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Mark T's Howitzer truck stacks +... 

                                        Posted By: 15ball <>
                                               Date: 11/11/2001 at 04:55:51

  super customer service + super quality and workmanship = 1 happy camper.   Mounted 18" truck stacks on stock pipes yesterday, perfect fit and finish. Exhaust note is nice and throaty now without pissing off S.O.  Good job Mark!




Re: Ragnar vs.Glass pack

                                        Posted By: DRILLER <>
                                               Date: 11/15/2001 at 13:27:39

                                         In Response To: Ragnar vs.Glass pack (Yogi)

  Yogi,   I have not done the "Ragner" but I do run   Mark T. Glasspaks with tuneable trombones. Full length bones in...screaming banshee kind of thing happening/bones out...deep, quiet, I  mean business kinds of sounds. Others have cut the bones and tuned them to their liking...usually about -4 inches. I like the banshee  thing sometimes so mine are full length. If I'm riding with folks that don't appreciate the banshee phenomenon then I take them out. If I'm riding with my brother and his obnoxiously loud assed Vulcan 1500 Classic with V&H straightshots then bones are in and let the  banshee scream.
  Best Regards,




Horseapple Pipes 

                                           Posted By: Yogi <>
                                                Date: 1/4/2002 at 15:01:31

   Just got my set of pipes from MarkT. Went with the 36"slash cuts, Glass Packs and Trombones. The fit and finish is superb and the sound is deep and Throaty without the bones in. Definately gets the attention of the streetwalkers that want to step out in front of you. With the bones in it screams like a banshee Would make a crotch-rocket rider proud. Mark was excellent to deal with I would recommend him to anybody looking to improve the performance and look of their dragon.




Re: I'm getting ready to order from Mark too

                                           Posted By: bobby <>
                                                Date: 1/4/2002 at 18:44:58

                               In Response To: I'm getting ready to order from Mark too  (Will)

  Got my glasspacks and bones from Mark T in December. I can't make up my mind if I like the sound better with or without the bones  ..thats a good problem, cause I can switch back and forth. I don't think there is any doubt it made the bike more responsive. You will love em !!




Re: Horseapple Pipes

                                        Posted By: Rick W. <>
                                                Date: 1/6/2002 at 07:59:02

                                       In Response To: Horseapple Pipes  (Yogi)

  I got mine in November and am also quite pleased. Nothing but compliments as far as quality, communication, proffessionalism. Without the bones in, it is quite a low rumble. I cut the bones off 3 ". Just wondering what everyone cut theirs off to. Any difference in sound going from 3" cut off to 4 " cut off??




Glass packs are the way to go

                                          Posted By: KirkB <>
                                                Date: 1/4/2002 at 22:44:57

                                 In Response To: My canned answer... (charliepapa (LA) #10140)

  I did the packs & stacks mod this year and I couldn't be happier. I can FEEL the added power on roll on and the sound is very bearable at highway speeds. IMHO the stacks look better too.




This is a TOTALLY Uneccesary Post...

                                        Posted By: Varmint <>
                                                Date: 1/10/2002 at 18:40:49

                          In Response To: Stacks available with glasspack orders (

   ..but...I just had to tell you Mark...I LOVE my pipes. If you don't remember me, I'm the one who had you take the stuff outta my pipes and put glasspacks in instead!! JUST KIDDING!!

   Seriously Mark....I LOVE my pipes....It's been a year since the testicles on my Valk dropped and I heard her rumble for the 1st  time....It gives me wood EVERY time I hear it!!




I have had them on for about 2 mos. . .

                                        Posted By: sturgis <>
                                                Date: 1/22/2002 at 06:38:47

                                         In Response To: Mark T's Exhaust (Bwild4u)

  . . . & I love them!!! I did NOT have to re-jet & the bike feels like it has a little more power.  I live at 5000 ft. & I don't know if that is the reason I do not need re-jetting, but from what I have heard from others that is not a major factor. You can ask Mark & he will give you straight answers. He has talked himself out of extra sales with me by being truthful.

  Mark's fit & finish is flawless as is his customer service.

  One thing I like about Mark's pipes is that you can get more than one sound level & tone from them by inserting or removing the 'bones' & also by the lengths of the 'bones'. His system & the Supertrapp are the only ones that have this adjustability, as far as I know. I just ran with the 'bones ' in for the last 2 weeks, & thought that was my favorite, then I took them out a few days ago now that is my favorite. I think that I will be switching back & forth every couple of weeks. I also plan on ordering an extra set of 'bones' from mark to give me yet a 3rd sound...




Re: TBR 6-2 canister exhaust

                                     Posted By: Pantera <>
                                                Date: 1/22/2002 at 07:23:53

                                      In Response To: TBR 6-2 canister exhaust (BchBum)

  The glass pack mod is going to be a whole lot cheaper in the long run. The 6/2's are hell to keep your heels of your boots from melting on the headers. Other than that I like mine. You need to be sure that you are not a chromeacholic or you will hate them. they turn a burnished gold color all the way back to the canisters. The factory pipes modified will always be chrome instead.




Re: Mark T's Exhaust

                                        Posted By: Varmint <>
                                                Date: 1/22/2002 at 08:51:16

                                         In Response To: Mark T's Exhaust (Bwild4u)

   Everything I could tell you about Mark T is good. Mark is an upfront guy who delivers what he promises....a good product that sounds GREAT. I shopped pipes for about a year before I finally decided on Mark's...and I would do it again.




Mine are on order

                                     Posted By: Interstate Don <>
                                                Date: 1/22/2002 at 12:39:48

                                         In Response To: Mark T's Exhaust (Bwild4u)

  And should be here in less than two weeks. Stacks, Packs & Bones with Howitzers and an extra set of Bones. I heard them in Bakersfield and they are SWEET! Can't wait can't wait can't wait. 

  I put off ordering these pipes thinking about the Viking pipes. But, nothing against Justin - they make a fine product, I'm not a great mechanic and no one is going to pick up my I/S, install the pipes and needle kit and run it on a dyno 30 times to get the tuning optimal. I doubt I'd ever get it right on my own so I ordered Mark T.'s stuff where I just have to modify the I/S slightly to accomodate the truck stacks.




Re: Mark T's Exhaust

                                  Posted By: Dave Abrahamovitch <>
                                                Date: 1/22/2002 at 15:10:00

                                       In Response To: Re: Mark T's Exhaust (Varmint)

  I got mine last summer delivered to me here in the UK (London England)with stacks and bones.I run them everywhich way changing every time I ride according to what I fancy on the day. Quality and sound is fantastic. With no bones sounds a little like my 62 corvette with off road exhaust which is the sound i was looking for! Just buy them!




Re: Mine are on order

                                        Posted By: Varmint <>
                                                Date: 1/22/2002 at 17:07:49

                                      In Response To: Mine are on order (Interstate Don)

    I gotta tell ya...I took my pipes off my bike, put them in my car and drove the 400 miles to Horseapple Ranch.

    Mark is a great guy who has a great product...and the only DONATION I gave him was a 6pk of Corona for getting me outta there before the forcasted snow got there...AND HE DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR IT, nor did he look like he NEEDED it!! 

    You'll love the pipes!




Re: Mark T's Exhaust

                                                 Posted By: Torch1972
                                                Date: 1/23/2002 at 06:54:30

                                         In Response To: Mark T's Exhaust (Bwild4u)

   I have had them for about 2 yrs and I think they are great.Plus Mark won't screw you with BS,he's a good guy.Pipes have not changed colors.And like others you can play with the bones until you like TWO sounds.




I've only had mine on for 3 days 

                                     Posted By: Interstate Don <>
                                                Date: 2/25/2002 at 20:36:52

                                    In Response To: MikeT's Glass Packs in Oregon (Darrek)

   But if you want your bike to sound like a 500hp Nascar, this is the way to go! The sound is awesome, and the longer the "bones" the more "snarl" you get. Heehee. What? 

   Actually these aren't that loud until you cross 3k RPM - then they really howl. I love these things - to bad I don't live closer to you.




Glasspacks and bones..

                                         Posted By: bobby (tn) <>
                                                Date: 2/26/2002 at 17:01:55

                                   In Response To: Re: Oops...MarkT...   (Darrek)

  I have had mine about 3 months. They are loud enough to hear at low rpm, but won't bother anyone. When you crank up the rev's it sounds awesome. Still not real loud, but gives the bike the 'personality' it deserves. Chrome stacks look good as well. Go for it, I doubt you will be sorry..




Re: Exhaust

                                          Posted By: KirkB <>
                                                Date: 3/7/2002 at 08:15:39

                                             In Response To: Exhaust (Gene B)

  Glass packs are a deeper tone (especially at idle) and louder, but don't seem to be as irritating (drone) at highway speeds. I kept the ragnar cut for about a week and then jumped on the glass pack mod. Other benefit of glass packs is more horsepower. You can feel the difference.




I'll vouch for that

                                          Posted By: KirkB <>
                                                Date: 3/14/2002 at 22:44:57

                                In Response To: Re: Glasspack mod ?'s (

     My butt dyno can really feel the difference after glass packs were installed and my plugs still look great. No rejetting was done.




Finally got glasspacks

                                                    Posted By: Lee
                                                Date: 3/19/2002 at 18:29:34

                                             In Response To: Exhaust (Liquid)

  I was very reluctant to order them without hearing them first and hadn't been able to arrange that. In the mean time I continued to modify my pipes (cut piggies, then Ragnar cut, then drilled front baffles, then dilled extra holes all the way to the front). They kept getting louder, but didn't sound quite right. I finally found a used set of Mark T glasspacks on the internet and ordered them They sound great, and I love them. I wish I had saved the hours of work and many drill bits, and ordered them to start with.




Tow Bros-> BUT . . . 

                                        Posted By: sturgis <>
                                                Date: 3/22/2002 at 08:37:46

                                        In Response To: Exhaust sound (Bobby canuk)

  Two Bros has some sound files on their site for some (not all) of their pipes- follow the link.


  I would recommend the MarkT "Packs & Stacks".   I have had them for several months now & I love them.

  If you want to hear them over the phone email me & we can talk by phone & I will fire my Valk up & let you hear them. His fit & finish is flawless.

  One of the reasons I like MarkT's is that the sound is adjustable ('bones' in = louder)
  Here is MarkT's link m2w_exhaust__system.html 




Same here

                                     Posted By: Interstate Don <>
                                                Date: 3/22/2002 at 12:01:52

                                      In Response To: Tow Bros-> BUT . . .  (sturgis)

  I've had my Stacks & Packs about a month and love them - awesome sound especially at start-up! I run bones with 4" cut off.    Mark T. also has sound files on his site, and after I got my pipes I realized that the sound files do a good job of giving you an idea of what they will sound like. When I first heard them I didn't think they represented the sound well, but they do. 




Thanx Don. . .

                                        Posted By: sturgis <>
                                                Date: 3/22/2002 at 18:19:11

                                   In Response To: Re: Hey Don, how much . . . (Interstate Don)

  . . .I have decided to go ahead and get them ordered in time for Sturgis in August.

  I got these used & the bones were already cutoff 4".  One of my favorite things about MarkT's system is that you can adjust the sound.   I have been changing about every 2 -3 weeks and each time I have changed I decided that I like that sound best- so I should never grow tired of them.

  I think you are right about the sound level on the road - I have not rode on a trip with the bones in (but MAN do those Glasspacks sound nice on the hiway!!). I plan to carry them with me up to Sturgis & put them in when I am there. Should show & sound nice on Main Street!

  Thanx again for letting me pick your brain...

  From the High Desert of New Mexico . . .
  Terry Lee Thompson -> VRCC#12785




Glasspacks or Viking

                                            Posted By: Lee <>
                                                Date: 4/2/2002 at 14:03:44

                                       In Response To: Ready to spend on exhaust (Bud)

  Mark T Glasspacks are great. They sound great, won't blue and add a little power. It took me a year to talk myself into buying them and I wish I'd done it sooner.




Re: Ready to spend on exhaust 

                                          Posted By: JeffL <>
                                                Date: 4/2/2002 at 11:08:48

                                       In Response To: Ready to spend on exhaust (Bud)


         Sounds like you are looking for some glasspacks from MarkT. m2w_exhaust__system.html 

         Both the 2 Bros and Cobra 6-->6s will blue. Mark's Glasspacks 'shouldn't' because he uses the OEM Honda headers.




I concur - MarkT's Packs& Stacks. . .

                                        Posted By: sturgis <>
                                                Date: 4/2/2002 at 16:44:24

                                       In Response To: Ready to spend on exhaust (Bud)

  . . .are your best deal for the money.   I have had mine for several months & I love them.   His fit & finish are flawless & it is great to have adjustable sound. I change my sound every month or two & each time I change the new sound level is my favorite. I should never get tired of them.

  From the High Desert of New Mexico . . .
  Terry Lee Thompson -> VRCC#12785




New Member of the Mark T club!

                                         Posted By: Clint <>
                                                Date: 4/15/2002 at 13:10:49

   I traded a set of some nice 2000 pipes+cash for some like-new Mark T 36" howitzers and glasspacks w/'bones. The price was just too good to pass up.
 Just got them installed this morning. Wow,I see now what all the fuss is about. What a sound and great looks,too. I'll try to get some photos of my 99 custom Standard scanned this week so I can share them.
   Mark,your workmanship is First Rate all the way,pal!




Re: New Member of the Mark T club!

                                         Posted By: Rick W. <>
                                                Date: 4/16/2002 at 08:52:56

                                    In Response To: New Member of the Mark T club! (Clint)

  Everywhere we go with the valkyrie we get questions and compliments about marks glasspaks and bones. They are positively one of the nicest mods I have on the valk. There seems to be some power increase.
  Fun factor is defenitely magnified.




I have run MarkT's . . .

                                        Posted By: sturgis <>
                                                Date: 5/16/2002 at 21:39:32

                                        In Response To: straight exhaust? (LonePalm)

    . . ."Packs & Stacks" for about 6000 miles & my plugs are PERFECT. No sign of lean running. My 'wrench' at the dealer agrees.    (FYI I live at 5000 ft)

    Mark's fit & finish are flawless & his customer service is 24 Karet.

    I change from 'bones' to no 'bones' every month or so & everytime I change the new sound is my favorite when I fire her up.

    From the High Desert of New Mexico . . .
    Terry Lee Thompson -> VRCC#12785




I Gotta Agree 

                                       Posted By: Varmint <>
                                                Date: 5/16/2002 at 21:04:52

                              In Response To: The Best of Both Worlds with Mark T's. (Mase BOA BOH)

                 Gotta LOVE dem BONES!!

                 I love the tuneable sound and I love the fact that they look stock (I opted NOT to get the Stacks).

                 I love the fact that they don't "blue".




Jeff, a word of caution . . .

                                         Posted By: Deano <>
                                                Date: 8/28/2002 at 12:04:53

                                           In Response To: Exhaust (Jeff Denson)

  If you are already decided that you want 6 into 6 exhaust, you want to stay clear of the Cobra's and use something else. You will lose the scavenging effect in any case, but the Cobra's will cost you a lot of power compaired to the others.

  I've run Mark T's packs with and without my blower and was very happy with them in both cases.

  I picked up a set of Cobra's (REAL cheap) for my second Valk and I can tell you the difference between the packs and those Cobra's is like running 65 and turning on the air conditioning in a 4 cylinder Pinto.





General -  Recommend Mark T's Glasspacks

    From:  SNIKWAH
    Hey All,

    A couple of weeks ago someone was discussing "exhaust options" and I put the word out about Mark T's Mild to Wild Glasspacks. Well, I received them and put them on yesterday. Holy cow!!!! They're gorgeous (as he uses .70 mm chrome for the stacks) and the sound is unbelievable.
    The most amazing aspect is that his claim of an additional 6 - 11 horsepower is definately true. I had always been slightly dissappointed with the Valk's throttle response. Now when you twist that throttle, there is a DEFINATE AND NOTICABLE improvement.

    Anyway - I've only had them a day, but I'm really pleased with his workmanship and the sound, and the improved performance. For what it's worth.





Roadname:  Snikwah
On:           9/14/2002 6:30:28 PM
Subject:     Mark T's Pipes

My first post here, but thought you regulars might like a recommendation on Mark T's Mild to Wild Trombone Pipes. I just got mine last
week. They look great, sound great, (with adjustable sound levels), and best of all they added some definate ooompf. The throttle response is greatly improved. He's also great to work with. This is an unpaid/unsolicited endorsement. Check out his site at




Roadname:  john horton
On:           9/14/2002 8:48:36 PM
Subject:     HE'S ALSO A GREAT GUY

really takes pride in his work and is as ethical a businessman as you'll ever find.




Roadname:  Spookshow
On:           9/15/2002 9:38:34 AM
Subject:     RE: Mark T's Pipes

As soon as the snow flies and my V goes into hibernation, I'm sending my pipes off to Mark for modification. It sounds like a good deal all
the way around.





Glass Packs Installed 

                                     Posted By: Art Cline <>
                                                Date: 9/17/2002 at 17:23:06

  Well after listening to several different brands and combinations I decided the ones I wanted was those produced at the Horseapple Ranch..
  I packaged up a set and sent them to Colorado and got in line for the modification..

  I called and talked to Mark and explained my up coming travel plans and he advised me that they would be in my hands before I was ready to travel..

  As promised this morning the Brown Truck showed up some where around 11. On went my coveralls and I proceded to remove and replace..

  I must say it took a lot of time un packing those puppys, I must say they were well protected short of being run over they could be handled by some pretty severe folks..Next was to remove the bags and jack the bike up, lay a nice thick blanket on the cement driveway to protect things..

  A good set of follow me instructions was taped inside the packing box along with tools required..

  I had to go over to the neighbor and borrow her vasoline to hold the new gaskets in the head for the re assembly.. The install went fine, I worked on the shield that goes under the bag was tempted to make a major cut on it but followed Marks directions.. Had to use a block of wood and some bricks as I had no anvil but it worked.

  After I got the left side all buttoned up I started it up to check the head gaskets and shut her down after I was satisfied of no leaks.. Put the bag back on and took a cold drink break..

  After the break I moved the blanket and tools over to the right side and proceded to remove and replace.. Boy those head nuts are tough to get to and I suggest anti sieze on the replacement..Again start up to see if the gaskets have sealed all is well.. Shut down and pick up tools look at watch not yet 2 o'clock, not bad time.. I am going to ask the Honda shop next time I am in to see what they clock for remove and replacemnt of exhaust..

  Well time for a shower then a shake down ride.. Removed the silencers and the bones and started her up snapped the throttle a few times..My head went back to my old 50 Ford with those Porter steel packed mufflers and I felt the groin start to tingle..   The lady across the drive way came over and asked what had I done to it "cause it sure sounded nice".. A big grin on my face now.. (she is 81)

  So now out on the street and a warm up to burn the oil off the pipes.. sure stinks smells like fish oil

  Well about 3 miles of city and 40 mph until the by pass and wide open throttle.. GAWD what an erection from the rumble but it screams as you go through the gears and 5000 rpm plus.. Well 10 miles of that and back home, install the silencers and make a short run to be satisfied that they will have a permanent place in the storage shed..But if you want a stock sound in a hurry the silencers will take you back almost to the original sound..

  Next I put the bones in and snapped them down and went for another journey to get a feel for them.. Came home and decided that the bones as they are will be in place in the morning when I depart Mountain Home enroute to Kokomo Indiana.. I"ll pull them out for the return trip..
  Cant wait to run across some of those other bikes with their shot gun pipes I know they will turn to look..

  Mark you have a good product and your instructions should make the most faint hearted at ease in the remove and replacement..

  I wish I had them for the 35,000 miles I have put on the fat lady..




Mark T's Stacks & Packs

                                     Posted By: Interstate Don <>
                                                Date: 9/18/2002 at 09:59:11

                                      In Response To: Glass Packs Installed  (Art Cline)

  Great report - I've had mine since February and still love them today like I did the day I put them on. I tried running them with full bones and with bones cut off 2", and while the NASCAR-like sound is great I couldn't take it and now run bones with 4" cut off. It is a sound that defintely gets attention! 

  Mark does pack them well, and then I had to pack up my pipes to return - what a pain!  Another neat thing is that we
  talked about MC movies and I told Mark I had never seen "Then Came Bronson", and when I got my pipes there was a copy of the movie included! Great stuff and I'm nothing but happy with mine.




The difference is readily

                                         Posted By: Deano <>
                                               Date: 12/23/2002 at 10:50:02

                                  In Response To: Re: Pipe mod/still quiet (Jack in New Orleans)

    discernible between MarkT's exhaust and Cobra's.

    You may or may not have an opinion about Cobra's (I do), but I do not attribute the entire difference to the Cobras being lacking.

    I didn't try a stock set between MarkTs and the Cobras, but when I took the Cobra's back off and put MarkT's back on, it was like somebody had cut the anchor line and let me go!





Roadname:  Spookshow
On:           12/13/2002 10:01:47 AM
Subject:     RE: Stock Exhaust Mod Preferences?

I am very happy with Mark T's Mild-2-Wild glasspack exhaust. He takes your stock pipes and converts them to glasspacks, keeping the
stock non-bluing Honda headers. The sound is awesome and you'll increase rather than decrease your horsepower. Additionally you can get his silencers and/or trombones; plug'n'play mods that allow you to almost instantly go from quiet to straight-pipe armageddon roar (and everything in between). I understand he's also coming out with chrome-plated stainless steel truck stacks in 3 different styles for a decidedly cool improvement in looks over the stock tips. Mark is very pleasant to work with and his prices are quite reasonable. Here's his website: m2w_exhaust__system.html




Re: questions about replacement pipes and replacement windsh

                                       Posted By: Spookshow <>
                                               Date: 12/30/2002 at 06:54:16

                        In Response To: questions about replacement pipes and replacement windsheild (billve)

  I think all of the 6-into-2 exhaust systems out there claim to add around 10 HP (give or take). I like Mark T's system because it is  easily adjustable (sound-wise) and uses the stock non-bluing headers.




I went with . . . 

                                        Posted By: sturgis <>
                                                Date: 1/4/2003 at 07:12:00

                                       In Response To: Finally got a Valkyrie  (Jason)

  . . .the MarkT Glasspacks - & I LOVE them.

  Since you can switch them between the Glasspack sound & straight pipe sound (& anything inbetween if you chose to cut the 'bones'or fully muffled with his new silencers) you are able to create a whole new sound by just installing or removing the "Bones". Every time I change mine the new sound is my "favorite" when I start it up - & it remains so until I change it again.

  Mark's Fit & Finish is flawless as is his customer service!!!!

  Follow the link to check them out. . .
  --------------------------------- m2w_exhaust__system.html

  From the High Desert of New Mexico . . .
  Terry Lee Thompson -> VRCC#12785




MarkT's exhaust matches your  

                                         Posted By: Deano <>
                                                Date: 3/1/2003 at 04:16:45

                                       In Response To: aftermarket pipes (hugh roberts)

   description very nicely. They are not as loud as the ones you mention, and are adjustable (volume wise). I don't think that the Thunder are any less loud than the ones you mention, but I don't know about the Jardines.

   If you get the MarkT's you'll wish you had done it long ago. Fit, finish, etc is as good as you'll find.





Re: pipes

                                          Posted By: Alakoa <>
                                                Date: 3/25/2003 at 16:29:01

                                               In Response To: pipes (joel)

  I've seen and heard the 2B 6 into 6 and the 6 into 2 canisters. Any six into six gives a high pitch due to the small pipe config. The 6 into 2 is better sounding but looks cheesy with the spings and polished aluminum (not chromed). I have the Mark Tobias "mild to wild" pipes and love them. They are versatile because you can run just the glass pack for a low mellow sound (like a 56 Chevy with leg pipes) or you can put the "trombones" in and it sounds like a dragster. You may want to checkout his web site.   at Good luck. Alakoa in Hawaii.




Installed MarkT's 36" glasspacks today

                                         Posted By: JimC <>
                                                Date: 5/8/2003 at 15:26:56

  and Her Highness now sounds as she looks...awesome! The fit and workmanship are flawless. His new chrome stacks are beautiful, to say the least. I only tested her out for about 50 miles with the "bones" & "silencers" removed. I was wearing a full face HJC CL-12 (TBI survivor who won't leave home without one, sorry guys) and very little drone was noted, mostly at lower rpm's. Wind her up to 5,000 r's and she sounds sweet! Not like some Jap car on steriods, but an old 327 Chevy with Cherry Bombs, man. I'm impressed, to say the least. Yes, even a TBI survivor such as myself can install these babies. As others have mentioned, use extreme care tightening the header nuts. I did bust one stud off...arrgh! The right (brake side) inside nuts were the biggest PITA for me. Ended up using a short 1/4" drive Craftsman 10MM swivel socket to get those inside little devils. Will post pics if I can stay off her long enough to take some.  Might take a week or two. Ride safely out there. And most importantly, thank you Mr. Mark of HorseApple Ranch! Keep up the good work!




Re: Actually this link is better.

                                       Posted By: Busser <>
                                                Date: 5/14/2003 at 15:52:28

                                   In Response To: Actually this link is better.  (JAWZ (CA))

   I have a set of his (Mark T) pipes and I couldn't be happier. ONE of the reason is that you choose how quiet or load you want. I'm  running the pipes with just the classpacks in. Love em! Then again if you have a friend that has a Harley, just take the class packs out and blow him off the road. Enjoy...ride safe.




Mark T Exhaust

                                       Posted By: Spookshow <>
                                                Date: 5/23/2003 at 18:17:14

    Went for a long ride tonight using Mark T's silencers for the first time (just wanted a nice relaxing drive and wasn't in the mood for straight pipe roar or even glass pack drone). Those things are terrific, all I heard was the wind. I am just so happy with this exhaust system, to be able to switch between so many different sounds in just a few seconds is too cool. Thanks, Mark




Re: agreed, thanks Mark. 

                                         Posted By: JimC <>
                                                Date: 5/24/2003 at 05:03:07

                                        In Response To: Mark T Exhaust (Spookshow)

  Though I've only put 1K miles on Her the past 2 weeks, I couldn't be happier either. Having the ability to make Her ROAR (trombones in), sound like a V-12 Ferrari (?) @ RPM (trombones removed) or stealth mode is too awesome. All without rejetting. My only complaint is that I'm running out of Harley's to hunt down. Evidently the word is out.




Mark T Silencers 

                                    Posted By: Doc Moosfa <>
                                                Date: 5/24/2003 at 07:08:13

  Got my Mark T Silencers yesterday by UPS. Slide right into the 40" AirFlow/Glasspaks w/ no interference. Bought them for those long rides when want a more quiet, intraspective therapy session is wanted. Kinda like the idea of being able to quiet the dogs down when wanted and then open the exhaust back up to let them out again by removing one bolt. Great idea, Mark!

  Thanks for the great service Mark! 




Getcha some MarkTs . . .  

                                         Posted By: Deano <>
                                                Date: 5/23/2003 at 22:12:54

                                       In Response To: exhaust extensions (Wavetamer)

And you will gain with the glasspacks. They look great, sound better than they look, and the sound can be adjusted to boot.


PS I think Mark will also set you up with the stacks if that's all you're after.

                                        Posted By: Frodo #193 <>
                                                Date: 5/26/2003 at 06:40:22

                                          In Response To: Re: Mark T Exhaust (Roy)

I can't ever remember anybody being dissatisfied with Marks products or his service.




Re: Valk exhaust mods

                                       Posted By: Spookshow <>
                                                Date: 6/10/2003 at 11:05:35

                                       In Response To: Valk exhaust mods (97valkyrie)

  You can't go wrong with Mark T's pipes. Between the glasspacks, bones and silencers you've got every possible sound level in the book available within seconds.




Re: Valk exhaust mods

                                       Posted By: Busser <>
                                                Date: 6/10/2003 at 10:42:05

                                     In Response To: Re: Valk exhaust mods (505thPanther)

   I have a set of Mark's pipes. And the one thing that makes his unique is you can CHANGE the sound. 3 ways - straight pipes (Harley like), class packs, or gp with silencers inserted. I had to try the straight pipes - once, usually run the gp, will use the silencers on an upcoming 4 day ride.

   Enjoy, ride safe




Re: Valk exhaust mods

                                      Posted By: Snoop <>
                                                Date: 6/10/2003 at 13:37:13

                                       In Response To: Valk exhaust mods (97valkyrie)

      I chose Mark T's pipes for my 1999 Interstate because of the quality and flexability - I can go from mild to wild in 5 minutes!!




Re: Valk exhaust mods  

                                                  Posted By: Airetime
                                                Date: 6/10/2003 at 14:10:01

                                       In Response To: Valk exhaust mods (97valkyrie)

   If you want to do it yourself, here is the link:

   If you want it done right and don't mind spending the bucks (make sure ya get silencers with it) it's hard to beat Mark Tobias' pipes.



This latest addition some time later, I went to my saved posts directory, viewed the files with MSIE, did a highlight, Cntrl-C to copy, and a Cntrl-V to paste, same as before, and the look changed.  Must be something with the operating system.  Mark

Re: Exhaust

Posted By: Spookshow <>
Date: 9/13/2003 at 16:38:29

In Response To: Exhaust (Kemell)

For great looks and sound you can't beat Mark T's - adjust from stock purr to straight pipe roar and everything in between in seconds.




Re: You can't go wrong with Mark T's mild to wild Trombones.

Posted By: JimC <>
Date: 9/26/2003 at 19:20:13

In Response To: Mark T's mild to wild Trombones....... (bluegrass valkie)

I've had his new chromed S/S 36" Howitzers hung on my `99 Standard for 4 months now. 8K miles later, I'm still a happy camper. Go for the bones & silencers, well worth it. Thanks again Mark for a great product!




Mark T

Posted By: Gordon # 1638 <>
Date: 10/2/2003 at 20:31:44

FYI, if you are thinking about an exhaust mod. I went and visited with Mark T today, and I wanted to hear his pipes in person, since I am a very picky person, and after seeing and hearing his pipes, and his exception to detail, and quality of his operation, I can't wait to get them, you to will truly be satisfied, not to mention Mark is a Great guy, and will stand behind his work, it is guys like him with his knowledge, and others on this board that offer the ingenuity, and innovativeness that keeps me comfortable with owning my bike, any questions that I have ever had, to just post the question, is awesome. Thanks Mark, and to all who make this board truly Amazing, keep up the good work. Gordon




Re: Mark T pipes

Posted By: Condor (Back in Black) <>
Date: 10/27/2003 at 12:44:37

In Response To: Re: pipe links(Airetime)

Just put a set on my I/S, hard to make a comparison though as I got totaled out 45 min after installation. I didn't ride the new bike long enough with stock pipes to get a starting point, but on the original 2000 I/S I could not go much farther than 200 miles before I had to go to reserve. The pipes are now on a 99 I/S and I had 205 miles and the fuel gage just started to blink. Now as to sound I bought the complete system which consists of the glass-packs, trombones, and the silencers. With the silencers it is a little deeper sound than the piggie cut, with the glass packs it is louder and deeper, and with the trombones it will put a lot of Harley's to shame. Also I have not noticed any difference in power, if anything I think it has more.
My .02




Consult Mark Tobias!

Posted By: Airetime
Date: 11/19/2003 at 08:56:53

In Response To: Have to agree with Roger (DAMAGED)

Mark is a great guy and even after all these years he still helps us out. As said, he even takes time out of his day to help solve chit we get ourselves into, he, he, he. Give him a call




Have to agree with Roger

Posted By: DAMAGED <>
Date: 11/19/2003 at 04:33:00

In Response To: Re: stupid exhaust question(RogerB #7296)

Doing the glasspack mod on Thanksgiving weekend. Contacted Mark T about it, he provided me with answers to several questions. And this is from a guy who makes coin doing the stuff for others. His stuff has to be DA#M good, and again, I'll probably screw up and buy one of his sets. LOL




Re: stupid exhaust question

Posted By: RogerB #7296 <>
Date: 11/18/2003 at 23:04:16

In Response To: stupid exhaust question (tom wynn)

You might talk to Mar T Horse Apple Ranch, he does nice mods to stock systems. He may be able to help with your problem.
Or you can try Mike Townsend at Viper Creations. Mike is a super nice guy that will take the time to discuss your problem with you and give you an honest answer.
(I don't mean to imply that MarkT will not be honest) Both guys help a lot of Valkyrie riders and both help support this club. You might even consider buying one of their systems.




Re: Sound?

Posted By: Spookshow <>
Date: 11/21/2003 at 04:35:15

In Response To: Sound? (DennisC)

I think pretty much any set of louder pipes is going to create that droning effect inside of a helmet (even worse if you have a windshield). I'm glad I opted for the Mark T pipes. After installing a large windshield recently I find I prefer driving around with the silencers in most of the time and save the louder stuff for special occasions.




Re: Pipe Question

Posted By: Condor <>
Date: 12/12/2003 at 15:02:56

In Response To: Pipe Question (Warlock)

Like Airetime says for sound and power my opinion is get Mark T's. I started with a set on my 2000 I/S that got wrecked and then put them on the 99 I/S replacement. To me it feels like there is a power increase from stock. The mileage I don't know because I didn't have them on the 2000 long enough to check. (45min) But stock on the 2000 the farthest I got before reserve was 200 miles, on the 99 I am getting 225-230 miles. With the silencers the sound is about the same as the piggie cut, with the "trombones" it's "Look out Harley". Which ever way you go you will probably need to get a set of stock needles. Price difference is you can get a stock set for around $300. and thew Mark T will cost you around $1180.




Re: Pipe Question

Posted By: Airetime
Date: 12/12/2003 at 13:12:43

In Response To: Pipe Question (Warlock)

If you want the look of the stock pipes or want to improve the looks and INCREASE HP, talk to Mark Tobias. You can have it anyway you want. You can have near stock sound to RRRuummble sound. He has top notch products!




Re: Erik, R U riding a Std or a I/State?

Posted By: erikrichard <>
Date: 4/7/2004 at 11:28:49

In Response To: Erik, R U riding a Std or a I/State? (RJ # 173 - SoGH (IA))

It's a standard, and if red-lining my Valk at almost every opportunity is taking it easy I'd hate to see what you do! It's not 40mpg - When I hit reserve I stop at the first gas station and fill up, Usually around 160 miles and takes about 4.3 gallons to fill. (almost 40 mpg). I gained about 4 mpg when I switched to the 6 degree wheel and gained another 3 or so when I went to Mark t's pipes. I'm only 175 pounds and hate the very thought of putting a full size shield on the bike, I use a flyscreen to keep from feeling like a kite at 80+.




Re: Horseapple Pipes Anyone

Posted By: Interstate Don BS <>
Date: 1/1/2005 at 18:29:02

In Response To: Horseapple Pipes Anyone (Phrede VSSS)

I've had mine almost three years now and still love 'em. You'll need the silencers to make it as quiet as stock. I wear earplugs on longer rides but not local and they don't bother me unless the inserts are too long! I tried running them with full-length inserts once - sounds like a NASCAR but real hard on the ears!




Re: Horseapple Pipes Anyone

Posted By: W0QNX VSSS <>
Date: 1/1/2005 at 18:53:29

In Response To: Horseapple Pipes Anyone (Phrede VSSS)

You don't need to worry about it being to loud if you get the silencers. I have homemade glasspacks very similar to the MarkT packs. I also made the silencers just like his. I put my valk on the dyno at Albuquerque and did one run with the silencers out and one with them in. There was only .4 horsepower difference. The horsepower was 94.9 for those that may care. Not bad in my opinion for being at 5,000 feet on a hot day.

I run mine with the silencers in for the long trips and it is just as quiet as any Valk with the piggies cut but not as loud as a Valk with the baffles drilled.





Re: Horseapple Pipes Anyone

Posted By: orbitt <>
Date: 1/1/2005 at 19:43:43

In Response To: Re: Horseapple Pipes Anyone (W0QNX VSSS)

Let's just say, since the day I picked up my bike from Mark T the pipes have been great. I rode home from Marks with the silencers installed and they haven't seen the inside of the pipes since. My Valkyrie sounds like a tuned sports car now and have had many complements from all kinds of riders. I can only say get some of Mark T's pipes you will be feeling like the 'King of the Road' I'm from Colorado and belong to the Colorado High Country Crusiers so I had mine installed by Mark T himself, even got to watch. Mark is a very skilled craftsman and takes pride in what he does. go for the pipes dude, you won't be dissapointed, Orbitt




Re: Horseapple Pipes Anyone

Posted By: Popsmcwhly <>
Date: 1/1/2005 at 22:11:34

In Response To: Horseapple Pipes Anyone (Phrede VSSS)

Hey Phrede, remember the black and orange bike? It had the Mark T Glass Packs on the day we rode the hammer in. I did have the silencers in that day but took them out when we got to InZane. Long trips run the silencers. Around town, Run TromBones. Nice and loud.





Mark T Did Mine...

Posted By: Fe_Dragon < >
Date: 3/19/2005 at 09:22:02

In Response To: Stock Exhaust Mod - Help? (Crooz)

A great job too. I love the sound and I can change it by installing the trombones.

Give Mark a try. Usual disclaimers.


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