - go with Mark-T. He'll do ya' right. You won't be sorry.




Personal experience

Posted by 9Ball on Sat - Feb 10 - 9:43pm:

In Reply to: Cobra Exhaust 6 into 6 posted by Tom in FL on Sat - Feb 10 - 12:37am:

How can I put this diplomaticly? I know; "they suck". You will loose HP. You will loose MPG. You will loose torque.  When everyone accelerates you will be last. You will loose top end speed. You "friends" will turn on you and laugh when eveyone Dynos their bike and you come about 8 HP less after spending $$$$. Then, you have to buy them beer and listen to their stupid jokes. :o) I highly recomend Mark T's 'Mild 2 Wild' system. You can tune it for whatever sound you prefer, and you will gain HP. If you are still set on putting them (cobras) on, you can probably find several good used sets in the classified at about 1/2 price. For a new set, Hal is da man.



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