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Been There

Posted By: Phrede <>
Date: 3/22/2005 at 17:50:34

In Response To: Thanks for starting this thread!..(BFDeihl)

I also had my name in the hat for some Vikings. I had a tough time with this decision. Years of hod rodding experience told me that the equal length tubes would create more top end. Also the smaller tube unequal length would give more low end and a broader band. Just like Airetime said.

I also know the advantage of a properly placed crossover. How it helps with scavanging. I wish there was room for an X pipe.

The reasons I went with MarkT:

Adjustable sound levels. Trombones and silencers, both EZ in EZ out, gives lots of options.

Delivery time

Looks, I have nothing much against the look of the Vikings, but chrome is chrome!

Retaining the double wall headers. I don't think bluing is an issue with the Vikings, but could be on other brands.

A more broad range torque curve for cruising drive-ability. Should that be ride-ability?

Considering that I may not (or may) have the high RPM HP, that would tip the scale in Vikings favor is not as much of a concern in my case. I am adding NO2 and think I will not be lacking in the high end HP department.

HTH, I feel your pain.




Re: Best exhaust?

Posted By: Spookshow < >
Date: 4/8/2005 at 13:20:13

In Response To: Best exhaust? (Overkill)

Any 6-to-2 system will increase horsepower over stock. I think Viking boasts the biggest HP increase (around 12). I prefer Mark T's for the flexibility of being able to change the sound (using silencers and 'bones), plus I like the fact that you get to keep the stock double-walled chrome header pipes.




Re: pipes..

Posted By: orbitt <>
Date: 4/10/2005 at 07:56:43

In Response To: pipes.. (aaron2115)

Arron, check out this guy's pipes, he makes them from your existing pipes. They are called 'Mild to Wild Trombones' I have a set on my 2000 standard and they are awsome!! He has done all the dyno work and not re-jetting of your carbs, just bolt on.
or go to the , it's the Colorado High Country Crusiers web site and go to the member business section, you can send Mark and e-mail from that page, you can also go to his web page and see the pipes online, good luck, feels like a new bike with these pipes




Marks Mild2Wild Pipes

Date: 4/21/2005 at 06:08:47

Bought my Valk in Aug 04. I began to look for exhaust systems and found Mark Tobias' Mild2Wild pipes at Horseapple Ranch. When I saw the price, I laughed out loud. But then months later, after much research, I began to realize that no else offered the looks and versitality (Mild AND Wild), not to mention a good reputation. So I took the plunge. And let me tell you, they are AWESOME. The price could be much higher and still be worth the money. Great looks , sound, quality construction, fast service and great communicattion. In other words, buy the pipes. I now have the best looking, sounding, and performing Valk in the hills of East Kentucky. ROOSTERIFSH




I've had Mark's pipes over 3 years now

Posted By: Interstate Don BS <'ve had Mark's pipes over 3 years now>
Date: 4/21/2005 at 14:31:49

In Response To: Marks Mild2Wild Pipes (ROOSTERFISH)

And love 'em just like when I first got 'em. I remember trying to run them around town at their loudest - the bike sounded like a race car but the noise tore my head up! I even had one kid decline to race me after acting all badd-ass - I revved the bike and said "Lets run 'em - I'll smoke that thing" and he said "Yea you would!"




Re: Well...I can add....

Posted By: Redvalk ARS TQS <k4tk(nospam)>
Date: 4/22/2005 at 09:10:27

In Response To: Well...I can add.... (Varmint)

ditto what all these guys are saying. My 97 Valk has the MarkT system on it....has for years. I have two sets of 'bones' about 16 inches...and one set the 'original' 24 give me two different the sound of the glass packs! I can change the sound 'on the fly'.

I got more HP....better sound...kept stock blueing....great price.

Nothing but good things to say about Mark. Period..........





Re: Marks Mild2Wild Pipes

Posted By: MosaV8 <>
Date: 4/24/2005 at 06:30:02

In Response To: Marks Mild2Wild Pipes (ROOSTERFISH)

I was one of MarkT's early customers on startup of his venture. I am STILL satisfied with the original work ( WAY before he got the T-Bones invented)...

Mark is a standup guy and stands behind his work. Also helped me out during a cross country ride where I broke down in Denver area...

BTW, hey ya'll ... been a while since I was here... just checkin in ...

Mosa ( MosaV8




Re: Loud Pipes

Posted By: jimbo7 <>
Date: 3/25/2006 at 12:42:06

In Response To: Re: Loud Pipes (Sammy)

Ordered and paid Viking for a set of their pipes. Got nothing from them but the run-around and B.S. excuses for why they weren't done. Six months later, still no pipes, then had to fight with them to get my $$ back. Worst customer service I've experienced (CA B.B.B. rates them very low). Don't care how good their pipes are, will not do business with them again...for anything.

Purchased Mark T's last week. Great guy to deal with, very responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. He does great work and his products have a great reputation.




one sided opinion.......

Posted By: ybnorml
Date: 3/25/2006 at 04:24:26

In Response To: Loud Pipes (joe)

I've had a set of Mark T exhaust on for over 50k miles......very good product, fit and finish is top notch. I'm very happy with the looks and sound.
Nothing against any of the other systems out there...




Re: Loud Pipes

Posted By: Flyboy #22778 <>
Date: 3/24/2006 at 21:18:05

In Response To: Loud Pipes (joe)

Mark T's!!!!!!!! Tuneable to your taste.




glass packs

Posted By: victor <>
Date: 4/2/2006 at 19:45:38

just received mark t's pipes thuesday night. 700 miles later i still havent found a cop to wipe the grin off my face. and not for a LACK OF TRYING. rode4 300 miles with a hardlt davidson buddy today. he says the old valk sounds like an italian sports car now.i say if a masarati is lucky enough to sound like my bike does now it must be a good day in the hill country




MarkT rocks!

Posted By: jimbo7 <>
Date: 4/12/2006 at 06:30:26

Just installed Mark T's Glasspacks...and they ROCK! Excellent, quality work, they look GREAT, and the sound is AWESOME!! You can change the sound by adding the bones, which is very cool and unique. Mark was great to deal with and offers great, fast customer service. He answered all questions quickly, and the turn around time was between 2-3 weeks. Would definately do business with him again. Thanks Mark!




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