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Re: Exhaust Modifications (long) 

Posted By: Osceola <>
Date: 2/23/2001 at 07:17:48

In Response To: Re: Exhaust Modifications (k9)

Based on my experience only (I'm no expert--ask anyone who knows me):

It will not effect perfomance as long as you only drill the rear ones. IT will give it a deeper sound, but not what you will hear with aftermarket pipes. If you drill the front baffles, anc completely cut out the rear ones (the "Ragnar Cut"), it will be even deeper and louder, but will start to drop HP just a tad, and you will need to shim the carbs (at least) to adjust the mixture (see
for instructions on how to do that--thanks, Chet!).

I did all of this, and was still not happy with the sound  (call me anal). I finally broke down and got somecustom glasspacks put in by Mark T (  FANTASTIC! If you can save your pennies, this is ultimately the way to go, IMHO.

As far as warantee, I think it only voids the warantee on the exhaust, not the rest of the bike. Might want to check, though.



Re: Exhaust Modifications    

Posted By: JeffL
Date: 2/23/2001 at 07:25:20

In Response To: Re: Exhaust Modifications (long)  (Osceola)

Here's MarkT's link.
In my opinion the best pipes for the Valk.

Love mine



                                     Re: Correction - loss of hp?.....

Posted By: Osceola <>
Date: 2/23/2001 at 10:00:24

In Response To: Correction - loss of hp?..... (Valkender)

As stated before, this was only based on my personal experience. After the "Ragnar" cut, I had a lot of sputtering without the shims that went away when I added 1 shim per needle. The loss of HP was based only on my butt dyno. Your mileage may vary, etc.

BTW, Mark T's compared to my Ragnar'ed pipes seem to increase HP significantly (again, per butt dyno readings).



                                    Re: MarkT just made my weekend

Posted By: JeffL <>
Date: 2/24/2001 at 00:09:40

In Response To: MarkT just made my weekend (Earthdog)

Your gonna love 'em!!! Best thing I've done to my Valk! 



                                      Re: Changing Exhaust Sounds

Posted By: TheRat <>
Date: 2/26/2001 at 11:44:05

In Response To: Changing Exhaust Sounds (FITZ)

The only game in town is that of MarkT's pipes. I might also add this is the best modifaction, in my opinion, out there.

Check his web site. Link below.




                                           MarkT's 'bones

Posted By: Mike M <>
Date: 2/26/2001 at 14:05:54

In Response To: Re: Changing Exhaust Sounds  (TheRat)

I have the MarkT glasspack mod. To me, they are the single best add-on I have on my machine (and I got plenty). It is very simple to remove the straight pipes (he calls them trombones), which gives a bit milder sound. Frankly, the difference in my opinion is not that significant. I haven't removed mine at all for months.



                                        Mark T'S packs&bones

Posted By: Spanky <>
Date: 2/27/2001 at 20:49:00

Just got my packs&bones installed yesterday.Sixty degrees in road 150 miles today.Only stopped because I had to work tonite.Mark's mods are the only way to go,{IMHO}Worth every penny.See Ya in Ohio



                                       Truck Stacks from MarkT

Posted By: Crazy Rick <>
Date: 2/27/2001 at 19:16:13

These stacks are great. Didn't take long to install on the Valks and made the glasspacks sound even better.




                                      Mr. T's Mild '2 Wild Exhaust

Posted By: Gary Kahn <>
Date: 3/1/2001 at 16:24:20

I love my pipes since they were modified by Mr. T. No other system (cobra, 2 bros, etc.) gives the versatility of his mods. When you ride without the "bones", there is a low rumble. When you insert them, it "HOWLS".  Even Harley riders have a "wat the f!@#$ is that!" Be careful though, the first time I got on them I got pulled over by Honolulu's finest. Luckily he just admired the bike and told me to be careful not to scare any motorists. Guess they can hear me now! If any of you are thinking about it and have questions, let me know.



                              Forget 6-6 it's time for you to get with Mark T!!!

Posted By: Planekrze <>
Date: 3/3/2001 at 12:21:15

In Response To: PIPES.....???? (Tom I.)

Talk to Mark at Mark is the best he does excellent work and very friendly and helpful to deal with! Marks pipes are the single best thing I've done to my 99 I/S! No re-jetting no pipes bluing, and no power loss in fact you gain some power! And just to set the record straight I am not affiliated with Mark at all I had him do my pipes and I'm very satisfied with his work (very professional!)and believe if you are happy with ones work then tell others! A lot of people have had their pipes done by Mark and feel the same way I do! You'll be very happy!  



                                          Re: PIPES.....????

Posted By: Jim Duncan <>
                                                                                                                   Date: 3/3/2001 at 11:54:38

In Response To: PIPES.....???? (Tom I.)

A friend of mine put the Cobras on his I/S and I put the Two Bros on mine. The Two Bros. are much louder and are superior to the Cobra's in my opinion. The Two Bros make the bike sound like a NASCAR. They are really too loud if you do alot of freeway or high speed riding. Both sets of pipes are too short for the I/S or tourer models. They do not extend beyond the rear of the bike. Good for the Standard model but not so good for a bagger. If I had it to do over again I would go with Mark Tobias and the cherry bombs he builds. I believe his web site is

Good Luck to you,




                                   Glasspak mod--get's my vote--

Posted By: Iowa tom <>
                                                                                                                   Date: 3/4/2001 at 18:03:55

 In Response To: PIPES.....???? (Tom I.)

I did the glasspak mod to my 2000 standard. sounds great.

if i were to do it over i would just exchange with mark t.
seem to get great comments from all who have installed his glasspak exhaust.

if doing the glasspak mod yourself i hope you are a good metal worker. other wise just exchange with mark t.

i have 6 degree trigger wheel and glasspak mod. and more power and better mileage (If I do not ride hard.)

I have done nothing to the carbs.



MarkT for exhaust mods~ 

Posted By: Socrates <>
Date: 3/13/2001 at 05:48:41

In Response To: Yippie (divmaster6(Larry))

see his website at:   is a great dude~ask him anything: good luck, ~Soc



Re: Hard Krome 6 x 6 Pipes

Posted By: RJ # 173 - SoGH <>
Date: 3/23/2001 at 13:40:59
In Response To: Hard Krome 6 x 6 Pipes (fitnessmuscle)

If memory serves me correctly, double chromed doesn't mean doodly ding........ What you want is DOUBLE WALLED, otherwise they are going to turn BLUE........ 99.9% of the time you are going to have to rejet.......   You'll enjoy this little chore, or if you pay to have it done, be sure and bring the bank with you........

Get a good set of stock pipe converted to glass paks, put the truck stacks on the end and have a very sweet sounding system....... MarekT does this, so does hotglue in TX and there are some posts on how to do this mod on the web site.... has the techie stuff......

Only reason I'm saying this is I have gone the 6 X 6 setup, had the SuperTrapps and finally settled on the stock pak conversion....... Blew a lot of chrome $$$$ away playing around with various pipes before I settled on the glass paks...... You get ur fingers broke if you try to take my paks now.................. 



Roadname:  Rabbi
On:           3/28/2001 6:32:44 PM
Subject:     RE: MARK T's Glasspacks


Bring the misses, special lady you got!!!

The Mark T's are really super, and Mark will treat you right!!! Get the bones, lots of fun!

Warren did the glass pack mod on his, but made it so he could slide the pack out, and run straight. Even louder than Mark T's with bones, but seem to lose some power.

Blessings - see you in may, guess I better get reservations.



                                          airflow stack install

Posted By: Don
Date: 4/9/2001 at 06:56:03

Just installed airflow stacks (from MarkT) on my Valk std. Thought I'd post a short note about it in case anyone else was thinking about doing it.  I really couldn't judge how easy or hard it would be to install stacks.

What I saw when they arrived ...

*Chrome is even better than what folks describe.
*Shipped in heavy cardboard box, bubble wrapped etc
*Came with installation directions

My experience installing them ...

I picked up high temp engine paint and painted the insides of the pipe end and then set them in the sun to bake ( maybe 15 minutes to find newspaper and mask them and another 5 minutes to paint).

Went inside and removed the stock muffler covers.   ( dunno ... maybe 20 minutes ... mostly looking for tools ).

Then had to chisle off a clip from the bottom of each muffler (cold chisle and hammer). Took 30 seconds per clip (start with the chisle aimed at the middle of the clip then work the ends ).

Hand filed 4 spot welds, per instructions (lots of sweat ... 10 minutes per side).

The instructions said to use a shop towel and wipe wd-40 all over the mufflers to lube them up. I started doing this and then just sprayed wd-40 all over the mufflers till they were dripping wet. ( um ... 30 seconds per side ).

Slid the airflow stacks over the mufflers by hand till they stopped. Instructions said they would go till within an inch or two. I was a little scared because mine were probably a good 8-9 inches shy of being fully seated on the muffler. I pulled it off a couple of times before I decided there was nothing wrong. I then grabbed a heavy rubber mallet and layed a piece of heavy rubber against the end of the airflow stack. The airflow slid easilly up the remainder of the muffler (smacking it with the rubber mallet) and I left perhaps 1/8 inch gap at the end. (I didnt count em but it was probably 8-10 decent smacks ... not excessively hard ... call it 1-2 minutes to line up and drive an airstack on the muffler.

Results ...

They really do look great!
I think they are easy to install.
They will make your stock pipes sound a little louder.
I am quite happy with them.

                              Re: Anyone have Mark Ts in SC, NC, GA ??

Posted By: Spanky #6733
Date: 4/10/2001 at 09:02:55

In Response To: Anyone have Mark Ts in SC, NC, GA ?? (SC_Steve)

Got mine about six wks.ago& love em.I'm in it might be too long of a trip but when I leave the driveway Weds.A.M.just stick your head out the door @ might just be able to hear em when I goose the Lady.Ha Ha

Get em you'll love em.

Ride safe



                               Re: Anyone have Mark Ts in SC, NC, GA ??

Posted By: Crazy Rick <>
Date: 4/10/2001 at 08:37:02

In Response To: Anyone have Mark Ts in SC, NC, GA ?? (SC_Steve)

I have MarkTs on mine and will be glad to play them for you. But you might as well go ahead and get them, they are the best, Mark will take good care of you. I am in Lilburn Ga. and ride most every weekend.



Mark T's...Are they really any Good?

Posted By: Burnt Rubba <>
Date: 4/10/2001 at 17:30:34


1-OEM pipes. The chrome is the best!!! Double walls=no bluing! The fit is perfect! The quality is superb! The sound is below expectations.

2-OEM pipes with Mark T's Glasspacks.The chrome is the best!!! Double walls=no bluing! The fit is perfect! The quality is superb! The sound is thrilling!!!

3-OEM pipes with Mark T's Glasspacks and Stacks. The chrome is the best!!! Double walls=no bluing! The fit is perfect! The quality is superb! The sound is AWESOME!!! The GRIN factor is priceless...

No more questions, please Just pick up a set at your nearest Mark T store...

I'm not a salesman, I just play one on TV...

Burnt Rubba



Re: Mark T's...Are they really any Good?

Posted By: laborman
Date: 4/10/2001 at 19:11:38

In Response To: Mark T's...Are they really any Good? (Burnt Rubba)

Without a doubt......ABSOLUTELY the best!!!!!

Glad I got Mark-T's on my lady. Sound is awesome and you ride with a permanent smile..........



Re: Anyone have Mark Ts in SC, NC, GA ??

Posted By: EPinNC <>
Date: 4/10/2001 at 12:23:00

In Response To: Anyone have Mark Ts in SC, NC, GA ?? (SC_Steve)

I've had 'em for over a year, still wouldn't trade them for any other pipes I've seen or heard. I'm in Charlotte if you want to hear them!




                                 Re: Mark T's...Are they really any Good?

Posted By: Spanky #6733
Date: 4/11/2001 at 04:35:36

In Response To: Re: Mark T's...Are they really any Good? (laborman)

Gotta agree there's is nothing like the sound when you crack that throttle.They truly make the Lady sound like she looks.



Re: My Valk seems to excelerate slower after Corbra 6into6

Posted By: Mase
Date: 4/14/2001 at 07:11:20

In Response To: My Valk seems to excelerate slower after Corbra 6into6 (CoachD)

Your Valk will dyno at 88 or 89 hp with the same torque numbers. To get the hp back you will need to rejet, install a K&N and  the trigger wheel. I too had the Cobras with the baffles out just for fun. They were a blast but I couldn't stand the power loss and the drone of the noise. The best bet is to sell them and get a set of MarkT's. If you still have your stock exhaust i would send them off to Mark to get them done. You'll pick up a few ponies and have a great sound.




has anyone put both k&n filter & MarkT pipes on?

Posted By: redvalk <>
Date: 4/19/2001 at 18:23:16

my question is, can i put on the k&n filter (with the foam prefilter)AND have the MarkT pipes on? I already have the MarkT on....PLUS....i have the 6 degree TW. I have also shimmed the carbs. Will i be ok with the K&N and foam prefilter? Or will that cause a lean situation....or more exactly....a TOO lean condition?

Any of you have that combination? I'm betting there are....and i'm betting there will be NO problem. Just curious???




                            Re: has anyone put both k&n filter & MarkT pipes on?

Posted By: RJ # 173 - SoGH <>
Date: 4/19/2001 at 18:29:32

In Response To: has anyone put both k&n filter & MarkT pipes on? (redvalk)

I have every thing you have EXCEPT I never shimmed the carbs........ There was no need to shim them with this setup....... Been that way for many many miles...... Unit has over 114,000 miles at this time. 60 or so of those with your described setup, well Trigger wheel only has about 30,000 on it.......



                          Re: has anyone put both k&n filter & MarkT pipes on?

Posted By: Earthdog <>
Date: 4/19/2001 at 18:39:21

In Response To: has anyone put both k&n filter & MarkT pipes on? (redvalk)

I have the same config. No problems here.



Re: has anyone put both k&n filter & MarkT pipes on? 

Posted By: majorman <>
Date: 4/19/2001 at 22:09:47

In Response To: Re: has anyone put both k&n filter & MarkT pipes on? (Earthdog)

I've had Mark T's for the last 6k miles and K&N with prefilter for the last 2k miles. No carb shims. Plug color is perfect, only difference after K&N was a slightly wider grin-factor as I noticed a little more POWER!



My Valk's Testicles Dropped!!! 

Posted By: Varmint <>
Date: 4/22/2001 at 14:40:26

All this time my refined lady has been a DUDE in disguise!!

I received this package from Mark Tobias (of horseapple Ranch fame). I took what was in the box and attached it to my "lady"...That "lady" with the nice, soft, quiet a whisper, the voice of an angel..soooo soft and ladylike...a comforting "hummmm".

After attaching the apparatus I inserted the key and attempted to wake my lady from her sleep. with the ROAR Of a lion...a VERY pissed off lion!!! IT SCREAMED with the low rumble of a BEAST...a beast who had been trapped in a cave it's entire life and wanted the entire world to know that it had escaped!!

We have a name for the glasspack mod....The Valkyrie world will call it....

an ADDADICTOMY (read it slow).

Thanks for the gender change Mark..



                                   Re: What will stock pipes bring? $$

Posted By: RJ # 173 - SoGH <>
Date: 4/21/2001 at 22:29:51

In Response To: Re: What will stock pipes bring? $$ (BigGreg)

Apparently you have NEVER heard markT's conversion paks........ Everyone who rides with me the first time pulls up and says, that thing sounds like a small block....... I chuckle and go on down the road.....

Now to get the small block rumble you need to add the 4" turndown/outs to them for the added rumble.... Until I put the extensions on, I wasn't too satisfied with mine either......

NO NO NO rejetting required........

COBRA's, YES YES YES you have to rejet.

I look at it this way, we can give you advice, but it's your $$$ you are spending so go do what you want........... I'll keep my packs...... Oh yeah, I had Cobra's, I had Two Bros. and a set of SuperTrapps....... I now have packs.... and have had them for over 2 1/2 years......



                                    Re: What will stock pipes bring? $$

Posted By: Keith D. <>
Date: 4/21/2001 at 21:02:36
In Response To: What will stock pipes bring? $$ (BigGreg)

Go with Mark T's Exhaust. Sounds great, pipes won't turn blue, no power loss. Cobra's sound ok but pipes turn blue and you lose horsepower. Why would anyone add parts that cause a loss in horsepower?




                                       Mark-T Does it Again!!!

Posted By: VALKKNIGHT #2474 <>
Date: 4/29/2001 at 07:44:40

Got my pipes back from Mark-T last week. Got the packs, bones, and truck stacks and the work he did was incredible!!!! Just like the boards said...the man's a class act and his work is only the best. And the sound of those pipes....blew my socks off!!!! Best money I ever spent on my Valk. Thanks again Mark-T!!!!! Valkknight - Richmond, Va.




Posted By: Varmint <>
Date: 4/29/2001 at 10:36:15

In Response To: Mark-T Does it Again!!! (VALKKNIGHT #2474) my wife keeps asking me...  "are you glad to see me or have you been listening to your Valk again?" 



Re: Glasspacks vs Ragnar

Posted By: Lee
Date: 4/29/2001 at 20:27:15

In Response To: Glasspacks vs Ragnar (Tim Ozman)

I thought about buying the glasspacks for over a year. Last summer I did the Ragnar cut and put on truck turnouts. This spring I pounded the truck turnouts off, drilled the front baffles, add a few holes all the way to the front next to the original piggie locations (six 3/8" holes per side) and put on new truck stacks. It was plenty loud, but I didn't like the sound. Last week I bought a set of used Mark T. glasspacks from the classifieds here. They sound MUCH better. At low RPM and light loads they are quieter than my much modified mufflers. At higher RPM's and loads they are about as loud as my mufflers were, but they sound much better all the time. My wife said the same thing, as have friends. I wish I'd done it a year ago and saved all the work, drill bits, and 2 sets of truck stacks.



                                           Re: Drillin' holes

Posted By: Lee
Date: 4/29/2001 at 13:50:12
In Response To: Drillin' holes (Erik)

First I cut the piggies and drilled the rear baffles thru them. That made little difference, so I removed the piggies completely (Ragnar cut). That made it louder, but I didn't like the sound. Replacing the factory tips with truck turnouts fixed the sound and I rode it that way for 8 months. Then I wanted more power so I pounded off the truck turnouts (ruining them in the process), drilled
the front baffles though the holes where the piggies were and drilled a 3/8" hole from rear to front next on each side of each piggie (six holes per muffler). This made it louder and seemed to add power. It sounded OK, until I put new truck turnouts on. They echoed and and made it louder and I wasn't happy with the sound.

Finally I bought Mark T. glasspacks. I love the sound, and the power is at least equal to what I got with all the holes. I'd been considering the glasspacks for a year, but was reluctant to buy some before I heard them. I finally took a chance and did it and I wish I would have done it last year instead of wasting many hours, several drill bits, and two sets of truck turnouts over the last year.



Re: Cobra's

Posted By: Wheels
Date: 5/3/2001 at 14:00:05

In Response To: Cobra's (BigBoy)

I think the pipes will blue whether you jet the carbs or not. The bluing is a product of the heat and the type of metal the pipes are made of. One advantage of using an exhaust mod that uses the stock headers, many glass pack mods for example, is that the stock pipes do not blue because there are actually two layers to the pipes. The Cobra 6 into 6 do not use the stock headers. If the blue bothers you, reconsider getting the 6 into 6.

I heard some glass packs up at Direct line this weekend. WOW!!!  If you have not heard them, try to find some to hear. Also, the glass pack mod actually helps performance, not reduce it like the 6 into 6 does and bluing is not an issue.




                                     Re: 2Bros vs MarkT glasspacks

Posted By: Tony K. <>
Date: 5/15/2001 at 20:43:58

In Response To: 2Bros vs MarkT glasspacks (BG)

I have Mark T.'s glasspacks on my Valk std. and couldn't be happier. I usually run with the "bones" in (straightpipes) but take them out when I want to quiet down a little. I just put on slashcut airflows last night and now has a throatier sound. Mark T. has also aswerered every question I've had about his products.



Re: 2Bros vs MarkT glasspacks

Posted By: DRILLER <>
Date: 5/15/2001 at 20:44:25

In Response To: 2Bros vs MarkT glasspacks (BG)

I have the Mark T glasspaks. They have some nice features...namely the trombones which allow you to tune their sound...hence "mild-to-wild". I can't leave the trombones out very much. Also, if you go with truck stacks, the exhaust exits so far behind you it's hard to hear at speed.
Best Regards,  Steve



Re: 2Bros vs MarkT glasspacks

Posted By: JMason <>
Date: 5/15/2001 at 21:29:20

In Response To: 2Bros vs MarkT glasspacks (BG)

I would go with the MarkT packs & trombones. You then can adjust the sound out of the packs. Also no blueing of the MarkTs because you use your stock headers. I have been to MarkT's shop and this man runs a 1st class act. His craftsmanship is top notch and he stands behind his product. MarkT's packs & trombones is the way to go.



                                          I Have Mark T's...

Posted By: Varmint <>
Date: 5/15/2001 at 22:01:24

In Response To: 2Bros vs MarkT glasspacks (BG)

...and I love them...I took my pipes to Mark personally in Co. and met the man. Very, VERY pleased. I love the ability to "tune" them. I usually run the bones with 4" trimmed off.



Re: glasspack sounds?

Posted By: Tony K. <>
Date: 5/16/2001 at 19:29:26
In Response To: glasspack sounds? (joker)

Mark T. has a couple of clips you can download to your computer, or you can call him and see if he has any customers in your area, or he said he'll fire the lady up over the phone for you. His website is   By the way I have a set and love em'



Roadname:  Rabbi
Email:        br
On:           3/18/2001 7:24:00 PM
Subject:     RE: Exhaust mods???? Opinions welcomed!

Done em all. Started by cutting Piggies, then used rebar to pop the end cap on the baffle (works much better than drilling). Finally air chisled the entire rear baffle out. The piggies help a little, poping the end caps on both the front and rear baffles halps a whole lot.

I would not remove the rear baffles if I did it again.

The Cobra tips look boss, and will make it resonate a little more.

In the end, scraped it all and went with Mark T Glass Packs. These are great, and Mark is first Rate.  I think is the url.




Roadname:  Cisco Kid
On:           3/19/2001 1:51:11 PM
Subject:     RE: Exhaust mods???? Opinions welcomed!

Ditto.... Did it to my 2000 Tourer and wished I had saved all the time doing the research. Lots of complements will follow. Mark is a great guy to work with. Nothing like having the Fat Lady speak with athority. Find Mark T. @ 



                                    MARK T'S GLASSPACK MOD.

Posted By: Kim S. <>
Date: 5/28/2001 at 16:34:47

Just wanted to thank Mark for the great job on the packs and stacks. The hospitality was just as great as the sound of the glasspacks.

If anyone is considering the packs, DO IT! It's the sound I was looking for. I tried the Cobra 6 into 6 and finally took them off.

I rode to Denver and Mark did it right there on the spot. It was a good excuse to ride and the scenery in the Denver area is beautiful. It's the best excuse I can think of to ride to Denver.

If you can't ride there, ship him your pipes. It's well worth it. Go to Mark's link below for details.

Thanks Mark!

Ride Safe!

Kim Shrauner

VRCC# 10348



                                  Re: MARK T'S GLASSPACK MOD.

Posted By: Socrates <>
Date: 5/29/2001 at 12:03:50
In Response To: MARK T'S GLASSPACK MOD.  (Kim S.)

I got same as yours just a few weeks ago! They're GREAT, aren't they? And Mark Tobias is a righteous dude too...again, I applaud him! Thanx HorseApple! ~Soc



                                         Sound, ON or OFF

Posted By: Merle O
Date: 6/1/2001 at 06:16:42

Are there any types of muffler changes that can allow you to turn the sound on or off. I don't want the loud sound for longer rides but would like to be able to wake the neighbors in case of an emergency.



Mark T. Glasspaks

Posted By: DRILLER <>
Date: 6/1/2001 at 07:08:30

In Response To: Sound, ON or OFF (Merle O)

Bones in = loud. Bones out = soft.




                                        Re: Sound, ON or OFF

Posted By: torch1972
Date: 6/1/2001 at 08:30:15

In Response To: Sound, ON or OFF (Merle O)

I have MarkT's setup.Take the bones out when the wife is with me,put the bones in when shes not.Everybodies happy...



                                     I Gotta's MARK T!!

Posted By: Varmint <>
Date: 6/5/2001 at 04:55:14

In Response To: Re: OK Guys & Gals, I Need Help (Spanky#6733)

Sound GREAT...Tuneable...and NO BLUE PIPES !!!!!



                                   Re: OK Guys & Gals, I Need Help

Posted By: Spanky#6733
Date: 6/5/2001 at 04:18:23

In Response To: OK Guys & Gals, I Need Help (PSUbag)

IMHO Mark T's are worth the wait.Love mine



                                       Boy, THAT'S the Truth!!

Posted By: Varmint <>
Date: 6/4/2001 at 18:06:11

In Response To: Re: Trigger wheel and Glasspacks. (Master Blaster # 501)

I put the Trigger Wheel on and was pleased with the increase in mileage. Then I put Mark T's Glasspacks on expecting another increase in mileage...WRONG!! But it ain't the pipe's fault. I just can't keep off the throttle.  I want to HEAR those pipes. It's ALMOST like a drug or something. It's like I can't shift until I'm over 4K rpm's and I always give it a little extra umph between shifts....darn it.




Link to Mark T's 

                                        Posted By: Varmint <>
                                                Date: 6/18/2001 at 13:53:12

                                   In Response To: Re: Two Brothers Racing 6 X 6 Pipes (Carl)

                         These pipes are AWESOME...No Blueing & No HP loss.

                         Check 'em out....Mark's a real straight shooter.





Re: Two Brothers Racing 6 X 6 Pipes

                                       Posted By: Socrates <>
                                                Date: 6/18/2001 at 12:17:11

                                     In Response To: Two Brothers Racing 6 X 6 Pipes (Carl)

  no loss of HP and NO re-jetting required...BUT, yur pipes WILL TURN BLUE...only downside I've seen. I like them~have a couple friends with them~also two bros. 6-into-2, but...yup, blue headers... personally, I prefer MarkT's because no blueing, no re-jetting, a 3-5 HP increase...but it all boils down to personal choice, my friend! Bon Appetit, ~Soc




Re: R Horseapple Trombones good?

                                         Posted By: AlbqJim <>
                                                Date: 7/16/2001 at 14:52:55

                                    In Response To: R Horseapple Trombones good? (Gary)

                         They sound awesome! Varmint has them in with 4" cut off. A real nice balance.




As Tony the Tiger Says.....

                                        Posted By: Varmint <>
                                                Date: 7/16/2001 at 17:53:11

                                    In Response To: R Horseapple Trombones good? (Gary)

                         ...."they're not good......

                         THEY'RE GREAT!!!!"....

                         and they sound even better when ALL SIX cylinders are firing....right Jim????




Re: R Horseapple Trombones good?

                                     Posted By: majorman <>
                                                Date: 7/16/2001 at 19:39:28

                                    In Response To: R Horseapple Trombones good? (Gary)

  Gary, You have obviously never heard the ROAR of a deep throated Dragon! I played the trombones on the way back from the VOA  LaCrosse ride in and set Old Stagecoach Road east of Galena reverberating with a cacophonous chorus of Dragon Power in F6! I think OG (Silver Bullet) and Ted (Flat VI) and another valkster from Burbank IL (sorry I forgot your name) might remember a few of the more tasty licks. The best part is I can go from Deep mellow glasspacks to screaming 'bones in 30 seconds and the only tools I need are a glove. I haven't cut the bones yet and can fit both full length into one saddlebag of my '98 tourer. Get the Mild to Wild Glasspacks as soon as you can and instill fear into your local HD brothers when they ask to hear what the lady sounds like.




Re: R Horseapple Trombones good?

                                     Posted By: majorman <>
                                                Date: 7/16/2001 at 21:27:10

                                  In Response To: Re: R Horseapple Trombones good? (Cloner)

  Cloner, Last June my turnaround time was just shy of 2 weeks.Mark T recently killed 2 deer while riding and suffered some injuries but is still doing the Mild 2 Wild as far as I know. He is one class act so visit or call him at 877-338-1077 for his current schedule.




Re: Exhaust HELP!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Posted By: Brillo <>
                                                Date: 8/2/2001 at 19:02:16

                                       In Response To: Exhaust HELP!!!!!!!!!! (CoolValk)

                                 Mark T's get nothing but positive comments. Cobra's do not.

                                 I'd go Mark T. with Airflo stacks if I had the bucks.




Re: I had both at the same time.....

                                         Posted By: Mase <>
                                                Date: 8/3/2001 at 05:00:44

                                       In Response To: Exhaust HELP!!!!!!!!!! (CoolValk)

  I couldn't decide either and I was switching back and forth ~ a lot of work and kinda stoopid now that I look back at it. I have had MarkT pipes for about two years and they are great. Since both set ups are different they will make a different exhaust note. The Cobras will rob you anywhere from 5 - 8 hp. Here's the run down:


  1. Stock pipes so no discoloring (stock pipes only ones double walled)
  2. Low rumble and stock car sound LOUD!
  3. Trombones are tunable and removable
  4. You can get cheap straight pipes
  5. Many choices for tips and chrome
  6. Increase in power





Re: Exhaust choices

                                                    Posted By: Lee
                                                Date: 8/5/2001 at 05:35:12

                                      In Response To: Exhaust choices (Chuck Leftwich)

  Get the glasspacks from Mark T. He converts the original pipes so you still have double wall headers and all the chrome covers. They don't discolor in any way and sound great. I put it off for a year because the .WAV files I found didn't sound so good. Finally found a used set so I took a chance and I love them. If you email Mark he'll tell you if he has any customers in your area so you can go listen to theirs. They also add a bit of horsepower.




Re: TB or Mark T's...

                                        Posted By: Westbound <>
                                                Date: 8/5/2001 at 16:42:01

                                          In Response To: TB or Mark T's... (Larry)

  Replacment glasspacks are cheap no more than $30 per side I'd say and you just loosen the clamp and wiggle them off. You can get cherry bombs at Pep Boys. Bones are loudest when all the way in. They are blocking off the whole glasspack at that point. I just picked up a used set and I love them. I like the no bones sound but my wife thinks they sound better with the full length bones in! Either way they sound great and are a ton of fun. I went to meet my buddy and his wife this morning and did a blowby past his house with the full length bones in (AKA straight pipes)...Being the die hard bike lover that he is he flew out of the house just to see what that was going by! We put about 200 miles on in straight pipe mode and switched between his 1800 Wing and my Valk....lots of fun today!




Re: Another exhaustive question

                                        Posted By: Motomom <>
                                                Date: 8/13/2001 at 19:55:05

                                    In Response To: Another exhaustive question (spicket80)

  my husband had the same dilemna... we had heard about jardines from one of the mechanics at the dealer in response to our concern about how loud the cobras were. i ordered them for him.... BIG mistake.... don't go with jardines. not only is the sound not right... no rumble... but he thinks the exhaust pipe is too narrow in diameter for the size of the valk and he did not like their turnout. also, after just 10 days, heads started to blue.

  we've been through all of the comments of others on this website, listened to others' bikes, cut the piggies on the stock pipes, and everything that it seems everyone else does.

  we finally called mark t about his glasspacks... in fact he knows our voices now without even an introduction. he was kind enough to start up a bike and let us hear his glasspacks with the trombones all the way in, partially in, and all the way out. we've heard alot of good things about mark and he's been real patient with me

  as a bike-riding wife (i ride the vstar 1100 that was my husband's and that he loved), it's real important (trust me on this) that his pipes be at least as loud as mine. that's rule #1.

  we've sent off our stock pipes to mark and are sticking it out with the jardines until we get those back.

  we had looked at the hardchromes, too, but they don't accommodate saddlebags. the supertrapps weren't exactly what we were looking for either.

  i'm pretty confident that mark t's will give us the sound my husband's looking for without the bluing (big issue).

  good luck in your search. try to hear as many as you can before spending the bucks on the wrong pipes like i did (trying to be the good wife!) and look at the bluing factor on some of the ones with really good sound (2 bros, cobras). it kind of boils down to pretty chrome or loudest sound.




Big thanks to Mark Tobias of

                                       Posted By: steve0617 <>
                                                Date: 8/16/2001 at 20:12:40

   Just got back from 8 days to Chicago after wandering all through the Badlands/Sturgis/Spearfish and Colorado area. Was an absolute  blast. Take Rte. 34 through the Rocky Mountain National Park if you ever get the chance. Unreal.

   Since we were in Colorado and ended up in Steamboat Springs, I thought HEY! I think Mark Tobias and the Horse Apple Ranch was around there somewhere and having not been able to get to Inzane, I wanted to hear his glasspacks.

   After three phone calls to him and some nasty Denver traffic in the rain, finally hooked up with him at his place in Franktown.

   Damn nice guy. Showed me all the stuff he's done to his Valk (including the trash pile of leftover parts after his wreck in June - very sobering!) plus the very nice sounds out of the glasspacks/truck stacks.

   He even fired up the train horn he wants to mount. Damn that was loud!!

   Anyways, thanks Mark. You're a class act and the pipes sound terrific!

   Steve (and Tom)




I Agree 100%

                                        Posted By: Varmint <>
                                                Date: 8/16/2001 at 20:47:52

                             In Response To: Big thanks to Mark Tobias of (steve0617)

  I met Mark at his Horseapple Ranch also. The ride there made me envious as hell. I made friends with two BEAUTIFUL deer that I met along the are those guys by the way??

  Anyway, Mark showed me his operation and then I left him alone and checked into a hotel in Castle Rock while he performed and addadictome to my Valk...We heard on the TV that Denver was expecting 6-8" of snow in the metro area which meant 10-12" of snow at his place. He lit a fire under his butt and got my pipes back to me in record time so I could wave good-bye to my two cute little deer buddies and hit the road.

  Mark is truly a gem in the VRCC crown.




Re: Big thanks to Mark Tobias of

                                       Posted By: Jammer <>
                                                Date: 8/16/2001 at 23:34:21

                             In Response To: Big thanks to Mark Tobias of (steve0617)

  Meeting Mark at Inzane was just about the highlight of my trip. He is more than willing to share his ideas and never hesitated to e-mail me. Class and talent all the way 




Re: Big thanks to Mark Tobias of

                                       Posted By: Socrates <>
                                                Date: 8/17/2001 at 05:33:22

                            In Response To: Re: Big thanks to Mark Tobias of (Jammer)

     Absolutely ONE o' the nicest guys in our family! A pleasure to know him~of course I have his packs n stacks n bones! Love 'em!     Thanks horseapple!  




Re: Big thanks to Mark Tobias of

                                       Posted By: john horton <>
                                                Date: 8/17/2001 at 08:17:30

                             In Response To: Big thanks to Mark Tobias of (steve0617)

                                Mark is the man!!! Thanks for all your dedication to the Valk.
                                By the way, love the bones.




Just go with the MarkT ......

                                           Posted By: Keith D. <>
                                                Date: 9/8/2001 at 14:32:29

                                             In Response To: Pipes for I/S (JL)

  glasspack mod. You keep the stock pipes (no bluing) they sound great, no loss in horsepower and no re-jetting required. Had mine done in Nov. of '99 and still love the sound. Read about them at




Re: IS tank on standard

                                                  Posted By: jackleg
                                                Date: 9/13/2001 at 20:39:20

                                       In Response To: Re: IS tank on standard (MarkT)

     Thanks for the response Mark. By the way, I'm the guy in Parker you made the pipes for a couple of weekends back. Everything re-installed easily and I love the new sound. Thanks a lot.




Re: Pipes

                                   Posted By: Chuck Leftwich <>
                                                Date: 9/20/2001 at 19:37:56

                                              In Response To: Pipes (Ignacio)

   Take it from someone that researches things to death,get Mark T's stacks and packs setup with trombones for adjustable sound.  You will gain horsepower not blue and they look and sound great!




Re: Jardine Pipes???

                                                   Posted By: Larry
                                                Date: 9/27/2001 at 14:23:39

                                       In Response To: Re: Jardine Pipes??? (sonnyboy)

    What style Jardine pipes are you looking at? I purchased the turnout's and hated the sound  I have just received my pipes from Mark T. and I love the sound  " and they will not Blue;;;;;;;




Mark T's....

                                        Posted By: Motomom <>
                                                Date: 9/29/2001 at 07:04:50

  Just got our Mark T glasspacks back on Tuesday. Got the bike back from the dealer yesterday... (they broke a headbolt and had to order a new one... always something, right?)

  They are great!! My SO finally has the sound he wants (ok, so it doesn't sound like a HD, but the Valk never will). But, they sound great with the bones all the way in, and even with the bones out. 

  Thanks to Mark T!!! Definitely worth the wait.

  p.s. anyone want a slightly used set of Jardines at a very reasonable price?




Re: Thunder Exhaust ??????

                                        Posted By: DRILLER <>
                                               Date: 10/15/2001 at 20:59:23

                                     In Response To: Thunder Exhaust ?????? (Tangeman)

  Yo Tang,
  I have had Mark T. Glasspaks for about 10 months. I am very pleased with them. I have the bones and they rock with them in. I have the side slash stacks and the whole system is beautiful. The only thing I would change is a switch to the long straight cut stacks. Mark's work is excellent!
  Best Regards,




Re: Pipe question?

                                                  Posted By: jackleg
                                               Date: 10/19/2001 at 19:47:38

                                         In Response To: Pipe question? (Rushmore)

  If you're not a great welder, spend the extra bucks and buy 'em from Mark T. He's done over 400 sets and has it down pat. A quality job all the way. No, I'm not an employee of his, just one of his many, many satisfied customers.




Roadname:  MarkW
On:           10/11/2001 10:43:52 AM
Subject:     RE: Hey, Few....

The Mark T glasspacks sound great! You can adjust the sound by using his Trombones ( The Trombone is a pipe that slips inside of the
glasspack and makes it a straght pipe. You can cut the Trombone to adjust the sound) The 18" glasspack with the Trombone in sound like a Winston Cup race car! Check the link below. There are sound files you can listen to with different configurations html





Roadname:  Rabbi
Email:        bikerrabbi
On:           10/30/2001 1:34:12 PM
Subject:     RE: Cobra Exhaust

Lot of opinions here.

My favorite is the Mark T exhaust. Go to

Mark takes stock exhausts, then replaces the guts of the muffler with a glass pack, then as a bonus, has pipes that are removeable that
slide in the glasspack that make then straight pipes.

Real cool system, does not require jetting, increase in power, and tunable so less noise when you want quiet, louder when you want loud.

Check em out, Blessings


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